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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 10 lbs.

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sleepyvery active
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Quick Bio:

October 23rd 2006

Blue Bicolor

Company! Sleeping, playing, or chillin, he wants to do it near people!

When he is all riled up and ready to run and we are too tired to keep up.

Favorite Toy:
Chasing anything that goes fast on the ground...preferably powerd by a human.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On Kaelen or Franklin or in his little fleese bed.

Favorite Food:
Science Diet kitten dry and wet food

Yes! He already demonstrates an ability to fetch! (but is disinterested the last couple days)


He was born October 23. Easy to remember since my birthday is the 27th. He is a Libra, though, and I am a Scorpio. :D That's great though, because I get along really well with Libras. He reminds me so much of my previous and favorate cat, Pantu, it's really uncanny.

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9 of 9

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Don't rush me, I'm thinking...

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Hi! I'm new and also have a question about the best age

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January 5th 2007 More than 10 years!

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The Davinci Chronicles

Sneezing and Suckling!

February 8th 2007 1:12 pm
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Mew Everybody! I haven't said hi in a while because not only do I sneeze, but now my Kaelen has been sneezing and sick for 10 days!

Yesterday I went to the doctor and they stuck me real bad with things and I screamed and screamed and the one lady said I don't have any pain tolerance. I wanted to bite her and see how much she has! But when they stopped we made up and I licked them and they cuddled me. That one lady got real happy when I kissed her hand. People really like that!

I was affected all the rest of the day though. Like I slept belly up for hours in my Kaelen's lap, and I never like being belly up. My Kaelen told me that I don't have to go back for a year. What is a year? Anyways, I hope it is forever! Well, it wasn't all bad. I got lots of roast chicken treats by my daddy person while I was there. But still...

Today my Kaelen went to the doctor and she says she has bronchitis and guess what??? She has to take the same antibiotic I did! Amoxicillin! She says she asked the doctor if she had to be scruffed when she takes it, like I did, and that the doctor said, "Only if you don't cooperate!" What's "cooperate?"

My Kaelen did alot of research about my suckling...I still do it alot and since yesterday, when I do it my chin is covered in drool. I don't know why since yesterday...just is. She said the vet didn't know if I would outgrow it or not, but she found a website where 90 kitties wrote in that like to do it too, to suck on things, (I'm a rare case that sucks on myself) and most of them never stopped doing it no matter how old they got.

So now she is trying to use the clicker to encourage me to accept petting instead of turning to myself for that sleepytime comfort. She just keeps clicking every now and then when I just purr while being petted but as soon as I start to nurse, she gently lifts me and puts me down on the rug. I want to be near her so I jump up again. I am very stubborn! But my Kaelen might be more stubborn. She tried to use the bitter apple more after I last wrote, but after a while I didn't care and just ignored it and suckled anyway, so she just stopped because she didn't want to just feed me bitter apple "for no reason". I'm glad she stopped! But now she won't let me be on her if I suckle. :( No fair. She says she wouldn't care but I get so wet, all over my belly and now my chin, and my incision is still trying to heal and I keep it wet alot. I'm trying to be good and learn but I really miss it when I can't suckle and sometimes I just have tell her so with several big meows of complaint! She said something about talking to my daddy person about a "catsifier." Something about some stuff called "Yuck!" too. Mew?

My daddy person brought me home toys from the grocery store. One is a heavy ball with a plastic wand and a feathery thing hanging off it. He winds it up and it goes around. Its ok....but I mostly chew on the plastic wand because I am teething. The other toy he brought me is my very first mouse! My Kaelen filled it with catnip (interesting stuff!) and I tossed it all over and caught it and ran around with it in my mouth and to show my daddy person how grateful I was I brought it back to him and dropped it on his lap while he was trying to eat chicken. He said, "Um thanks....but no trades!" and threw it again and I chased it and chased it. But I can't find it now. I always lose my favorite toys. I have a really big plastic straw collection under the kitchen table though, and another one behind the couch! Just in case I need one, I know where to find one now! Well, if my Kaelen would stop messing with them that is. I find them back in my toy box a lot. I've chewed at least once on all of them, so it is OBVIOUS they belong to me. :D


[Person's note: Then he is not going to be thrilled when I replace them all soon with fresh ones. Oh well, he doesn't have to like everything that's for his own good!]


Icky Ick y Yummy Yum Yum!

January 29th 2007 2:59 pm
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Icky Icky Yummy Yum Yum!

January 29th 2007 2:57 pm [link to this entry]

Icky Icky is for the antibiotic I have to take because I opened up my incision a little bit. Yummy Yum Yum is for the maple flavored stuff that my daddy person puts tuna in that I have to take because I sneeze all the time. My Kaelen thinks it is going to stop when I get used to being here but I don't mind licking this stuff up either way!

I have lots of fun playing with the Elizabethan collar my Kaelen is supposed to make me wear when I'm not eating. She decided to keep using bitter apple since my tummy doesn't seem to react to it as bad and I am being much better about nursing when I am sleepy. I went a whole 12 hours without her having to put more on me! I cried alot when she finally did put it on. *yawn* I've been sleeping all afternoon because I played alot this morning.

Hey guess what? I had lots of fun all weekend and one of the neatest things is that my house got bigger! Once again there was alot of banging and noise while they kept me in my room and when they finally came out, there were these stairs that went down down and into this great big room with a whole bunch of things in them that looked like the thing my Kaelen said was a guitar. She played it in my room when I was nursing once and I was so scared of it that I stopped in the middle and didn't remember to bring my tongue back in! I moved really really slow so the scary noise maker wouldn't try to eat me...for a long time! My Kaelen had to touch my tongue to remind me to put it back in. I sniffed everything in the new room, but it was alot colder there and full of those noisy things. Guitars. My Kaelen says I'll get used to it, but none of them roared at me while I was there so I had fun exploring every single thing in the room. I was happy to curl up in my bed upstairs after being down there though.

All day yesterday people that I never met before came to the house and petted and played with me. That was fun. Everybody says I am cute and likes touching my soft fur and cuddling me against their faces. I let them enjoy me for a little while but I have things to do, you know, and they never get tired of it! But they played and played with me and made me like people even more than I already did!


Hey everybody! I'm growing and growing!

January 25th 2007 10:00 am
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Mew to the world! I love to nurse on my nipples and I don't care who knows it! (My Kaelen is way less enthusiastic about this habit and writes about it someplace else on this site).

I can mew and meow and mewwrrrrow...and lots of other words now too. I am learning and growing sooo fast! My Kaelen tries to take pictures every day but I am always either moving too fast or am too busy sucking to pose. Then she says my belly is all pink and wet. I don't like it wet either, but it's worth it cause it makes me feel like I am with my cat mommy and brothers and sisters again. :D I like the way my mask is coming in and the fur around my neck and back of my head and chest is getting bigger and makes me look reaaaaalllly big and cool! Daddy person calls me "Little Man" and says I am handsome.

My Kaelen has been playing with me alot, every single day when I wake up from long naps. I've noticed that when people say "Davinci!" and I go to them, something good usually happens! I have to think about that. Ever since that big box of toys came, she waits until I am hungry and awake and then we play the "clicker" game. I sit on the floor and she makes a clicky sound with something in her hand and then as soon as she does that I get a treat...not just any treat...TUNA! Did you hear me kittens? Real TUNA! Clickclick. TUNA! Clickclick. TUNA! I don't get it, but who cares...she gives me TUNA!!! I guess she really likes playing with that toy.

I don't like balls anymore. I only want to chase something my people drag around so I can run really really fast. If I run too fast on the wood floors though I can't stop at the end of the hall and slide into the closet with a loud thump. If they don't play "chase" with me two or three times a day I find other things in the house to play with, like bookshelves. Or stacks of things. I love jumping on and knocking down stacks of things! I like tunnels! Anything that looks like a tunnel is good! But I don't like caves and holes or bags or even boxes if I can't see out from the inside. I don't like anything I can't see a way out of before I go in! I'm not stupid you know! And something just tells me to be careful of holes.

I don't like being held belly up very much and I don't like being carried that way either though I will sometimes put up with it for a little while. What I DO like very much is when my Kaelen lifts me facing away from her so I can sit on her hand and rest my arms on her other hand and then carries me around the house or to the windows so I can see everything I don't normally see. I could just do that all day long. Why won't she do that all day long??? I also like to race when my people go down the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen. I run really fast and beat them to the room every time! But sometimes they confuse me and go into a different room and then I am in the bedroom all by myself feeling silly. I meow and let them know it wasn't funny to trick me like that!

I am not sure about the brushing yet. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I would rather play with the brush and Kaelen won't let me do that. I don't care about chewing on straws anymore except to carry them around or chase them when dragged. In fact I don't like the same things from one day to the next! I wonder why? I guess I am just a complex kitty. :D

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