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Tails of a Lion King

Cat Safety Tips

March 21st 2007 8:41 am
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Dear Diary-

It has been a long time since I have written, but I wanted to post some safety tips for all my kitty friends at Catster. Recently my mommy and my canine sister were hit from behind while in the car and it made me think. The same safetly tips that apply to dogs don't necessarily apply to cats. Consider the following when riding in a car:

1. Never allow your human to put you in the car without securing you in some way. Harnesses may work for dogs, but crates work best for cats. Those nifty little molded plastic kitty caddies are the best.

2. Secure your travel caddy to the seat using a seat belt or other suitable restraining device. Do not just put it on the seat, because in an accident it will become a missile and you and the caddy will end up going through the windshield.

3. Humans should not place heavy objects on top fo the caddy, because you could get crushed.

3. Ensure that objects are not placed up against the metal grills...they are there for ventilation and if you do not get enough air you can suffocate.

4. Make sure that the name and phone # of your vet and the pharmacy is taped to the caddy somewhere. Also make sure that you have a microchip just in case you and your human get separated.

5. Have your parents write down the name and phone numbers of an alternative caregiver, so that if your parents need to go to the hospital to get checked out, someone can come and get you. Otherwise you may end up at the P-O-U-N-D.

6. Always lock the car doors while the car is in motion. It takes more force to pop open a locked door in an accident, ane the safest place to be is INSIDE the car...not thrown outside where you could get run over by an oncoming car.

Have a safe trip wherever life takes you!

This safety message has been brought to you by,
Buster, The Lion King


♥Buster (Angel)♥


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