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Shello from Shells


May 23rd 2007 9:31 am
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I have been tagged by 2 cats ( Alex & Haley(the Man)Cat).

Now I must tell 7 random facts and tag other cats.

1. I do not like to be picked up by ANYONE!
2. I am sometimes cruel to Miss Topsy
3. I love to sniff Shaft when he comes in the catdoor smelling like outside.
4. I announced my return in a dream.
5. I have shredded the spongy welcome mat at the front door and I'm glad of it. That way visitors know when they come in, they might be next!
6. I steal things and I'm not sorry.
7. I lay in Mamis potted herb garden because I know she's on pills for her nerves and I want to make sure she *really* needs those pills.

I tag these cats:
Pixie Cat 442962
Monday 210260
Littul Junior 436924
Vincent 422069
Tonto 385258


We got fixed!

February 15th 2007 9:58 am
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Arrgh! I feel awful! Miss Topsy and I got our snip-snip surgery yesterday and we are BOTH still very groggy! Miss Topsy has been steady howling, making an awful racket and my nerves are shot! I haven't been watching the bird feeders...I don't know WHO has been watching the bird feeders! I know it is MY duty but I'm so under the weather! I feel like I'm missing everything! Mami brought us some special dinner and we didn't even sniff it! BLAH SPECIAL DINNER! PHEWWEY!
My eyes are still so dialated I can't even focus! I hope this wears off soon..I have thigns to do! Important Cat Business!

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