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A Peek Into the Life of Edgrrr

Hey... how's it going?

September 20th 2012 11:05 pm
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I'm doing well. Enjoying the cooling off after a roasty toasty summer. I'm a little stiff with arthritis, thanks to the original, butthead people who had me declawed & then threw me out like trash, the arthritis is really pronounced in my front paws, but my heart is still murmuring & I'm still purring. I enjoy spending my time up on the bed, on my pillow, next to my mama while she does some weird stuff on this little screen with buttons while this big screen up on the wall blares & babbles. Lately, my minions, SugarWray & our newest recruit Chooch, will join us & we find our comfy spots & snooze or bathe or just admire mama. I've been losing weight, along with the others who are older than me, so Mama & Dad have been feeding me kitten food for higher protein. Stuff is awesome & I don't get the poots from it. I also enjoy a cookie, biscuit, pancake, oh & ice cream & whizzies (whipped cream) too, as I am an odd cat who has a sweet tooth. Life is good. I may be getting up in years, but I dig it. I was elected as Alpha male. The other cats treat me well & don't muss with me. When they act up, I simply lay my paw on their heads & they remember to play nice. Gosh, it's good to be the King.


Murmurs & purrs

March 30th 2011 10:44 am
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A few years ago, my vet noticed a heart murmur & advised my humans to keep an eye on me. Then last year, my murmur was quite noticeable & my vet recommended I be taken to a feline cardiologist, but as the cost was formidable, they couldn't do it. I developed pink eye a few days ago & was seen at the vet's today & now, my humans MUST have my murmur addressed, thankfully my human daddy had some $ set aside so they can afford it, & I am to be seen be a wonderful feline/canine cardiologist on Tuesday, April 5th & my humans are worried sick that they have waited too long to help me. Feline cardiomyopathy is not rare, but it is often deadly & the way we kitties can die from it vary from a quick sudden death (which my step-brother Tigger died from) or a long suffering, painful death by throwing a clot which mimics a stroke or broken legs. To die that way would be horrible, especially since my human Mama loves me like crazy & I lover her the same & as she deals with chronic pain, she would be unforgiving of herself if I were to suffer in any way. We're reading a lot of stuff & we have found that there is good news with the chances of my getting on medication that will help me & prevent me from dying in agony. I am no fan of going to the vet, but if it means I get to spend more time with my humans, I will do all I can to prolong our time together. While my Mama is my favorite human in all the galaxy, my Daddy & I have been bonding & he too was caught leaking water from his eyes when they talked about my heart. I am hoping that there is a chance that I will be amongst other kitties that have done well with medicines & be able to squeeze in at least another 3 to 5 years with them. I am such a goofy guy & I love to fetch my toys & sing as I carry them to lay at my humans feet & there's nothing better than laying on Mama's chest & have her hand feed me turkey or chicken. I also enjoy my friends DingDong (a.k.a. SugarWray) & Panzy (a.k.a. February's Muddy Waters) & it would suck, big time, if I had to leave them so soon. So, my fellow Catster friends, I ask of you to send good purrs & vibes my way, especially if you can do so at around 4:45-:5:15 pm Eastern Time, on Tuesday, April 5th while I am being tested to see what is causing my murmur. To other kitties that have murmurs without a diagnosis as to why, please tell your humans that there are some feline cardiologists that will keep their costs to a minimum, work out a financial plan or accept CareCredit & that even if we're found to have really awful heart conditions, with medications, we can live a longer & less stressful life. My love, headbutts, & purrs to all!
Your Pal,


Spring is here!

April 7th 2009 9:34 pm
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I finally got my beloved & most revered human, my darling Mama, to update my page with new pictures to help us celebrate Spring & Easter. I've been oh so happy when we are able to open the windows so I can snooze in sunbeams & watch the birds, bunnies, & other critters frolic & partake of the goodies left out for them. We had out first thunderstorms of the year yesterday & I was NOT happy! I HATE thunderstorms & will hide in the craziest places (my current favorite spot is behind the toilet) & am inconsoloable all the while. When things calmed down, I took to following my Mama everywhere. I sure love to bide my time with her. I'm so delighted when she'll let me cradle myself in her arms, or rest upon her head (cat hat!) while she slumbers. Being that she is also nocturnal, it's awesome that she keeps the hours I prefer, so I party & play while she taps on that thing she calls a computer (what a waste of time, she could be rubbing my belly or simply admiring me instead) & just about when I feel it is time to wind down, she's calling for me to come with her to bed. How awesome is that? I bet a lot of you are running around & smashing planters & knickknacks while your humans are sleeping, but mine is right here, ready to break up any ruckus & also to rescue me from the more fesity of the group. I have been ranting at her to put up a Catster page for WooWoo's sister, Pansy Petunia, so she can direct her attention & unwanted affection to others. That crazy kitty thinks I'm her girlfriend. I only have eyes for my "Mama," doesn't she get it? Any way friends & fellow Catster kitties, Mama is working on a page for Pansy, who is a silver tortoiseshell calico Siamese. She's very pretty to look at, but she is quite feisty & to put it lightly, CRAZY! It's hard for Mama (or anyone for that matter) to catch her sitting still for the flashbox (humans call it a "camera"), so her pictures are not going to be as lovely & beautiful as my own, but then again, she's not nearly as beautiful as I am, so be nice when grading her beauty. Be sure to look for her page within the next week or so. Well, I am off to cuddle & purr with my Mama. Let me send a shout out to my Catster pals from all around the world. For all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, let's get together & rejoice that Spring is here after such a long & boring winter! For all of you Christian kitties, may you & your families have a Joyous & Blessed Easter.


Life is good...>^..^

October 17th 2008 6:43 am
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Yes indeed, life is good! I now have my two side kicks, WooWoo & his sister, Mudge (needs her own page already) to heed my every beck & call. We three are known as the "blue eyed crew." They adore me. The other cats fear me, well, actually they fear Mudgey most, as she will rip fur out of those who dare insult me, but back to me, I am awesome. I am beautiful. I am delightful. I know it. My humans know it too. I love spending my time with my "mama" best, as she spoils me as much as I should be & there's nothing better than sleeping in her arms, even when she implores me to move my cinder-blockish body so some blood will reach her hands, sometimes I willingly oblige, other times I am actually thrust away from my favorite & pre-warmed spot. I get back at her by staying in the view of the TeeVee when she wants to look at it, as I must show her that looking at my butt is certainly preferable to the dreck she is trying in vain to see. She has started to feed me some very tasty & delectable canned foods by Weruva & Merrick. Oh my, they are so darned yummy. It's great to be catered to & this stuff is really good smelling & tasting. I heard "dad" complain about the price being steep, which makes these foods all the better. I shall demand to keep getting this stuff & turn my nose up at the likes of that cheapo stuff that I really like, just to make a point. Bigger price equals better kitty snobbery. It's bad enough on their budget that I have demanded Royal Canin 33 for 4 years now, but this Weruva stuff is awesome. The Merrick is equally good, but I'll keep up the charade of how much better the Weruva is, as it is hard to find & a tad more costly. I heard that mama is going to get me a new fuzzy bedgrrr because my disciples have taken over my current one. Ah, it's good to be King! That has a good ring to it, King Edgrrr. Don't you agree? Yes, life is good...


Where's my Mama?

January 30th 2008 12:29 am
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Oh sigh! Oh groan! Oh woe! Oh sorrow! My mama is not home & I'm desperate to have her here. She's only been gone for about 10 hours, but I am in a tizzy without her here. She had put out a big bowl of my favorite crunchies (Royal Canin 33) & gave the whole lot of us some canned yummies & babbled on that she'd be home soon, but she LIED! She said she was just going up to my human grandparents' home, but I usually go with her when she's to stay overnight, but not this time. SIGH! I've looked out the window & that moving house is not in the driveway yet. I'd gone into the office & warmed up her chair for her earlier this evening, but gave up around midnight. I brought down Mr. Sharky & a few of my mousies in case she was in the TV den, & then brought up my turtley & chippymunk & laid them on her pillow, but I'll be shaved & painted green, my Mama is still nowhere to be found. GROAN. I've caterwauled an opera & even left her plants alone, yet she isn't home to commend me. Woe is me! I love my mama so much & really wish that she'd have stayed home with me. I really dislike to be without her & when she finally comes through that front door, I am going to ignore her & make sure she is well aware of the fact that I do not approve of her leaving me all alone. I like my papa & all, but he's not appreciative of my talents & never seems pleased when I bring him a "hunting trophy" (even though they are actually what my humans call toys, it's still an effort to slap & fling them into total submission, then carry them to lay them gently at their feet) & papa never lets me know how wondefully clever & stealthy I am to bring him these treats (if they were "real" they'd be able to feast on these wondrous critters.) I can't understand why he never commends me for my hunting skills, unless, perhaps he is jealous that I, too, could provide for my most revered mama. This waiting for her is sheer agony. I hope I can hold out on my "angry act" for more than a few minutes, as I really want her to know just how sad I am without her to snuggle & settle down with. I hope she has a good reason for not returning before out usual bedtime. She best bring me a consolation prize. I'm going to go sulk in my bedgrrr on the dryer for a while. I'll tell you how my ploy for more attention plays out after she returns. I hope you've all slept well & have a happy Wednesday, as I will not sleep well, nor have ahappy day until I am back in her arms & admired for my charms & skill. I'm going to commence my pity party now...
Sir Edgrrr Halibutt >^-_-^<
(a.k.a. Friend Edgrrr, to all that know me)

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