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Happy Birthday Buddy

February 2nd 2015 5:14 pm
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Well buddy you would have been 13 if they cancer didn't take you away. Thank you to all our Catster friends who sent presents and well wishes. I hope Catster can fix itself so you can reply to diary entries soon. I haven't been here much because so many things are still broken.

I still think of you occasionally, Sarge, and miss you not being around. I remember how you'd greet me at the door and always want to be close by. You were grateful for every day I had you and I was grateful for every day you spent with me.

Lena and Pepi are doing all right. Lena has decided she loves to sit on my left shoulder which is ruining my posture. Pepi is slowly learning that it's OK to sit on my lap.

All of us remember the good times. Thank you, Sarge.


Two years

June 1st 2014 7:30 am
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I call 2012 the "Year of Loss", those who've read "Earth Abides" would understand the reference. I lost Sarge, my favorite MMORPG, sci-fi convention, and my parents and closest friends lost a pet. But losing Sarge was the worst. He was sick for so long and we tried so hard to make him better. It was emotionally draining. Thank goodness for my family and friends who supported me. Sarge was strong up until the end. I let him go before his decline turned into a free-fall. He stopped eating a few days before to tell me he was ready. Still, on his last day he jumped up on the bed to get pets and chased a chipmunk when I was holding him outside. I'm glad I was able to spare him the pain that would be coming.

I still feel his loss. My other cats don't greet me at the door when I get home from work but they do follow me around and sleep on the bed with me. I think Lena still misses him in her own way. I'm glad Catster is still around. I have his page bookmarked at work so I see his pictures every morning when I arrive at the office and click the link to the greatergood website for animals in his memory.

Sarge was a cat cursed by biology and a tragic past. I gave him the best life he could and he returned my love every day. I miss you, Buddy.


Glad we're still here

March 2nd 2014 9:50 am
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Even though Caster won't be vanishing tomorrow, Dad is still saving our pages. This may still be one of my last entries since I've passed on over a year and a half ago. Dad still thinks there's going to be some big changes to Catster in the near future. Remember, one of the reasons they were going to shut down was because of all the bugs that have developed in the system. Dad has worked on websites for years and sometimes the best thing you can do is to chuck the old code and start fresh. Now if everything is in a database, all of us and our pictures, diary entries, etc should be safe. The pages may even look the same but things would be different under the hood.

I hope they'll take advantage of this chance to improve things to fix some long-time annoyances. Things like making a CotD somecat who hasn't been on the site for years and only have one picture. You know, those bare bone entries. It's worse when you know the kitty must have went to the bridge by now because we don't live that long. Yep, there's a bunch of things that can be improved now that the technology has advanced. Maybe they can make a mobile version of the site too (assuming there isn't one already).

To my fellow felines, don't forget to love your people.


My last birthday on Catster

February 2nd 2014 2:20 pm
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It's my birthday today, second one at the bridge. Well we think it's my birthday. I was abandoned in February when I turned 4 and Dad took my home on September 2nd. But birthdays weren't really that important to me. What was important was my gotcha date when someone who would love me for the rest of my life brought me home.


I think of you often, Sarge. I still miss you. So much has happened hear since cancer took you away. But I like to think you're here in spirit.

Thank you Sarge, for everything.


Final Entry (probably)

January 16th 2014 6:02 pm
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Honestly I really didn't plan on adding another entry to Sarge's diary since he has passed on. But with Catster closing I wanted to make one last entry then start saving everything to my hard drive in February to give those who want to time to reply.

Sarge was the first cat that was really mine. I adopted him and Lena together but he was the one I chose first and was the first to really bond with me. He would wait for me by the door to the garage whenever I left. I probably smacked him in the face a few times by accident coming in. He had a big heart but bad genes. He was worth it.

The people on Catster helped me through his illness and passing. I'll always be grateful for that. I remember looking at Catster even before I moved into my house because I couldn't adopt any pets in my apartment. It's hard to accept that in 6 weeks or so all of this will be gone. No more CotD or DotD. I even set up Sarge's page as a bookmark at work so every morning as I would get settled in I could say "hi" to him before going to the Animal Rescue Site (see the sidebar) and read a heartwarming rescue story and click on the button. Who knows if it does any good, but the stories are good to read. I'll miss reading everyone's story and sharing in your lives. Thank you for inviting me into your home.


Now thousands of people can see me!

October 8th 2013 6:56 pm
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Dad's job is a web programmer. Recently he had to make a new captcha (that thing you have to do to prove you're living and not a robot) since the third party one they were using was giving them too much trouble. So Dad designed one where the user gets a random picture and has to pick out what it is from a randomly sorted list (with a few red herrings thrown in just to be difficult). Well guess who is staring in one of the pictures? That's right, ME! Now people have a chance to see ME sitting in a box looking all cute and happy while they submit a request for a new password or try to use the website to send an email. I'm a lucky kitty to have a Dad that still wants the world to know how cute I was.


Say hi to the new kitty

September 30th 2013 5:49 pm
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Catster FINALLY transfered Jo-Jo's profile to our account. Please go over and say "hi" and make friends. If you can spare the zealies, maybe add something to her page? I'm sure she'd like it.


My First Bridgeday

June 1st 2013 4:09 pm
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One year ago today I had Sarge put down. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. He was the first cat I adopted and cared for and not a cat my parents chose. I almost passed him over. The first time I saw him was the week before I was going on a trip so I was just looking. I tried to play with him and he hissed at me. It was near the end of the adoption event so I guess he was irritable. When I got back I arrived early and he was just put in his cage at the end of the row. He was much friendlier now and I read his bio about how he liked to "hang out with the guys" and decided that this was the cat for me.

He bonded to me pretty quickly. In a few days he was making biscuits on my arm and hanging out in the bedroom when I wasn't there. He settled in and became my buddy. Over the next 6 years I lost many hours of sleep as it became routine that the first half hour or so after I turned out the lights would be a cuddle and petting time with the two, and later three, cats. He always wanted to either sleep on my pillow or to the left side of it when I was on my back. Many times he reached out with his paw to touch me, just to know I was there.

I always tried to be there for him. When I was on trips and the neighbors would look in on him they would say he would be at the door to the garage when he heard the garage door open then sulk away when he saw the people were "not-Dad" and how he would get sick if I was gone long.

Now it's been a year since he was taken from me by cancer and not a day goes by when I don't think of him. I'm still angry at the injustice of it, of how a loving kitty could have such bad genes. I had him in sickness and health, when I had a job and was unemployed. He was there for me and I was there for him.

There's new tragedy in the family as my parents' cat Gus had to be put down due to FIP. Find your cats and cuddle them today. They may resist but just hold them for a few seconds. Smell their fur, hear their heartbeats, and remember what they are like. Remember them now so you can remember them when they are gone.


Birthday at the bridge

February 2nd 2013 12:57 pm
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This is my first birthday here at the bridge. I have lots of friends here but I miss my family. I miss being held and petted by Dad. I miss wrestling with my sister and bobbing my other sister on the head with my paw. I see them from my perch and they're getting along. Lena loves her game of "get the ball" when Dad tosses her ball up the stair case and Lena runs after it as it bounces down. They take turns sleeping in the new cat bed. Wish I had one of those but Dad's pillow smells better.

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent their well wishes and say that I miss you all.


DDPick Again!

December 5th 2012 7:19 pm
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Today I got to be another Daily Diary Pick! Not the main one featured on the front page, but still one of the chosen. One of our new friends was also chosen. Sheela's a lucky kitty. She got rescued twice by the same family. One which took her out of the shelter and again when the later adoption didn't work out. Now she's at home again and getting back to normal. Go on over and say "hi" and tell her humans how wonderful they are.

Dad had to cancel his credit card today. He's had the same number for years and memorized it. But someone got a hold of the information and try to buy chemicals in France! Isn't that cool? Wait, no it isn't cool. Now he has to wait to get the new card and memorize a new number. And he can't get food for the girls until it comes (well he can pay cash but that's a pain). I wonder how they got Dad's information and what they wanted those chemicals for. If this were a movie, it would be one of those cool spy films with gadgets, explosions, pretty women, and a villain who likes to laugh.

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