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February 21st 2015 11:54 pm
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Murow. I have an icky nose that won't stop sneezing. I heard mom say vet while she was on the phone to her friend.. I guess that means I'm going the question is when. Also am I going to have to take pills. I hate pills but mom is nice about how she gives them to me.

I'll let you know what the vet says and if I get pills.


Good Food

June 9th 2009 9:52 pm
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Meeuur. That new food Mom got Puddintayne sure is good! I sneak up in the night, and eat as much as I want. There never is much. Mom just gives Pudds what she can eat at one time most of the time. Pudds has a blind spot about food near her in the bowl, though, and it's that I eat.

Puddintayne doesn't know it yet, but Mom is getting a puppy. I sure hope this one is better than the puppy she had before. I thought the other puppy was a dog, it was so big.


Life is good

September 20th 2007 4:04 pm
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Maiou. Maiou. Mom put some icky stuff on me too. I know what it is. It's for fleas, but you can't tell Puddintayne anything. She just hisses in your face. So rude!

I wasn't having too bad a time with the fleas. They don't like me because of the way I smell. I have natural anti-flea smell.

Mom now feeds me in my own little plate. I like it because I no longer have to wait for Puddintayne to finish before I can eat. It doesn't help to be the smartest cat when your competition is huge. I can stand my own ground if I have to, but it is hard and I'd rather sleep. So I go my way and live a good life. I have my own pillow to sleep on and my own plate of food. What more could a cat want?


Changes in Our Food

May 28th 2007 12:23 am
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Meeiou! Mom put a dish with food in it in my pillow corner. Doesn't she know that Puddin' can get at it? It doesn't matter, because I eat out of the same dish Puddin' does anyway.

I got out the other day. Karen saw me and chased me back inside. It was nice, though to sit on the other porch and see the world from there if only for a moment.


How do you like my new picture?

May 5th 2007 9:58 pm
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Mom found a package of pictures with a picture cd in it. My new picture was on that cd. I think I look washed out. I can't help it. My face is light, and the rest of me is dark.

I have black toes and black up the backs of my back legs. My stripes are black, and I have a fat blackness between my shoulder blades. It looks like my stripes run together there. My belly is as light as my face, though. I guess I'm a half-and-half colored cat even though I am grey all over.

Mom has been letting me stay out of the bathroom when she leaves in her wheelchair. I have to be good, though, and stay up on her bed. Otherwise she's afraid I might run out. I do run out when I get a chance. I don't want to run away, I just want to sniff around. I come right back in when someone opens the door. Mom just really doesn't want to lose me. She loves me. Purrrrrrrrr...


Interesting Night

April 23rd 2007 10:53 pm
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The other night Mom came home with a big, dark dog. I thought it was a little much. I mean, there's really just enough room for Puddin', Donovan, and me. To have another dog almost as big as Donovan in the apartment really!

I went down halfway on the bed stairs and was going to sniff the dog, but it was moving too fast. I decided to stay up on the bed with Puddin'. It wasn't too long, and Mom finally kept Donovan over by her. Donovan kept trying to make babies with Kalani. No chance of that, Donovan's been fixed for nearly five years.

The show finally ended. The dark dog's Mom must have called because Karen took the dark dog outside and came back without her. Yawn!


My Trip to the Vet

December 18th 2006 8:10 pm
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Meeeeeooooooow! Mommy took me to the vet! I hate my carrier. I hate the vet. Now I'm all scared and want to run away. Pant, pant. Mom keeps petting me. I don't even care. Well, maybe I do care. When she pets me my nerves get calmer, not calm, calmer. I need to go hide and sleep. Then when I wake up maybe I won't remember the vet's. Sigh. Meow!


What's Christmas?

December 11th 2006 7:02 pm
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Mom keeps humming these songs, and last night she watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman on tv. This is not like my Mom. She has folded paper things on the tv and the shelf. She came home with two more of these folded paper things and wrote on them. Then she stuck them inside other paper and took them away again. I will never understand humans. They spend so much time carrying things in and back out again. When I carry something, I put it somewhere. Even the paper balls I chase get put away when I'm through with them.

I guess I don't really care as long as Mom is happy, and she certainly is.


Forgiving Mom

December 8th 2006 7:06 pm
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I forgave Mom for putting me in the cage for soooo long the other day. She know I hate the cage, so she must have had a good reason. I just don't care what it was, I don't like being put in there. Still, she's a good Mom, and she's warm. If I'm mad at her I don't get to sit on her...It's not worth it.


Mom surprised me!

December 3rd 2006 11:13 pm
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Meow, hello. Mom really surprised me this afternoon. I thought she was actually going to take me outside. She had me in her hands and walked out the door. All she was doing was getting a hold of the door to shut it, though. I would love to go outside and not be afraid. It never happens though. I get out there and there's always something scarey happening.

Maybe someday...

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