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My Life -- By Augie!

Tagged Again! (May 2008)

May 26th 2008 5:16 pm
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My buddy Guido (great name, eh?) tagged me to play this game:

Four things you like to do:

1. Lay on Cali's Boogie Mat
2. Guard the remote for Daddy
3. Chase my Feline Flyer
4. Have my back scratched

Four places you like to be:

1. On my little Coolaroo dog bed
2. Wherever Daddy is right now
3. At the top of the stairs looking down
4. On the sunny spot

Four kitties I'd like to tag:

1. Princess Nikki (my fiancee!)
2. Dexter
3. Horus
4. Hazel Lucy

Love and purrs! // Augie



October 18th 2007 4:34 pm
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Hi all you cats! My buddy Hank tagged me for the newest game! I've seen a couple of versions of this one floating around. To play, you tag 10 of your closest buddies and something nice about each of them. Then... pass it on.

Here are my 10:

Stipey (he has good taste in music)
Pearl (she's so cute!)
Zippie (he's got a really cute Halloween costume)
James Tailer (he has a great name!)
Scruffy (he's so blue!)
Maxwell (his page is pawsome)
Sugarbutt (he's very photogenic!)
Miss Dback (she's the sweet angel sister of my brother Beckham's girlfriend)
Bijou (she's my Beautiful Cat Eyes Twin)
Ace (he's a beautiful black kitty)

Please give a shout-out to all these great guys and gals!



I've been tagged!

May 22nd 2007 5:08 pm
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My buddy Stipey tagged me to tell y'all seven little-known things about me. Here goes:

1. When mommy scratches my back, I give her little bites. I love to be scratched!
2. I'm really big and tough-looking, but I'm really just a big ol' sweet guy.
3. I love milk.
4. I have my own little bed.
5. I was really scared when I met my humans, but now I can even sit on mommy's lap.
6. I actually like to be combed.
7. I'm a kneader.

Now, I'm going to pass the tag along to the next seven kitties:

Miss Dback

Enjoy you guys!


Loud Noises!

January 1st 2007 3:28 pm
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Last night, at about midnight, I heard these terrible loud noises! Bang! Bang! Bang! The noises went on and on. I was so scared! I ran under the bed to hide.

My mommy told me, "Don't be scared, Augie." The people are just happy that it's a new year. Those are called firecrackers. What's that? I don't know! I'm just glad those other humans finally stopped making all that noise. It was worse than the vacuum cleaner!

// Augster

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