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from mamma's paws....


August 15th 2009 1:09 pm
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Yup...Cat days of summer...

I don't know about efurryone else, but i like it. it's nice and hot. all that sunshine on my furs...delicious!!

We have lots of creatures around the yard right now too!! First, there are lots and lots of little neekerbreeker froggies..all different sizes and colors! I don't chase them, but they are rather interesting to watch while i sun myself. Oh! And we have chipmunks!! Ok, i always knew we did, but mom did not. I guess the chippies have decided that our yard is a safe place for them to live and that me and Odinn aren't going to eat them, so they are around alot more out in the open. Well, they may not have to worry overmuch about us, but what about the 2 little girls next door? I KNOW that both of them hunt here. I watch them all the time. Miss Cappie likes to lay on my driveway over the creek (its all dried up now) and wait for the creek chippies to peek their heads out of their holes. And Miss Calli - well, I am not sure where she goes, exactly, but i HAVE seen her heading towards the back yard. I hope she is careful, acuz that is where the coyoteez travel too!

Me and moms dog Lucy are getting to know each other a little bit now. I kind of trust her...but not really. She is LARGE! But she does seem to be respectful, and doesn't get too close. I guess I'll see how it goes. Mom hopes that we work things out so then maybe i will come hang out with her more. Now Odinn - I put him in his place every time i see him. Need to remind him that this is MY HOUSE! He must respect my Athoritay, as Eric Cartmen says!

Ooo, getting close to suppertime here...wonder what mom is making????


Haven for the Economically Challenged

June 10th 2009 2:25 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] is now unemployed. Yup. She is freaking out a bit...and now a good friend of hers just lost her job too. Mom got to thinking maybe there is something all of us catsters with financial difficulty can do for each other. And we know that the difficulties just don't come when your pawrents are unemployed. All kinds of things can happen to make things tight. She got on Catster looking for a group that addressed this. She didn't find it, so i talked her into creating one.

Enter.... Haven for the Economically Challenged

(mom doesn't know how to make linkees...sorry! if you can't find it mom will send you an official invite with the linkee)

We have created this site for a few reasons.
First of all Catster is one of mom's happy places. She feels safe and loved and valued here. And in turn she values the experiences and knowledge of others here.
Secondly she is convinced that if we band together (Crazy Cat Ladies and Cat Daddies of the world UNITE!!!) and share our information we can help each other.
Thirdly she knows how alienating it can be to be unemployed. Or employed and just short of cash. Sure everyone understands, but suddenly - where you were once out in the world, now the world has shrunk to the size of your computer. You feel alone. You feel like there is something wrong with you. People understand, but do they REALLY feel you? Emotional support is necessary - even just a place to vent and get the bad juju off your chest. Just let it all hang out. Helping others has the benefit of also helping yourself.
A Fourth - it would be nice to have one place where all the deals and whatnot can be found - rather then having to search all over the innerwebs.

We are hoping that this group will be a big success. She is hoping that we can help to make the load a little lighter, inspire ingenuity, nurture hope and spread the love.

With love and kisses and soft purrs and bright shining hope for the future!!!


the mother of all days!

May 10th 2009 8:59 am
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all honor and love to our moms!!!

our furmoms gave us life, and our skinnmoms do the rest!

to my wee bairns...wherever you are! i send all the love i have to give, and a pink light to shelter and comfort you! i haven't forgotte any of you!

to all the skinmoms! bless all of you for taking us in! for taking care of us when we are sick, for givinng us comfort (AND a comfortable place to call our own!). lots and lots of love to all of you on this - your speshul day!


i,m back !!!!!

January 8th 2009 5:47 pm
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ya, that's right...i'm back'!!!

i fear it will ebe a bitwonky while mom gets used tothis laptop thingee......she is not very good at the keys..heh heh here ihas been really warm and day lillies are already about 3" hi...!!!! mom says they weill die to the ground some day son...she says winnter is not doonne......oh well.

i send lts of loves and big giant mamma purrs to efurryone...

with uch love..

little mamma


COTD !!!!!

October 1st 2008 6:26 am
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I am very honored to be COTD today.....who knew??!! Thank you efurryone for the beautiful rosies. They really truly mean a great deal to me! I feel so loved!

Efurry thing here is going great!! Our weathers cooled off which entices all of us to get out and about a bit more. Yesterday my grandbaby Zoe came to see me. She looks alot like my daughter did. Well, anyhow, she was just standing there at the bottom of the steps, and i trotted up to her. I took a good sniff, hissed and walked away. I know she's my kin, but that doesn't mean i want her traipsing all over my yard!! That little hiss was just to let her know to behave.

Zoe's takin' to hanging out on the porch as much as she can. She lives in the house with mom and dad and my other grandbaby Maxwell, and Lucy. I see her alot more now. Ever since she was a wee little bit of fluff she has known what she wants...and lately she either wants to be velcro kitty, or to be outside. Mom and Dad have been letting her out pretty much efurry day now (WITH SUPERVISION!!!). Zoe thinks she is gonna be some great outdoor kitty! Ha!! And I will sprout wings and fly! I shouldn't poke fun...she IS very sweet.

Well, today it is nice and cool and breezy. The sun looks to be quite warm - so i think i'll just find myself a sunny corner and snooze for a bit.

With Much Love to all of you!!!


Spring in Georgia!

April 23rd 2008 6:31 am
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Well, it is finally spring! The birds are singing, daisies blooming, and the tom cats are running! Yes, i said tomcats! The little girls living next door are about 6 months old now...they are going to be "retired" this week! Thank goodness for that! We have had a coupla toms coming thru our yard on their way to serenade these 2 lovelies. I don't think they get it yet, which is a very good thing. The one called Cappie is totally infatuated with Uncle Odinn. She spies on him! Uncle Odinn and Jackie keep an eye on the girls, and run off the toms whenever they can. Who woulda thought that 2 strapping males would be such good guardians?!

Speakin of Jack- well, he technically lives a few doors down. In reality he is staying with us. He and Odinn have come to an accord and no longer hiss and do the puffy. Mom told Jack that he would have to come to some kind of arrangement with me all by hisself. So, Jack took it upon hisself to follow me up the driveway from my creek hunting grounds last night! He totally freaked me out! I was jogging up and yowling! He was right behind me! Mom says not to worry, that Jack is a real sweet fellow. Mom hopes that he and I will become good furriends, and I will let him stay with me in my apartment. We shall see! is good! I am getting out and about alot more lately! Mom sees me all over the yard now (not hiding in the house anymore!). She has some new picshures of me that she will post soon.

Love to all of you! Happy Hunting!


Christmas wishes!

December 20th 2007 5:20 am
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I have been Christmas tagged by the very handsome and distinguished Mister Tigger...

Dear Santa,

Please bring for me,

~ Homes for all those without homes
~ Lots of love for my babies (wherever they may be)
~ Some climbing stuff for my room with perches all over
~ Maybe a boyfurrriend??? *blushes*
~ Chickens!!!

We wish efurryone a beautiful Christmas!
Purrs to all and to all a good night!

I don't know who to tag yet.....i needs to think on it!


Daily Diary!

November 16th 2007 5:25 am
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Oh my, oh my.....i am just beside myself!! Who would've thought little ole me would get picked! I am very honored!

Well, i guess i better update on what's up got COLD!! I mean there are frostings all over the grasses and stuffs in the yard! Mom shut my window yesterday because she knew it was gonna get cold. I have a nice little porch right outside my window that i sit on in the mornings and watch the birds...i also like to sit there at dusk and watch mom and lucy play. That dog has really got some energy! Anyway, i have spent most of the last couple days on my blankie nappping and looking out the window. Yesterday there were lots and lots of leaves flying all over the place! It was like a tornado or said it was just the winds blowing the trees. It sure was can't even see where the grasses are anymore (guess it's time to rake mom!).

Well, nap time...again.....MOL!!!



November 12th 2007 10:48 am
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Well, i have been tagged 2 times now......first by my bff Miss Fiesty of the lovely and glorious furs! She has been a good good furriend to me! And also by my new little furriend Mr. Freki....he is a handsome young viking in training! Mr. Freki is also the sisfur of Uncle Odinn's amor Miss Skully. Mom has been busy busy so is only able to write this for me now!

here are the rules - when you are tagged, pick ten cats and write something nice about them and the cat that tagged you. then tag those ten cats you picked and send them an email letting them know they were tagged.

1. Miss Tramika (134882) - she is the very special furriend of my grandson Maxwell. This girl has personality and then some! Max says she is his soul sisfur! Maxwell asks that efurrybody purr for her acuz she had a stroke.

2. Mister Ludo (465489) - he is the apple of my granddaughter Zoe's eye. He is an extraordinarily handsome tom. *wink* He is fearless and quite a marksman! haha!!! (you have GOT to read his diary! MOL!!)

3. Miss Wootie (65780) - she is a petite Meezer lady...she is very very beautiful and kind. She reminds me and mom of our angel girl Miss Skitzee.

4. Mister Moe (590948) - just looking at him makes me smile, and gets me feeling all maternal again! What a beautiful little tom he is! purrs!!!

5. Miss Heidi (80642) - another most beautiful kitty lady who eats some weird stuffs (sorry Miss Heidi - but red peppers?) I especially like her acuz her name and my mom's is the same!

6. Miss Bijou (609934) - she is a young Cyprian beauty who knows what she wants and gets it! You go girl!!!

7. Mister Cow!Cat (459128) - now this young fella is one babe to be sure...he has his own bachelor pad now, complete with cushiony papasan! Such a sassy young tom!

8. Miss Friggy (437580) - She is one of Uncle Odinn's band of vikings...however she is pretty and he is NOT(heehee!). She is also very
sweet and nice and can handle them viking dudes no problemo!

9. Mister Kahlan (72151) - he is my furriend from Texas! I haven't pawed him in awhile (i is sorry), so i thought i would do this! Kahlan is such an awesome guy! He gave me my first shrimpie ever! Thanks bud!

10. Miss Skully (562323) - we became furriends when she thought she was prego (she wasn't). but that doesn't matter - she is one hot tamale! and a smart one too! she is a viking warrior too!

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