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Eva is Missing.

April 14th 2013 6:49 pm
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This is Eva's meowmie. Raven and Eva did not move with me to Memphis. My ex-husband wanted to keep them. I learned from a mutual friend that he did not want to deal with the litter box anymore, so he put Eva and Raven outside. He puts food and water out, but no longer cares for them or takes them to the vet. This has made our Memphis kitties very sad. We should have taken Raven and Eva to Memphis with us. No fair to Eva. Keep her in your purrs. Thanks!



September 12th 2010 5:29 am
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No Bella for me. I am a quiet girl. I keep to myself. I sleep way high on top of the cabinet in my own box. I keep hoping Bella never learns to climb that high. She has too much energy for me, and I get irritated with her very easy. So I keep my distance.


HeeHeeHee I am such a Diva

June 6th 2010 1:01 am
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Hello to all my furriends! Did ya miss me? I missed you. Mom's face got stuck to facebook. We protested loudly. We won. hehehehe. I guess I am getting settled down in my old (5 yrs) age. I lie on the floor next to Whiskers when mom is on the computer. I like hearing the clickity click of the keyboard. I guess that makes me strange, but oh well. hahaha. But, its so nice...the gentle noise puts me to sleep. Today was so hot. I was hiding in my box. I have a plastic box way up on top of the cabinet that only I can get into. Mom gave it to me cuz I get scared easy and like to hide. Sometimes, all you can see is my ears. Mom thinks that is funny. Ears sticking out of a box. mol. I spent some quality time on the hardwood floor after the air conditioning came on. That felt so nice. Well, I am dozing off again...Just wanted to say Hi to all my friends!!! I have not forgotten you. And sending a big MWAH ! to Trucker. Nitey nite!!!!
Eva the Diva!


Wow! I am shocked and happy!

March 1st 2010 4:14 am
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Thank you Catster for selecting ME as a DDP for today. I would never guessed that my antics would be put in the spotlight. I am still up to no good, and I am gonna milk this all day. Excuse me, but WHO is wearin' the crown? mol mol mol.

Thanks again you guys for making my day.


So what?

February 27th 2010 5:21 am
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I have become the queen bee here. Raven and I will live here permanently. Sasha, Whiskers, Paisan, Chase, and Heidi are just temporary. They are gonna move again. I always try to play with Chase, but I never know which personality she is. So, I get really bored at night and meow at everyone. I just want all your attention. It does not matter if you are asleep. If I am awake, you are awake. Thats just how it works. Raven does not care. She just does her own thing. She likes to play with Whiskers. Ok, got some annoying wake up meowing to do. I will purr more later.


My princess potential....

August 5th 2009 9:16 am
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More like diva lately...I dont know what is wrong with me. I have been smacking Livvie and my furmom Missy. Missy and I tangle all the time. I am not a teenager anymore! I get my whiskers all twisty and just start smacking them both. But, in my defense they come to where I am and bother me first. They usually get me when I am napping. Liv tries to lay on me so I have to smack her so she will move. I think Missy and I slap each other because of a purrrsonality conflict. She is a strict furmom, and I am a princess. I demand to be taken seriously. I do not like to be touched, unless it is on my terms. I get along great with Sasha and Ravie.

My awesome boyfurriend Trucker made me a purrrty thing for my page. I love it because it has my name. I just love to be noticed. Purr Purr Purr. Trucker understands. That is why I loves him.

Ok, time for me to make my royal exit. Until nextime....

Eva (the sometimes Diva)
and full time Princess.


I have new pics on my page!

June 25th 2009 11:40 pm
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Mom put them up, but she is not happy. The flash is making our eyes look weird. Mom says I have the pretties light green eyes and the camera does me no justice. So, I thought I would come out from under the couch for a photo op...just to make mom happy. I hope Trucker likes them. I think mom wants a new digital camera. She gets mad. She said Paisan's and Buddy's are coming out weird too. I think mom needs a new camera for her birthday!!!!




June 7th 2009 11:05 am
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(Eva slides into room on hardwood floor, out of breath...) HEY! MY BOYFRIEND IS DDP AND ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!! His tribute to MYLO is so touching. You Rock, Trucker for being able to express in such beautiful words, the journey to the bridge so that it all looks to beautiful, and not sad. None of us want to go to the bridge, but when you write those tributes, it makes it seem less scary. Are you taking writing classes up there? Hey has Emma given you a bath yet? She is a total mama cat. We miss our Emma Baths. Hopefully you will get one soon. You will fall into a catnap!!!! She purrs when she washes. So soothing! We are all so proud of TRUCKER for being selected for DDP. We are all captivated by Molly right now. She is outside, and has a real live mousie. Mom shut the door. No mousie in the housie she said. Molly gets a set of different shots because she is outside and plays with mousies and birdies. We just wanna see. Mom is afraid Molly is getting ready to give her the mousie as a purresent and she does not want it. MOL.
**Waves to Trucker** I am such a proud and happy girl right now.

Purrrs of love to all!


For you Zack!

May 17th 2009 4:48 am
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Passed to the bridge . Family needs our help

Zack's one and only beloved is also suffering.

Please visit Zack and Kiwi and offer love and kindness. Zack fought a long and brave battle. It is a honor knowing him.

Peace to all

P.S. My boyfurrent Trucker was on the assist team last night but Reno says they cant talk about what their duties are. Than you Trucker for helping bring the best friend of my two brothers home to the bridge safely.


So glad Trucker is back!!!!

May 10th 2009 8:22 pm
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I came out from under the couch. I am a happy girl now. I snoozed on the back of the couch today, as close to the A/C as I could get. No one bothered me. Not even that pesky Dylan. I napped for hours!!! I dreamed of Trucker. I know they are still getting settled, but I am waiting to hear all about his adventure, plus it did not help that I have been hiding under the couch for weeks. It was so hot here today, mom brought the dogs in until about 2 hrs ago. Then the yard was all shady and they went back out. Duke is whining because the kids are at the end of the street playing basketball, and he wants out to go play.
Lexi likes to play with the kids too, and she even has her own basketball but it is yellow. Duke has a volleyball. They have as many toys as we do. It looks like kids live here, but its all pets!!! **giggles**

Well, I am going to cruise to the kitchen before the dogs come back in for the night. Lexi never bothers me. I just want to eat so I can reclaim my spot. **giggles**

Purring for everyone!

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