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Awww, thanks, Dudes!

November 11th 2013 7:24 am
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OMC, of course I'm just now getting the secretary to help me meow thanks for all the pawsome birthday gifties and greetings all my wonderfur friends sent me.

I had a great birthday. I got a bunch of treats, of course, and tons of treats, natch. And I got a wand toy that all my brofurs and sisfurs love.

I hate it.

Anyhow, thanks so much:

Pawsome Pansy for the yummy cupcake!
Boogers Dude for the other yummy cupcake!
Mazie for the cool acorn!
Tony, Anna, Sammy, etc. for the fun baseball!
Inky for the delish candy corn!
Big Harry and family for the scrumptious shrimpie!
The family of Simone, River, Lily, etc. for the cool witch's hat!
Jezebel and Cesar for the sweet pawmails!

Thank you so much everyone, for the birthday wishes and for being much better friends to us than we are to you. Our secretary continues to be the lamest secretary efur, but she also shovels out the food, so what can we do? MOL

High paws,


Thanks, Dudes!

May 20th 2013 12:56 pm
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On behalf of me and my fursibs, I wanna meow a huge thanks for all the gifties our wonderfur friends sent us for Mother's Day, etc.

As you know, we have the world's lamest secretary, so we didn't get any sent out in time.

But we really appurrciate the ones you sent us! You guys are the best!

High paws,


I Was a DDP!

April 11th 2013 6:49 am
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Wowza! The Diary Gal must be so shocked when I actually do a diary entry that I get to be a DDP when I do! MOL Thank you so much, Catster, for the honor! I really appurrciate it!

Thank you so much to all my wonderfur friends for celebrating my DDP honor with me! I'm meowing loud thanks to the following:

Tabatha, Dreamette #19 fur the pawsome DDP picture she made me!
The Family of MILO BLUE EYES, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, Timmy Angel Dremboat #72b, ZIG Dreamboat in Training #22 and more! for the pawsome baseball rosette!
Tate fur the kick-tail baseball rosette!
Tony, Anna, Greystone, etc. for the fun baseball rosette!
The Family of Mac, Ivy, Legolas, etc. fur the yummy shrimp that I gobbled right up!
Buddie, Midnight-DG#9, and Smiley Cassanova fur the concatulatory pawmails!
Tink the Cat and Jezebel DG 29 fur the diary comments!

You guys are so great and are the best pals a dude could ever hope to have! I love you bunches despite the fact my secretary stinks and it took us forever, as usual, to get around to thanking everyone!

High paws,


Spring Tagged!

April 5th 2013 12:33 pm
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My beautiful friend Patches tagged me for Spring! I name five things I like about Spring and then I tag some other furiends!

These are the things I like about spring:

1) Baseball!
2) The Yankees!
3) The grass I chomp on is green again!
4) Percy can go out in the back yard to spray everywhere more instead of stinking up the whole house!
5) I can nap on the porch!

I'm tagging:

Midnight DG#9
Jezebel DG29

Thanks for tagging me, Patches! This was fun!

OH! And PEE ESS! Thank you to all our pawsome, wonderfur friends for the gazillion Easter eggs you sent us! We love them so much and are so sorry we haven't meowed thanks sooner!


Thank You Purry Much!

November 30th 2012 9:25 am
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Well. Go figure.

There I was promising I'd be back soon to thank everyone for celebrating my COTD honor with me.

And here it is what--DAYS? WEEKS?--later, and my lame secretary just remembered she's totally forgotten to help me meow all my thanks and post all the pawsome pics my friends made for me!

WHY have I not fired her already? This happens every time!

Anyway, I am so excited still that I got to be COTD, and I really want to thank Catster again for this pawsome honor and for the Zealies!

I had a great day celebrating. Got even more treats than usual, and I got to gloat to all my siblings. I may still be doing the gloating. Oh, okay, and I may still be eating treats, too.

So, finally, and I'm SO sorry this took me so long...I'd like to meow out huge thanks to the following:

Pansy fur the kick-tail star and pawsome picture commemorating my honor!
Manytoes fur the pawmail and making me such a beautiful COTD picture!
Big Harry and family for the furtastic COTD picture!
The family of ♥ Tony ♥, ♥ Anna ♥, ♥ Greystone ♥, ♥ Sammy ♥ and more! for the purrty blue ribbon!
Tate fur the YUMMY turkey! Gobble, gobble!
The family of Tiger, Tiny and Beauty for the pawsome turkey leg! *burp*
The family of Midnight - DG #9, Popeye, Samantha you will be missed. and Peanut for the delish turkey leg! *burp again*
The family of MILO BLUE EYES, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, TIMMY Dreamboat # 72B, ZIG Dreamboat in Training #22 and more! for the football to toss around!
Smiley Cassanova for the big fluffy turkey! *food coma*
The family of Mac, Ivy, Legolas (Legaly)-Forever Loved, Zander for the pumpkin pie to top off all the turkey!
Angel Buddie for the concatulations pawmail!
Athena for the concatulatory diary comment!
Jezebel DG 29 for the congrats diary comment!

UPDATE! OMC! I FEEL HORRIBLE! Stupid Secretary! Stupid Catster fleas! I didn't meow out a huge thanks to my bestie Boogers for the pawsome huge hunk of cheese he sent me for being COTD! I ate it so fast it disappeared off my page I guess. It's not showing in my Special Gifts box at all. And when my secretary opened my Gifts history, she didn't realize the Special Gifts were in a different section than Rosettes! So we still didn't see it.

Meanwhile, Boogers sent me some yummy milk to wash down all my treats! Thank you, Dude, for sending me not one but two gifts to celebrate my COTD honor! MOL! I'm so sorry!

Whew! (I really hope I didn't leave anycat else out! I'm so sorry if I have)!

Thank you all for celebrating my big day with me and for being such pawsome friends!

High paws,



November 15th 2012 10:14 am
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Shut the front pet door!

*rubs eyes to make sure I'm seeing this right*

*Yup, it's still there*

I'm Cat of the Day? Me? Not so 'lil 'ol ME?

I'm just...I'm just...MEOWLESS!

Mom and I are SO excited! In fact, I'm so excited I've eaten two extra lunches!

Thank you so much, Catster! This is the biggest honor I've ever gotten in my whole life! I appurrciate it so much!

I'll be back ASAP to thank everycat for all the pawsome gifties you guys are giving me!

Aw, Dudes, I'm just...this is just...WOW!!!


Food Coma!

November 12th 2012 12:04 pm
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I gotta send a big meow out of thanks to my bestie Boogers for sending me a kick-tail party hat for my birthday.

Poor Dude's been in a food coma! I shore can relate to that! And we both know it's all Evil Blue Jays' fan Pansy's fault.


Thank You

November 8th 2012 12:13 pm
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OMC! As always, I'm so purry mortified that my secretary hasn't helped me thank everyone for my birthday wishes yet! She up and furgot! You just can't buy good help anymore.

I had a pawsome birthday, and you guys made it extra special. I got a string toy that Little Grey chewed in two the same night. *roll eyes* And some of those little ring ball things that the clueless secretary can't remember the name of right now. I love those things and have been batting them all over the house.

Hope this thank you meow out is better late than never! Thank you so much to:

The family of ♥ Tony ♥, ♥ Anna ♥, ♥ Greystone ♥, ♥ Sammy ♥ and more! for the YUMMMERS cupcake!
Pansy for the pawty hat! She loves for me to have a pointy head.
Inky for the kick-tail witch hat. He loves for me to have a pointy head, too!
The family of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Abigail, Zack and more! for the super cool acorn to knock around!
The family of Sleeper , Samhain , Maya (2004 - 2006), Miss Essie (1984-2002) and more! fur the cool black cat to hiss at!
The family of Midnight - DG #9, Popeye, Samantha you will be missed. and Peanut fur the funtastic football to toss in the air!
Jezebel and Charlie fur the birthday pawmail!

Even though I don't meow as much as I should, I love you guys so much and appreciate your friendship more than you know! Thanks for making my 8th birthday extra special!

High paws!


Meatballs is AWOL!

July 27th 2012 7:30 am
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My Meatballs has left Catster, and I don't really know why. Her page is all gone. :(

I'm so bummed I'm only a little bit hungry!


Happy Birthday, Sunday!

June 14th 2012 6:27 am
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Hey, today's my little brofur Sunday's fourth birthday! Can't believe it's already been four years since he showed up on our porch thinking Tessa was his mommy!

For his birthday, he wants our secretary to help him meow a diary entry between his birthdays! MOL We are so bad about keeping up with our diaries!

Anyway, if you get a chance, please stop by his page and have some cake and ice cream.

I'm trying not to eat everything.......

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