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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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A Sad Explanation

August 21st 2010 10:01 am
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Maybe some of you have wondered where I have been~

I have sad news. My purrants are going through something called a divorce. Not only that, my house is up for sale and Mom's been looking for a new house for us. I don't like it one bit when people come looking through me house and I'm sure I am not going to like leaving my house since I've been here for over 5 years and the only place I have known since being adopted (pork chops).....Mom has been awfully busy taking care of her Mom and also spending a lot of (much needed) time with girlfriends....

Please understand our leave of absence from Catster. A few of you are Mom's FB friends and she hasn't put anything on her page since her kids are on there as well as some students. Please don't mention anything on there....she is waiting until everything becomes final.

We think a couple of people no longer like us since we were underground for a while. So sorry if feelings were hurt....we love you all and have not forgotten how much you have helped us in the past.

Your loving Chloe and Harley


Mouthy Meowing Momma Cat

July 8th 2010 5:33 pm
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That is what my Mommy is currently calling me. See, I haven't been a real vocal girl. Oh sure, I would meow here and there but recently, I have found my voice. And I LOVE it!

I am talking up a storm. I hold complete conversations with my Mommy. My inflections and tones are not hard to figure out. Most of the time, I am communicating that I need treats, water, or loving. I do a sultry little song dealy when my Mommy is rubbing my netherland (by my tail.) She is going to take a video and post it because she said it's pretty funny.

I love summer hours with my Mommy. We stay up late and sleep in. We do what we want when we want. Best of all, we have hours and hours of bonding time.

I am a lucky little pork chop! (And don't worry, Harley Bloop Bloop gets plenty of loving too....just not as many treats!)


5 YEARS in our Forever Home!

July 7th 2010 8:10 am
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5 years ago today, Harley and I were living in a cold metal cage at the SPCA. I had been there for about a week and no one wanted me. I was called Priscilla.....ugh. Harley, known then as Honey, was adopted but RETURNED....for being lethargic. They think I was about 6 years old then and Harley was 10 weeks.

In the afternoon, a couple came in. The woman had swollen eyes and I could tell she had been crying. The man just wanted to make his wife happy. They looked around at all the cages filled with kitties. Harley got the man's attention by batting at his baseball cap and throwing litter around. I stayed quiet until the woman finally found me (I was tucked in the corner) and our heart and soul became connected at that very minute. I gently put my paw out and meowed. It was love right then and there.

So....we were put in separate carriers and traveled 30 minutes to our new home. Harley pounced out of his carrier upon arrival and proceeded to break one of Mommy's candle holders. I was frightened beyond belief and headed to hide under the chaise lounge.

Mommy took us to the vet the next day and it is a good thing. It was the first of three times she has saved my life. The vet and her assistant had the widest eyes when they took my my hiney...(pork chops). It was 107 degrees, higher than they ever had seen. I was scooped up and held for the day as they administered antibiotics and fluid treatment. The vet was sure I would have died the very next day without the medicine. Harley was sick, also and he was given antibiotics. He weighed 3 lbs. at the time.

FAST FORWARD 5 years......

You all know how very spoiled I am. Mom and I slept in and snuggled as the sun shone through the window and the fan blew on us. Harley slept at the end of the bed, as usual. He's gained a little weight in the last few days (to the tune of 27 lbs!!) and you all know the health scares I have had.

We are thankful for our forever home. It is something that every animal should experience. And our presence in Mommy's life has softened the grief of losing Roscoe. She never thought she could have the same connection with another cat.....but she was wrong. Our purrants love and cherish us so very much...even though Harley had 7 poop balls outside of the litter box this morning!

Happy 5 years to us.....and here is to many many more!


Remembering Roscoe

July 6th 2010 11:30 am
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5 years ago today (so long ago and just like yesterday) Roscoe P. Bearcat Grandizio made his noble trip to the Bridge. Harley and I hear about him all the time. He was quite a character cat! Here are just a few details of his 16 1/2 years with our Mommy:

He loved to eat shredded carrots and sauerkraut!
He talked for hours and cried like a baby!
He went to college with Mommy and once stopped the town parade
because he was out on the windowsill screaming!
He was Mommy's first therapist...he would know exactly when she
needed extra lovings!
He loved to be outside, but only when closely supervised!
He got kicked out of many many vets because they couldn't handle
him! Mom brought in an in-home vet ($$$) and he peed all over
as soon as he saw her!
He lived a long, vibrant and wonderful life until the last month
when a cancerous tumor on his leg took over. He also was
being treated for diabetes.
He is still loved and remembered!

A candle will be lit all night long in honor of his memory and his spirit. Rest in peace, Scoot Dog Dog (yep, he had a million crazy nicknames, too)


I Done Lost A TOOF!!

June 30th 2010 3:57 pm
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Mommy was playing our "Trap Door Kitty" game where she huffs and puffs and it makes me roll around and I always yawn like I am bored when really I am in heaven. Only this time,when I had my mouth wide open like a trap door, she noticed my left fang tooth was missing. She blinked a few times as I stared at her. "WHA???" She snatched me up and put me in pill popping position and opened my mouth. "HEY....pill time is at night...the sun is still up and it is only lunchtime!" So, I fought her. Pork chopped her. Moaned in agony. And finally, I relinquished my stubborness and let her open my mouth...barely.

The tooth is gone. Oh cats, that made my Mom hop up and run to the phone to call Dr. Joyce. Only when she was dialing did she recall that today was Wednesday (days kinda run together for teachers in the summertime..teehee) and the office had already closed for the day. Was this an emergency??? Well, I am eating like I don't miss the chomper, I am purring and prancing in my usual diva style. The socket where the tooth used to be is pink, not red and doesn't appear to hurt what so ever.

A call will be placed first thing tomorrow....and of course, her bags are packed for a 6 day girls weekend with her bestie, my Aunt Donna. We hope that the vet says not to sweat it....does any other cat need dentures out there??? Have you lost a tooth and did you have any problems??

XXOO The TOOFLESS Diva, Chloe the Q


Help.....I can't handle my LICKER!

June 30th 2010 8:59 am
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Who says an old girl can't learn new tricks??? At roughly 11 years old now, I've started a new thing....licking my Mommy! Especially on her ears now that she has the new short hair cut and they are exposed....

Roscoe ALWAYS groomed Mommy. For hours! Guess he thought she was a little unkempted...or else tasted like chicken. Harley gives her a few good licks with his sand paper tongue and then waddles off. I've begun to stick my little tiny petite pink tongue out and well....I start licking her! Mom giggles like a school girl because my tongue is as soft as velvet.

LICKS, not drugs!! XXOO

PS. On July 6, we will celebrate our 5 years here in our forever home. OH, the joy!!~~~



June 27th 2010 7:21 am
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Well, that what Mom thought she did to my middle of the night hair chewing habit~ she thought she foiled it. Nope.

Yesterday, Mom left early in the morning. When she came home, I looked at her cross eyed. Something was radically different. Harley and I stared at her for awhile before realizing what it was....she had a different hair style. Way different!

Mom decided to go back to her short short hair cut (think Halle Berry) as a surprise to Daddy for her 43rd birthday. She always loved her hair short but had let it grow out for the last few years. AND, she teased me that there will no longer be the hair pulling and pony tail holder searching at all hours of the night. There ain't much to pull!!

Old habits die hard and so, at 4:15 AM, I started my routine. I did my biscuit making, loud purring, and meowing....and I grabbed her hair with my teeth. Contrary to Mommy, her short hair now makes my hair habit easier....I can get to the root without having to search so much. *EVIL GIRLCAT LAUGH*

When will our Moms learn that the cat is smarter than the human??

Happy Pork Choppin' People!
The Chlo-E-Q


Looking for a SA (Strings Anonymous) meeting!

June 24th 2010 8:53 am
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I am addicted to string. There....I said it. I have acknowledged the power of the string and its control over me. I am particulary fond of the string on Mom's shorts. I get to chewing and chomping so much that the string is completely soaked with Chloe saliva. Mom said something about using the soaky string as a weapon of mass destruction....I sometimes have *clears throat* tuna breath. She bought a feline toothbrush and toothpaste ($17.00 poorer as a result) but has yet to attempt the completely unattainable mission of brushing my teeth. I have karate pork chops ready in the event this happens.

OH, I love summer. I ask Mom why she has to ever work again....can't she just be at my beck and call 24/7 365??? HHHhhmmmm??? She explained that she LOVES to teach and LOVES her students. I said, "I don't care!" She said that she has to work to make the money to keep my treat supply fully stocked. I said," I really care!!" I do I do love my treats.

We just spent 40 minutes of quality Mom and me time. We played, she brushed and petted me....I am a simply happy cat. (Really, Chloe is sprawled on her back with the sun coming through the sky lights, racked out on a newspater with her paws pointing up and I swear she has a grin on her face. I just love her so very much!)

Happy Pork Choppin' to my Peeps!


1st Day of Mommy Vacation!

June 21st 2010 2:41 pm
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Oh, kids....this is gonna be good! Today, instead of getting up at 6 AM, Mom slept in until 8 AM!! As always, I was snoozing on my own princess pillow above her head. AND....when she did get up, she went downstairs for a few minutes but then she came back with her favorite coffee cup (with yours truly picture on it) and her computer AND CAME BACK TO BED! This caused all four of my paws to point towards heaven. She lazed around for about an hour and a half drinking coffee, watching the Today Show, navigating the Internet....and providing FREE RANGE treats! I kept blinking my beautiful eyes in disbelief.

Oh, I had to put up with Harley as he hopped on the bed a few times. Geesh, when he lands, the whole bed sways a bit! I immediately stop purring when he is around, but then I start back up again in just a little while. Just sayin'.....sometimes I am a BEE----!!

Mom did go out for a 3 mile run and then did some exercises when she got home. I slept. She did do some cleaning and laundry. I slept. She did the grocery shopping. I slept. I did have to check out the bag full of cat treats and food.....that made me run to my treat bowl and squeak for treats!

Oh, this is going to be a good summer!
XXOOXXOO The Most Spoiled Girlcat, Chloe


Back from HIATUS!

June 20th 2010 3:54 pm
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Where the heck have I been, you ask? Some place called hiatus but really, I have been home all this time pork choppin' and being the silly little lady girl princess!

Sorry for the lapse of about a month away from Catster...we've been peeking in once and awhile but frankly, this new set up has Mommy all perplexed! If you remember, Mommy is a teacher and she told me on Friday that she will be with me every day until September. *does reverse pork chops* Now, we can take the time to be more involved and keep up with "you people" (one of her Daddy's expression....missing him more than ever on this 2nd Father's Day without him) Hope you didn't forget about me and my big lug of a bro, Harley. Um...he is (SSHHhh) 30.6 lbs. and I am weighing in at 8.8 lbs these days!! Heavens to Betsy, Mom proclaimed. Who in the heck is Betsy??!!

SO, glad to be back....let the purr machines begin!
Your ever pork choppin' calico beauty, Chloe Cakester

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