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Lovely Little Yumi

Chronic Kidney Disorder

October 24th 2012 12:42 am
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Hello fellow Catster members, I know it has been a long time since I have been active in this community so I wonder just how many of my Caster friends are still here. Saturday my husband & I took our little Yumi to an Emergency vet & she has been receiving care there ever since. Within a two days time I could start to tell that something was unusual and different with her and things just never got better ever since. She was very sluggish and sleepy eyed with a very frail and fragile look to her. She walked very staggered and clumsy. She would sit by the bed and look up as if to say I want up there but I can't do this, she just stayed floor level and hid under the bed. Many of these symptoms I did not visibly see until vet day. Since it was a Saturday, all of the vets that my husband & I tried to call were closed so finally we found an emergency vet clinic. I have her paperwork on hand but I cannot read it for the life of me, all I know is that the "values" were "unreadable" & off of the scale. The doctor said she was a little better yesterday but her "values" were still very high. Her weight was 4.6 when it is usually 6.5-7.0lbs. I am very sad & full of guilt. As long as there is a little hope out there though, I will take it.


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