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January 15th 2007 4:06 pm
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I am ready for retirement not the rough and tumble of a puppy. Esperanza will chase me relentlessly. I give her a gentle tap on the nose withmy paw - just a warning "please leave me alone". Esperanza continues the chase. I go between the dressers and hide. Esperanza can't reach me but she knows I am there. She knows I am there and makes these awful noises then it escalates to a bark. I am old/ not deaf. I am not coming out furball. Mom tells her to be quiet but she keeps making noises as if to say, "Friday come out and play". Finally realizing that I am not going to play with her she gets her toy and brings it to mommy. Let mommy play with her. When she gets tired she wants to be picked up and cuddled. She lies on mom's chest getting a belly rub giving me puppy kisses a place I use to like to lay. Well I am not having any of this. I get up on the bed and wedge myself between the puppy and my mom's chin. I can get closer to mommy than that furball. Oh well, mom is petting both of us and I thought I was mom's favorite.


That is my seat dog - now scat!

January 14th 2007 5:45 pm
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I have lived a rather simple life these past 5 years since my dog sister, Shiloh died. It has just been mom and me except for a short period when I had two foster brothers. I was glad when they left. Mom has a wicker love seat with a nice fake fur cover, great for taking naps. I could spend hours just lounging there. Then this past October, my mom brings home this puppy, Esperanza. Cute, if you like dogs, a bit too active if you ask me. First she takes my toys, then she tries to take all my mom's time and attention, she tries to play way too rough but now she has learned to climb on the wicker love seat. Well if this 6 pound fur ball thinks she is taking over MY SEAT she has another think coming. She will see who is boss around here (after mommy). Cats rule, dogs drool.

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