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Remembering Henrietta Marie

Missing Marie

March 24th 2010 9:06 pm
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Your tree has started to bloom again, we thought it had died. Daddy picked a flower from it and put near your grave. We sure miss your little face. OXOXOOXO


Mami Misses Me Too Much

March 24th 2010 9:02 pm
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I wish my Mami could stop crying for me. She is so very sad. Doesn't she know that I live on in her heart? She misses me in my spot on the bed and cries until late in the night. I sure do worry for her. Maybe one day I will find my way back to her. Until then I can watch over her and pray for her to heal.


Mah Ree Ree In The Spirit World

March 14th 2010 11:44 am
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This morning at 6am Henrietta Marie (Missuh Ree Ree Bee) passed away from Heart Disease at the emergency 24 hour vet in Mandeville, LA. They suggested I put her to sleep but other than the labored breathing & more so that usual listlessness, she was walking around but her temp had dropped to almost nothing. I couldn't do it, I suggested they try a few things & that I'd be back in a few hours. She didn't make the few hours....and this place has oxygen cages and everything. I left her my shirt; she died on it.

We picked her up in her little casket and after a beautiful ceremony attended and officiated myself and Mes. Nesbitt, we all said out goodbyes to her earthly remains, know that if she desires her spirit is welcomed to return to me. I included her favorite flower, a triquetra, a blood red garnet crystal (to help her find her way to me again) a printed Wheel of the Year, a picture of Sheela Na Gig and in purple dye I finger painted the Ankh on her front legs so she can bring her life back to me again.

I wore the shirt to officiate her funeral, still wet in places. I lined her casket with my "good" pillow sham, that was always forbidden to her and I have it's mate to look upon and caress. The shirt is on her snuggle place, next to my face, in my bead until at some future time I can wash it....OR NOT. Who knows. Maybe when this feeling as if my heart has been ripped out passes some. I know time will help. Her memory, her sweet little kisses & the painful biscuits she used to cover me with every night before resting her face on my hand.....

Death does not separate us, only a lack of love in the Goddesses eyes....and there was no lack there.

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Henrietta Marie @3/14/10


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