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My 10th Life

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My life as "The Wee"

December 12th 2006 5:59 pm
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Why do they call me "The Wee"? Because when my mommy found me, I was so small that I fit in the palm of her hand. I had no family, so I was lucky to be found when they were cleaning the garage. My new mommy babied me and took me to the vet that same day. The vet told mommy to give me back to my momma. I did not have a momma. So, the vet told my new mommy to feed me baby food for two more weeks. Yummy. After that, I was put on special cat food for a year. I became really strong and healthy. Then, I broke my back leg. I have always been an indoor cat, and one day the baby gate that separated the dogs from my area fell down on me. My mommy rushed me to the vet. I was confined for 2 months. My mommy spent alot of time with me while I recovered and when I went back to the vet, the x-ray showed my leg healed completely. It does not even bother me now that I am 10 years old. I was very lucky. In my ten years, I have seen my mommy rescue a lot of cats and find homes for the kittens (thank goodness). Mommy only keeps the cats that are old or have been abused. She doesn't trust anyone else to take care of them properly. I like hanging with the older cats. The kittens get on my nerves. But, I'm cool. I just hide. I do not fight or scrap with other cats. I just leave. I have lived a good life of being spoiled. Our dog Lexi does not like me at all. She got in a fight with me. Luckily, mommy pulled Lexi off me, and again an emergency trip to the vet. I was fine, but Lexi & I keep our distance now. That was her first day here. She is better now, but I'll just stay on top of the cat condo, thank you very much. Once was enough. I was raised with dogs, so I did not see the attack coming or I would have jumped on something high so she could not reach me. The rest of my time is spent napping or keeping an eye on the others. I like my privacy!


Shh! I snuck into the bedroom today to sleep in the window..

March 11th 2007 7:20 pm
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I eventually got busted, but not for several hours. We were all lying around today because it was so hot. I snuck into the bedroom on the shady side of the house and went to sleep in the window. Mom cut me some slack. I am old and I don't do heat very well. I turn 11 this year! I get away with alot because of my age and because I am still cute after all these years!!!! :)



April 25th 2007 8:35 pm
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It is I, Paisan writing about how I am very perturbed about the lack of cat napping I have been getting. That darn Sasha. She wants to play all the time. She thinks it is very funny to wake me up. Then, I get cranky. Mom lets me sleep in the bedroom on the weekends, just so I can be alone. I am a cat who needs his naps. Are you reading this, Sasha?


Oh my gosh, it is hot here!!!

September 3rd 2007 10:32 pm
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I am a senior citizen and this crazy heat wave is just making me sick. I am a house cat, and we have access to filtered water, but this house does not have a/c. We have 8 fans going in this house just for the kitties. Actually, we all kick back in the bathtub or behind the toilet. Whiskers kicks back in the hallway and the girls, Missy, Eva, Olivia and Sasha sleep under the couch. We have hardwood floors, so it is cool on the floor, but the air is horrible. I feel sorry for Duke and Lexi. They have an "auto water" system so they never run out of water, but we have biting flies here. Duke and Lexi have to wear gooey white stuff on their ears to protect them. Dad set up some fly traps and it has been helping, but Duke hides in his doghouse and Lexi sleeps under the jasmine and rose tree so the flies cant get to her. Summer is great and all, but this heatwave is just miserable. I am glad we have a mom and dad who care about our well being and safety. When it is this hot, Duke and Lexi are not allowed in the truck, even with the a/c. Mom and Dad stay home during the weekends when it is hot like it has been. They only leave us to go to work. I guess we are pretty lucky.


Am I getting old...or what?

November 6th 2007 7:46 pm
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I turned 11 years old recently. I have been taking every opportunity to sneak into the bedroom and sleep in the bed, under the covers. I could hang out in there all day. Sometimes Buddy sneaks in and keeps me company. He has good days and not so good days. On a not so good day for him, we take long cat naps on the bed. Heidi, Emma and Chase are right behind be in age. They sleep all the time too, but they prefer to be in the living room. I like to be alone, or with Buddy or Olivia. Sasha runs all over the room and does not let us sleep. I hang out with Missy too, when she is not running all over the house chasing her daughters Eva, Olivia, and Sasha. It is so weird to me that Missy is not even a year older than her daughters. I just don't get it. Whiskers and Dylan have been fighting off a kitty cold, so I keep my distance. We are all house cats, so who know how they caught a cold. OK, who did I leave out?? Mom befrended a little stray cat that is smaller than Blackie. She is a girl. Mom named her Raven. What little Raven does not know is that mom is setting her up for a little surgery so there are not little Ravens. I have to admit this little cat is cute....I think mom is going to try and find her a home. We are full here. We are way over the limit.....oops. Raven is friendly to humans and cats and has already met Duke and Lexi. We will see how this goes.



February 10th 2008 6:59 pm
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I like to cat nap. My favorite place is in the bedroom. Now, I (or any of us) can't cat nap in the bedroom because daddy set up his stupid laptop computer in there. So what? I don't want to sleep on the computer, I want to sleep on the bed. Mom and dad, you better fix this situation or I will be ignoring you.



February 12th 2008 8:04 pm
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I was a very sneaky cat. I got into the bedroom and slept on the bed all day...until mom found me. I did not get in trouble, but I had to get out before Dad found out. He is afraid I will mess with his laptop. Duh! who cares....all I need is a soft bed, a pillow and a blankie and this old boy is set!!! ZZZZZZ



March 16th 2008 10:38 pm
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Napping is the best thing ever!!! Today, dad was in the bedroom playing with his laptop (trying to fix something....i have no idea) Anyway, I made it into the bedroom. Usually, dad makes me get out because of the computer, but today he let me stay and nap, nap, nap. He even let me stay and nap after he was done with the computer. (he works on computers in his spare time). I had to finally get up because Duke and Lexi were coming in. Lexi will not allow cats in "her room" if she is in the house. She can tell we've been there but we can't be in there with her. She owns everything. Sheesh, they sleep in late as it is. Duke would let me kick back, but Lexi will let you know at the doorway that you are not welcome.


I am getting tired of the camera!

March 27th 2008 6:32 pm
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I can tell Mom is bored when she chases (not literally) us around with the camera. Poor Raven, she gets the worst of it, then me. Just let us nap and all will be well. Go take pictures of Duke and Lexi-outside. We just want to sleep!!! Meow.


A fish ruined my naptime.

April 3rd 2008 9:57 pm
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Yeah, a fish. I was sleeping in the bedroom, and mom came home with a red and purple Beta fish. I had to leave. Now, the fish has my bedroom. I am not a happy kitty right now at all. Maybe things will change after the fish gets settled. She named the dumb fish Razberry. Stupid fish, stupid name. Oooh. Lexi is in trouble.....chasing Raven again. They are probably still wound up over the Possum/Vet/Drive around for a while incident. But, hey I have my own concerns, like how do I get my bed back for naptime?

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