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My life as a scaredy cat....

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February 27th 2010 5:16 am
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Olivia currently resides at the PD Pitchford Companion Animal Village in Long Beach California.


Looks like my furmom is a little ticked off.

June 18th 2009 11:02 pm
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My furmom, Missy was forgotten about on her birthday. She is now really mad and hurt. Mom said she will make it up to her. Missy is acting all diva right now. Mom did not forget our birthdays, but then 4 cats on the same day is hard to forget. Missy wants mom to take her to Petsmart. I hope mom takes the camera for that trip. So, we will use caution around Missy until she gets what she wants. Oh boy. Should be fun around here. Everyone...hide!

quietly purring,


Texas will have a beautiful sunrise today

May 17th 2009 4:52 am
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Passed to the bridge . Family needs our help
Zack's one and only beloved is also suffering.

Please visit Zack and Kiwi and offer love and kindness. Zack fought a long and brave battle. It is a honor knowing him.

Peace to all
Olivia (Livvie)


I was an innocent penguin today

May 9th 2009 4:10 am
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I slept all day in front of the A/C cuz I was a hot fat cat the just wanted to be lazy.

Love to all!


I had a pawsome birthday!!!!

April 26th 2009 2:01 am
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I love the condo!!! I actually can fit my large self into the bottom compartment. Mom and dad are looking at replacing the large condo we have because it is kinda tired.

I would like to thank the following friends for my gifts:

Shadow PAWS

Thanks for making my day great!!!!



I am going to be 4!!!!!

April 22nd 2009 7:04 pm
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Hey mom! All I want for my birthday is a boogie mat. Do they come in my size? .....what, Sasha? Oh, thats it.....brb..........

((smack)) ((ow!)) ((smack)) ((ow!)) ((thump!)) ((ooof, get off me!)

( a tussle between Sasha and Liv. Sasha=0 , Liv=1)

Sorry, Sasha called me "Fat Livia" So I gave her some Fat Livia.
She is under the couch now looking at me. Don't mess with the fat girl!!!

Now mom, about that boogie mat........

Happy Birthday to me!


Ummm, was that what I think it was?

January 10th 2009 10:30 pm
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I am so outta here! I hate earthquakes. We had a 4.5 at 7:45 on Thurs nite. Mom and Dad were not home. I was scared. There was another one at 4:45 am, and another one today. Lots of smaller aftershocks. We only feel the bigger ones. I don't want to feel any of them. The house shakes, it makes noise and I get really scared. Can the person in charge of the Earthquakes please make them stop? Thanks! Appreciate it.

*shaking nervously*


I was Chasie sitting most of the day.

November 14th 2008 11:13 pm
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I had a feeling Chasie was not well. She could barely squeak out a meow. Mom took her into the room so she could sleep, then I went in and snuggled next to her and washed her face. It wasnt dirty, but it makes her feel better. Sometimes, Chase gets "lost" and when she sees me, she comes back to reality. The vet said it is not her time yet. So, until that day comes, I will follow Chasie and comfort her. I luvs her.


Yes it was funny, Paisan

November 8th 2008 9:30 pm
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I guess you had to see what mom and I saw. The look on your face as you were jostled from sleep and launched. Really, words cannot describe it. It was so funny. I lied on the bed and watched you land on your feet. You looked so mad. I was going to go check you out to see if you were ok, but I did not think you wanted to be bothered. Mom made sure you were ok. You poor thing. Sorry mom scared you. She did not mean too. When she came into the room, she only saw me. She was talking to me and everything. I can't believe that did not wake you up. You must have been power napping. Nextime maybe you should not hide so well. Leave your tail sticking out or something.



Oooops! Sorry Mom!

November 7th 2008 7:13 pm
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I know, lets blame dad!!! I was in the bedroom napping with mom. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang. I was lying on it at the time. ((giggles)). I jumped up, turned around and looked at it. Mom picked it up and answered it. It was daddy!!! I was rubbing my whiskers and face all over the phone. Daddy could hear me purring and chirping. I wanted the phone, so I reached my paw up and accidently scratched mom on the face, right below the eye. She was bleeding! I felt so bad. I blamed it on the phone. After she hung up, the phone was on the bed so I had a stare down with it. I sorry mom.

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