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I lived to fight another day

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After Catmas

January 26th 2009 10:45 am
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It has been a little while since I last posted (OK a long while but who's counting?) It is after Catmas and the Season of good food is over. The smallest human has got this thing that has wii on it do not ask what
that means I do not know but they seem to have fun on it.

Bye for now



Nearly a year since I posted

November 12th 2008 12:26 pm
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Doesn't time fly? Not a lot doing here at all really, got a few mice and keeping a close watch on a few more. Was at the vet's with a really nasty thing called cystitis - ate a lot of dry food and didn't drink anything - silly me. Mom spotted I was a bit down in the dumps and hauled me off for medical intervention and after a few days all was well. She sure knows how to shove a pill down my throat so I don't cough it up again. She has had a lot of practice.

Lost cousin Fred during the summer - he just went away when Mom was minding him for her sister and never came back. Everyone really sad about that but he strayed in a stayed for a while and hopefully he has gone to stay with some one else.

See ya.


I've upset mom again

November 29th 2007 12:39 pm
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Yes, don't what got into me but I did another runner and disappeared for two days. Am back now but not feeling very well - I just got into my bed as soon as I arrived back and turned my back to the world. Now I know mom is upset but I am just too miserable to be cute kitty at the moment. I heard the word vet by way so I guess unless I buck up soon I will be back to see the lovely Grainne.



It is getting dark and cold now but........

September 28th 2007 2:50 pm
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Hey, I am tucking myself into my furry bed every evening at about 11 pm and at 5 am when I know herself MOST likes to see me I arrive up and jump on her first, cos she is used to getting up to little critters at odd hours.

This morning however, she had to step over the bird I lovingly left in the porch for her and not to mention the other bird I left in the neighbour's porch (he doesn't like cats) but I am saving up for a really big treat, don't what yet but watch this space. Aren't hot water bottles amazing?

Purrs Oscar



September 1st 2007 2:22 pm
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Cat of the month on Yippee. I was up against some stiff competition but herself and ehm herself and herself and then some of her friends voted me up to 52% of the vote (126) in total. Still I have to admire her persistence, she can be very persuasive you know.

It is a lovely full moon here over Dublin tonight, quite low in the sky, so I am taking myself out a hunting. The screams are great when I leave a little prezzie on the doorstep!!

Meows and purrs



I know they are going away

July 12th 2007 12:45 pm
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So, I have been doing the big sad eye thing and looking mournfully at them as they bag these huge suitcases, thank goodness I just have the one outfit, a glorious coloured fur coat that fits me like a glove.

Anyway, a wonderful neighbour called Margaret will be filling my bowl while they are away. Hope she throws me a few slices of bacon, it is only thing left in the fridge that I can see.

I performed a wonderful feat of accuracy and deftness the other day. Herself left me in overnight, it is just pouring with rain every day here, and forgot to leave me a litter tray so, I peed in an empty feeding bowl!!! How great am I (and how thoughtful really).

Will get back in touch when the slaves return from France after eating frogs legs and snails - and they think what I eat is disgusting!

Sandpaper licks and head slides to all

XX Ozzie


Fan mail

July 1st 2007 4:00 pm
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I have received a lot of fan mail since appearing as one of the Irish Kitties and have gotten to know a lot more really fabulous cats as a result.

One of the staple items in the diet of a kitty in this country is a rasher or bacon I think it is called in the United States. Well, I just love a rasher or two or three but what bugs me is that herself is firing them out the back door at me and sometimes they land on my fur or my face. Clearly this is an abuse issue but she won't let me use the phone or I would be on to Catline so fast........ Still she did cook a roast today and makes lovely gravy so I had my dinner with the family today - their 18th wedding anniversary. I know that they waited quite a while to have a child because I am presuming their previous cat came first!!!!

Look it is time for hunting so I must fly. Happy 4th of July to all my new American friends if we don't post in the meantime.


XXX Oscar


Squirrels - can't live with them, can't live without them

May 30th 2007 1:52 pm
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I have sat and waited and waited and sat and watched and looked, never moving a muscle and the darn critters just sit there teasing me, nibbling on their nuts, showing me their tail (ha call that a tail) and just when I have hunkered down and flattened myself for the big leap they just up and leap on the the telegraph wire overhead. IT IS NOT FAIR. I can't do that and they know it.

However, I did get the pigeon last week so........

Things quiet here on the home front, I haven't been posing for photos or anything. Just thought I would keep in touch.

Ciao and meow.



Got myself a pigeon, got myself a pigeon

May 11th 2007 4:21 pm
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Sorry if this offends but I hunted and em well em did a pigeon in. When I arrived at the back door with a feather behind my ear himself was rather amused. Then he went looking for THE BODY, but in fact it was elsewhere.

One of the goldfish died during this week and to be quite honest if I had been handled the way the little 'un handled him, I would want to be dead too!! Still she is only a little kid and her mom (xxx) pointed out that fish weren't like cats and can't be stroked or petted. What is their function? Who knows?

The little 'un is making her First Holy Communion tomorrow 12th May and herself thinks I would look super duper in a veil - eh no no no no.




The goldfish - the stinkies

May 8th 2007 5:07 pm
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I didn't let you know that I share my life with the smelliest critters known to man - Marge and Homer. Herself arrived home after a rare night out (a parent's association meeting) to find one of the stinkies kinda languishing on the bottom of the tank. So rather than offering it to moi, she disposed of it eh carefully. Flushed with success she was.

Goodnight my friends, happy prowling.


xxx Oscar

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