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A visit to the inlet park

September 9th 2007 8:55 pm
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Hi Everyone!
Well, I sure had lots of fun last night. Mom took ME to the park at the inlet. When she put my jacket on I thought we were going walkies. I really got upset when she put me in the CAR. I hate the CAR. Going in the CAR often means going to the vet - grrrr! But she told me that we weren't going to the vet and she said I would have lots of fun where we went when we got there.
It was a LONG ride. I kept telling her that I didn't want to go. I told her and I told her and finally I just SHOUTED at her. "TAKE ME HOME FOR WALKIES," I hollered but she just kept telling me I would have fun. I HATE being ignored!
When we got to the park she put me on her lap and told me that there would be lots of noise and new people and smells and lots of dogs. We got out of the car and WOW she was right. Lots of new people to become members of my fan club! I only saw 2 dogs and their people didn't let me talk to the dogs. Honestly, I wouldn't hurt a dog but some people just don't understand that I'm really a sweet cat who likes everyone. Even if I do look like a wild cat, I'm not that big.
I did NOT like all the motorcycles. Talk about LOUD! People up at the end of our street have motorcycles so I know what they are but I still do NOT like them. They STINK and HURT my ears. Grrrr!
The first part of the park has lots of picnic tables and grills where people can go and sit down to talk to each other. People do that a lot. Talk. Talk. Talk. I picked a table that had people at it and jumped up to say hello. Of course they liked ME. They petted ME and talked to ME and I LIKED it. Two men took MY picture. Obviously they are advanced beings for people. I enjoyed the attention shown to ME.
I wanted to stay there and encourage my new fans but MOM picked me up, put me on the ground and we went walkies but I did NOT cooperate. NOPE. I had to visit the other tables to say hi there too. Mom is so dense sometimes. Doesn't she know that meeting new people is MY purpose in life. Finally she just picked me up and carried me to where SHE wanted to go. Oh! The indignity! I know Mom means well but I really have to work on her slave skills more.
Thinking back on it, I realize that she just didn't want ME to be scared crossing the road. A motorcycle was there. Did I tell you how I do NOT like motorcycles?
On the other side of the road a wide concrete strip led to a wide concrete wall that I could jump up on. WOW! Such wonderful new things to smell! The wall jutted up to the Intracoastal Waterway which is really big there. I could smell all sorts of things like fish and the water and boats and more people! Lots of children played and fished there and I got to add even more members to MY fan club. A boy caught a fish and it plopped on the wall right next to me. I bounced! The fish just flopped around and I did NOT like it. I jumped down from the wall and found a very little girl to play with then. She had a baby sister that I played with too. They smelled good - all sweet and clean. I rubbed up against them with my head so they got some of my scent on them. Their mom took a picture of me playing with her girls. That mom must be an advanced sort of human too. After too short a time Mom said, "Time to go home." At first I objected but she let me say goodbye to some of my new fans before we got into the CAR so I didn't holler too much. Just enough to let her know that I should have been the one to decide when to leave.
On the ride home which really didn't take as long as the ride to get there, I sat quietly on the seat next to Mom. She told the truth. I did have fun and I LIKED the inlet park.
Bye for now and have fun everyone,


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