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Sarge's week

Rollercoaster ride

May 2nd 2007 7:00 pm
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I've had an interesting couple of weeks. Good and bad. First the bad. Daddy took me to the vet a while ago for my cyst. I expected it to get popped again then go home. But no! He left me there! Nooooo! I got examined again then the vets jabbed something in my arm and I went to sleep hoping for Daddy to save me. When I woke up parts of my head were shaved, I had trouble closing my right eye, and my mouth was sore. Worst of all, I had this big collar around my neck! How could I scratch my face or clean myself with it on? It took a long time for me to wake up. Then they picked up my kitty carrier and started moving me. I growled and howled but then I heard a very welcoming sound, Daddy!! He come to take me home! I didn't fuss at all. I was so happy to be back.

The nasty vets said not to climb stairs until the antithetic wore off, but I showed them. The second the kitty carrier was open, I jumped out and ran upstairs and hid under Daddy's bed. I wanted to go where I felt safe. I slept a lot that night and next day. Daddy gave me some canned catfood which I ate soon enough, then I had some dry food. Daddy also made me take yucky medicine. Later that week I had to go back to the vet so they could check my progress. They made me wait so long I didn't want to be touched by ANYONE. But I was getting along fine. A few days later I ran out of the medicine and learning how to get around this stupid collar.

Finally I got the stitches out. It was painless. I still look like I'm giving the evil eye to people, but apart from that I'm normal. I still ask before jumping on Daddy. I still fight and chase Lena. I still make demands. My fur is growing back so you can hardly tell it was shaved.

Then last weekend when the weather was nice, Daddy opened the patio door and a mini-human walked up and talked to me. I was the perfect kitty gentle-cat and didn't do anything Daddy disapproved of to the mini-human. I sat there and made welcoming meowing sounds. Because of that Daddy decided to get me and Lena a harness so we can go outside! It was a rough start, but we finally got to touch what we've been watching for months. We went outside several times by ourselves with Daddy holding the leash. There are many dogs in the neighborhood and Daddy has to look out for us.

Oh, the neighbors got a little black and white kitten. We greeted her by meowing. We wanted to see her up close and be friends, but the neighbors had to go. Bye little kitty! We hope we see you again!


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