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My 10th Life

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Getting close to the end.

July 25th 2016 7:17 pm
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Well my beloved's almost closing time here. I am going to miss meowing with you all. My meowmie is on Facebook if you want to be friends...

Man, I am really gonna miss you guys. This is making me sad. Meowing with you all has made my life so happy. All the groups, the games, the fun...and the pawsome furriendships. Sigh.

I don't want to say goodbye. I guess I will just say...catch ya later.

Purring loudly so you will hear me.



Time to say goodbye

July 8th 2016 6:24 pm
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I am wiping tears off my grey face up here at the bridge. I am so sad that Catster is going away forever. I love all of my friends. I will miss you all so much, It just won't be the same...Meowmie is so sad too. She has saved all of our pages, even the archived ones. I promise I won't forget any of you. Meowmie is on know..Catster for humans. If you send her a friend request it, she will accept from all Catsters. Her name is Gaylee Ann Nix. It says Paisan's Mom under her name. She hopes you will keep in touch if you are not already furriends with her. I have to go furbrothers and sisters have diaries to write. Just remember! I love you all and I will miss you!!!



January 21st 2015 11:47 am
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Mom was having trouble with internets. Now, there is no internets at the house. She is at the library right now on the laptop. So, I am checking out the library, all invisible like....there are lots of places to hide in here. So many books to knock off shelves and freak people out. That part is fun. Mom said she will try to be on the internets more often, but it might only be a couple of times a week....Purr for Sasha, my little sister please. She is sick. Mom is babying her. She will need to go to the vet soon. :( I don't want to think about that right now. All the cats are doing good. Luna and Shadow get into a lot of trouble that is actually started by Karisma. ( I see you, Karisma!). That smelly dog...Scooby... he is ok. He smells like a dog though. Well, I hear some catnip calling my name. I hate to be late, so purrs and purrayers for all who need them!


What what WHAT???

October 8th 2014 7:12 am
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Oh no you guys did not make spaghetti last night. I see what you are doing Meowmie and Daddy. I tried to stop you last week by opening the pantry door and letting Karisma, Luna and Shadow in there. Did you think it was a coincidence that only the pasta and a jar of sauce were knocked out of there? And so last night you succeeded in making spaghetti because you bought more pasta. I got even with Meowmie because she showed me the plate full of spaghetti with Parmesan cheese. I kept making it hard for her to eat. And then you have the nerve to put the rest in the container and stick it in the fridge. You only think you will be having spaghetti for lunch....I might be able to get Scooby to open the fridge. I know he was eyeing that ground beef. I have to go make plans. Talk to you guys later. C'mon Keiko..lets go.



Old Movies and stuff.

October 6th 2014 1:43 pm
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My meowmie is watching black and white old movies. I am looking in the earth window at her. She has cheese puff balls, Dr. Pepper and no other cats. Maybe this was something only me and meowmie did together. I can report that Karisma is getting all the noms from Daddy that I used to get. But my Daddy is sad and if feeding noms to Karisma makes him happy, the I am happy too. Karisma is too small anyway...she could use some noms. mol...I see things are different for Meowmie and Daddy now. I know they miss me. Sometimes they forget I am not there and they talk about me like I am in the bedroom. I guess we will all need some time to adjust. Bella is behaving herself. That is a good thing. I See that Shadow escaped from the house twice in one day. He got to go for a car ride. I think he liked it. Luna and Shadow are acting like kittens and they get Karisma involved with all their capers. Scooby still seems sad...I know he liked me...we were not like best friends but he kind of respected me. I was the only cat he would not push out of the way at the water bowl. Sasha is still a sick girl. She has Stomatitis...and she goes through spells where she just eats and sleeps. I heard Meowmie and Daddy talking. They are going to try and save money to take her to the vet. I hope so. Sasha already has all her teeth removed and Meowmie makes sure Sasha eats 3 times a day. Sasha won't let anyone pick her up. She never liked to be picked up. That will make it hard for Meowmie to take her to the vet...I might have to help. Ok, well I promised Keiko we would go get some Catnip Italian Ice and he is bugging me to hurry up. Kids are so impatient. I guess I will check back in soon. Raising Keiko is a full time job.

Peace out!




The first Thunderstom I can watch from the bridge.

October 1st 2014 10:16 pm
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There are two things that I hate. I hate Earthquakes. I also hate Thunder...especially when it shakes the house...because it reminds me of an Earthquake. When Meowmie told me were moving to Memphis and there are no Earthquakes there I was more than happy to move. But I was not prepared for the big loud Thunder. I found out that there are no Earthquakes, Thunder, Tornadoes, the bridge. We only get just enough gentle rain to keep the trees and the grass happy. I have been having fun lying in the sun. It's never too hot or too cold. It's purrfect. I miss Meowmie so much, but we are both doing better every day. I am glad I will see her again one day. I might ask Hailey out on a date. She has been my furriend for years. She came up here to the bridge a few months before me. Keiko is growing more every day. He is my little adopted fur son. I like looking out for him. I need to get a message to Bella that her little baby brother is doing great. Bella and Keiko were fast friends. She was so mad when God brought him to the bridge. She was a kitten at the time and just did not understand. Oh, Good! Reno said he knows the flight route back to Memphis. He said he will whisper in her ear when she is asleep. Reno is very talented...he goes to Earth and never gets spotted. Maybe one day I will be that good at flying. Happy Purrday to all my furriends who has their purrday today. The gift shop is still not working for me. That is a bummer.

Well I guess I better get back to doing cat stuff.



I have seen so many of my old friends here.

September 24th 2014 10:31 pm
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For some time now, I have watched as more and more of my friends had gone to "The Bridge". Now that I am up here as well, I can see what they were talking about. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I have my wings, but the last days of my life I could not walk, so I am walking around up here. I smell flowers, and sometimes bite them. I like to bite roses. This place is every thing you could dream of. Pawrents who have angel kitties that come here to the Bridge should rest easy knowing this is like paradise. My biggest problem is keeping away from the catnip ice cream. That is Reno's fault. I am so happy to see my fur brothers and sisters again. I never forgot about them, nor did they me. I am going to tell you the best thing about this place....No Earthquakes, No Tornadoes, No Hurricanes. Just peaceful and perfect. The sun shines here for 12 hours. There are thousands of trees. Some are for shade and some are for climbing. We always have a gentle breeze which feels good on the fur. We don't get dirty up here. There is no dirt, only fluffy clouds and thick green grass. I am happy there is such a place for us pets to go while we wait for our pawrents. There is no concept of time here. What will seem like years to the pawrents will only feel like minutes here. How we pack all that fun into a few minutes is a mystery to me. I will leave that one up to the rocket scientist cats. I have been going everywhere with my little brother Keiko. I was so happy to see that he was all better. He is still little, but he is healed. I loved him so much. I am glad we can hang out together here. He said he was waiting for me so he could finish growing up. This should be interesting.

Well my friends, I must go. Lots to do. It is fall here and chasing falling leaves is so much fun. Love to Meowmie and Daddy. I miss you guys.





September 21st 2014 1:42 pm
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Football Sunday was one of my favorite times to spend with my daddy. He always made popcorn and we would sit on the couch and watch Football. He would give me a little popcorn to eat if I wanted. Buddy used to just stick one claw into the bowl and extract one single piece of popcorn at a time. I never mastered that because daddy would just give me what I wanted. I miss the smell of the popcorn as it was being made. It made the whole house smell good. Well, time to settle down and watch the game and try not to nap. Daddy's team is the Miami Dolphins. I like fish. I hope they win.

Purrs and dreaming of popcorn


I see what you guys did down there!

September 20th 2014 8:35 pm
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Hmmph! Ok, so maybe you did not have a pizza...but looking fish. I can see you guys!!! I am happy to see Whiskers getting some more attention. I know he is bummed. We used to nap together. I nap in the nice warm sun with a little breeze....birds chirping.. it's perfect. I miss my family. I remember my meowmie holding me a lot. I miss that. I am glad I have little Keiko back. He came up here when he was 4 months old. Very sad. He is mine now. He is the son I never had.

It's Nap-time




My 10th Life

September 19th 2014 6:49 pm
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Still getting used to life here at the bridge. I have seen so many friends here and there is always stuff going on. I am sure that if I wasn't an angel, I would be tired. mol.

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