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Captain's Mewsings

Thank you all....!!!!

September 1st 2010 3:37 am
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Thank you to efurry kitty for all the gifts and concats on my COTD honor yesterday!

I've made so many new furiends!! Got invited to join a couple pawsome groups too..

Thank you to Flaming Redheads and For Meowing Out Loud for the invites.

For the Share the Love gifts, thank you to Nala Sue, Peaches and the furmily of Morris, Patches, Coda
Savannah Angel, Lucky and more!

For the beatifurr diamond-thank you to Miss Mittens

Thank you to the furmily of Freddie Mac (Thornclaw), Oliver H. Pantherfoot, Spike, Bernie the Brave
for the POP rosie.

To the Torrington Team-thank you for the brusselball!

Thanks again to Nala Sue for the yummy ice cream cones!

For the purrty red heart, thank you to Karma Kitty-hope your birthday was pawsome!

Thank you to Tyson for the delicious watermelon....yummy!

For the pawsome blue ribbon-Thank you to the furmily of Skylar, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty, Skitties, et al.

Thanks going to Grace, Casey, Leo and Frankie for the juicy shrimp!! Yummy!!

Thanks to all those who sent pawmails and diary comments.

You all made my special day very very special indeed. Catsters ROCK!

Purrs and Hugs to all,



August 31st 2010 3:27 am
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I'm COTD, my first ever Catster honor... Thanks HQ for picking me today!!! Mommy promises treats after work!! Purrs...


Purrs and Hugs

May 22nd 2008 7:07 am
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Going out to Simba's mommy. We are purring for you and Simba...


A BIRD!!!!

February 12th 2008 5:29 am
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Mom's not happy with the four of us. :(
She came home from work last night to find a BIRD!! of all things flying around the house and all of us napping. She explained that we are cats and that we should have had the bird long before she got home. We tried telling her that it was just too hard fur us to catch! Poor Mom had to chase it down and toss a towel over it and take it outside. She's threatening to stop feeding us! *pouts* She told us we were lazy piles of fur and couldn't catch a cold even if we tried!! We pawmised to try harder to catch the little critters next time they get in our apartment. After the squirrel incident (tell ya about that in another entry), we tried to keep our place critter free!! That was our excitement fur the nite!!

Captain and crew


Thank you, Thank you!!!!

January 26th 2008 11:56 am
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Purrs and thanks going out to The family of ♥Lucy♥, ♥Rylie (Rainbow Bridge), ♥Zorilla♥ and ADOBE. Thank you for the red rosette!!! Have a good weekend yourselves! ;-)




September 29th 2007 7:26 pm
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Check out my new picture! Meowmy doesn't feed us in a timely manner some days, so I am forced to get my own food.... (now, Captain you have an automatic feeder, don't make your furriends think you don't have food). Umm...sorry Meowmy...I forgot that you were typing my dictation.. Anyway, the bin I'm getting into has our food in it and I just can't resist digging into it..!!



Hi All!

September 25th 2007 4:55 pm
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I'm a happy fun loving kitty....I am first to greet Meowmy when she wakes up in the morning--can't wait for her to turn that faucet on so I can have my morning drink....I'm waiting at the door furr her when she comes home from that work place. I can't wait furr her to get a drink so I can steal the straw from it--love those straws.....Meowmy rescued me from the shelter just about 6 years ago. I was born there and love having a furrever home. I show this to Meowmy by giving her love bits in the middle of the night on her nose, or ears, or eyelids, or....well, you get the picture....I love my Meowmy...I sleep on her pillow everynight and purr away.....I guess that's enough mewsings for one entry....I love making new furriends, so send me an invite...


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