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Photos of ME

March 14th 2011 11:56 pm
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Meowmie took a whole bunch of photos of me. Why they are not up on my page is anyone's guess. Hmmph.



February 9th 2011 10:13 pm
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One small word can hardly describle this small orange and white force to be reckoned with. Mom says even I act like a kitten around her. Bella will smack, slap, bite, pop me in the face, trip me, until I agree to play. She does this to Whiskers, Raven, and Eva too. Her and Sasha are at thinks Sasha is jealous, and spends alot of time with her to make up for the time she spends chasing Bella. Mom said that I was just like Bella when I was a kitten, beating up my big brother Buddy all the time. Buddy was orange and white like Bella. Maybe I just like orange and white.


Keiko was my little buddy. I miss him.

November 3rd 2010 10:52 am
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You know, they say with age comes wisdom. Phooey. I have been around this place for 14 years. I have seen mommy rescue many kittens, and they always are ok. Same with Keiko. She got him on a Saturday nite.(he was found in the middle of a busy street by a neighbor) She took him to the vet first thing monday morning. She got there before they opened and waited in line. The vet gave Keiko a thourough exam. He listened to his heart, his lungs. Checked his teeth, his eyes, temperature. The vet said he seemed a little under weight.(11 oz) and had an upper respiratory infection. He was given meds for his eyes and antibiotics for the lungs to clear up. He had to breathe thru his mouth because he was so congested. Mommy watched him like a hawk. At the first visit, they could not get his left eye open, because of the gooey stuff from the infection. Mommy kept cleaning his face with a warm cotton ball, putting the medicine in and cleaning with a new warm cotton ball. By the end of the week, his eye was open and the vet checked him again. Heart still ok, lungs clearing up, and he had vision in both eyes. Mommy was so happy she almost cried. She spent all her time with Keiko trying to make him feel better. He bonded with me. That was fine. He slept alot anyway. But, he was funny to watch. And man, could he eat!!!!! He was just learning to use the litter box. Mommy and us big cats would show him what to do. Exactly two weeks from the day mommy got Keiko, he came from the kitchen, running kinda funny. Since Bella loved to play with him, mommy just thought they played too rough and put Keiko in his carrier with a little water and food, so he could rest. At first mommy thought he strained a muscle or something. He went to sleep in the carrier, like normal. Mommy kept checking on him. We all watched. We could not tell mommy that we knew something was wrong. About 3 hours after she put him in the carrier, she went to check on him. He had died. He was still warm. Mommy could not believe this. she put a mirror up to his face to see if he was breathing. He was not. Mommy still did not believe it. She put him carefully back into his carrier. She came back an hour later, and he was in rigor. Mommy started to cry. We could not comfort her. She picked up his little stiff body. She kissed the top of his head. By now it was really late at night. Since we were have an air conditioner in the big room, mommy put him in the carrier, wrapped him in plastic like the vet said. she still did not belive he was gone. she could not bring herself to cover his little face....just in case. But the plastic was to keep any bugs off him. The next morning, mommy went to the store and came back with all this stuff. A box, paint, and then I realized that she was making a box for Keiko, so he could rest in peace. She painted the box, painted his name on it. She glued kitty cat fabric on the inside so it would be soft. She picked up Keiko. Since she did not cover his face, and he was out of rigor she closed his little eyelids. He had been breathing thru his mouth. His little baby teeth were showing. She gently closed his mouth. She made him look like he was just sleeping. She put him in his special box. Then, she glued the box closed and put more glue around the openings. She did not want bugs to get him. She put his favorite toys in the box with him...a catnip toy, a little animal toy he loves, and 3 small pieces of his kitten food. In case he got hungry on his journey. Mom had a hole dug in the garden, so Keiko could be right by the front door. After Keiko was laid to rest, mom put a small white angel and a solar malibu light to mark where he was. Mom sits on the porch and looks where Keiko is buried every day. 5 weeks old and never had a chance, even with seeing the vet twice a week, medication and all the love in the world. Keiko was just a small angel that was sent to us for a short time, but we all fell in love with him and that is something we will always cherish. Wow that was a lot for a cat like me to type. I am going to take a nap now. Rest in peace, Baby Keiko. We will always love you.


So what if all I want to do is sleep?

September 19th 2010 2:58 am
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I happen to like sleep. Alot. Mom made a special place for me next to the bathtub in the bathroom. She folded up a really soft towel an put it between the tub and the sink. And you cant see me when you walk by. So when Bella goes bouncing thru the hallway, she cat see me. She likes to jump on my back, put her little arms around my neck and bite my cheeks or my ears. I only let her get away with this kind of stuff because she is a baby. But, she is pretty funny too. She does not actually "meow" but she makes funny noises when she runs or is about to attack one of us. The only cat she does not bother is Sasha. She loves Chasie. They are always together. But, she still finds plenty of time to come find me and bug me too.



There are only two good things about being sick.

September 17th 2010 2:51 am
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First, you get babied. Second, you get premium canned food that tastes yummy and vitamin thingys that tastes good too. I will be sleeping in the corner. Dont bug me til its time to eat. I am an Olde Furt and I can say what I want. I eats, I sleeps and thats it. Purrrfect life!


Not feeling so hot today!

September 12th 2010 4:53 pm
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I have been sticking close to mom. Normally, no cats allowed in computer room. She is making an exception for me. She gave me a towel to lie on. I feel tired. Mom is babying me. I like that part. I can tell by her face she is worried about me. I am just taking things one day at a time. Purrrrs, Paisan



September 12th 2010 5:20 am
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Hi friends. I am feeling my age lately. I just turned 14 in cat years. Thats like 72 in human years. I am ok, just have a sore on my mouth. I have pawsome friends trying to help me. Meowmie cant figure out what happened. She tries to look without touching my face. I eat soft food now, in the bathroom with Bella. She bonded with me. She thinks Chasie is her mama. She is so small, she tries to wrap her little kitten arms around our necks and take us for rides. We are cats, not ponies. Tonite, I tried to get away from her because she loves to bite feet. I jumped into the tub, she followed me. I pushed her down with my paw on her face. She got squirmy, so I let her go. She jumped on my back. I threw her off and started slapping her in the head. I have no idea what she was thinking, but I am pretty sure she was plotting her next move. I am too old for this. Purrs, Paisan


Hello to my furriends!

June 6th 2010 12:49 am
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Wow. I want you all to know that I have been one busy kitty. Busy sleeping, that is...mol. It has been so hot here, and heck I am almost 14 years old. I dont like the heat. So mommy took me and that silly Whiskers in the room for nappies. Then, it got too hot in there so we came out into the big room where the air conditioning is. aaahhhh! I turned over onto my back and put my paws into the air. It felt good. Whiskers cant do that. He is round and just rolls back over. hehehe. Chasie is so confused all the time that she follows me and does everything I do. Mom started calling her Paisan 2 cuz she does not answer to her name anymore. Sasha is still suffering from her dermatitis, but its getting better slowly. Mom just babies her. Its cool. I love Sasha. The only one I ever have disagreements with is Chase. She falls asleep next to me, wakes up and forgets who I am and starts smacking me in the head with her paw. I have no choice but to forgive her. Its not her fault. I think she is funny sometimes. I just try not to laugh too loud..that would be rude you know... Nite to my friends. Gotta turn the keyboard over to the rest of the crew. Have fun and be safe! Headbonks....P



May 10th 2010 2:19 am
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What a wonderful day. Mommy was, wait that is not the good part...she had a really bad headache since we stayed in the room all day today and slept!!! I was so comfy! Then, the neighbor kids woke me and mom up, so we decided heck with it...we will just get up now. The first thing mom did was refill the food bowls, and go feed Molly. Then, she realized she still had a headache...:(. But, she stayed up with us, cleaned our litter boxes, mopped the floor, and gave me some cheese from her taco. (She went to Taco Bell) Chasie got some rice. I love cheese. Mom calls me Cheese Wee. mol mol mol. Did you guys know that I am moving to Kansas with mommy? What is a Kansas, anyway??? Do they have pizza and cheese there? I hope so!!!!


No. No. No. No.

May 7th 2010 8:52 pm
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I really dont understand things sometimes. My friend Marvin went to the bridge very unexpectedly today. This left a giant hole in the hearts of those who love him. Marvin is truly awesome. The girls love him....evidently he is quite handsome. Marvin, fly free..Godspeed to you my friend.

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