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Tails of a Lion King

Final Entry

April 4th 2007 9:33 am
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Dear Catster Friends-

It is with deep sadness that I inform you of our darling little Buster's death yesterday. He died of complications of a rare disorder. Though Buster's life on earth was short (had he lived, he would have been 6 today) he left big pawprints to fill.

Buster loved life. He was social and loved to meet new people. Each day he would take the time to cuddle with all his sisters, and his mommy. He loved to play with his Ringtail, and as I sit here today I almost expect to see him coming down the hall with Ringtail in his mouth. Despite his medical problems and blindness, he never let it slow him down.

The end came quickly for Buster, and mercifully he did not suffer. He was given strong pain medication and he died peacefully in the arms of his mommy, with his kitty and doggie sisters close by.

We have so many fond memories of little Buster. Curling up around mommy's head to sleep at night and curling up with each of the kitties every day. He loved to be loved. Who can forget the time that mommy got a small Ringtail and placed it on the bed next to his girl Ringtail? She called him into the room and when he got up on the bed, he reeled back in horror and looked at mommy as if to say, "I swear I didn't do it...I'm said so yourself!!!!" That was just before he went blind.

Our sweetest memory though was that of the roaring lessons that mommy used to give him when he was a kitten. He was told from day one that he was destined to be a mighty Lion King, and had to learn how to roar. So- mommy used to hold him in her arms and say, "Let me hear you roar little lion", and then she would imitate a roar. Buster would wrinkle up his face and then with all his might, he would let out this teeny little squeak of a meow!!!! Mommy would praise him and get all excited, and he would look so proud. One day our human brother took a picture of his face during practice, so we felt compelled to include it on his page. It was exactly this sort of thing that made Buster so endearing.

So, farewell little studmuffin, our beloved Lion King. You are our angel and we know that you are up in heaven watching over us now. We will always love you, and we will never forget you.

With all of our love,
Mommy, Tayla, Emma, Nikki, Ginger Belle, and DB


Cat Safety Tips

March 21st 2007 8:41 am
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Dear Diary-

It has been a long time since I have written, but I wanted to post some safety tips for all my kitty friends at Catster. Recently my mommy and my canine sister were hit from behind while in the car and it made me think. The same safetly tips that apply to dogs don't necessarily apply to cats. Consider the following when riding in a car:

1. Never allow your human to put you in the car without securing you in some way. Harnesses may work for dogs, but crates work best for cats. Those nifty little molded plastic kitty caddies are the best.

2. Secure your travel caddy to the seat using a seat belt or other suitable restraining device. Do not just put it on the seat, because in an accident it will become a missile and you and the caddy will end up going through the windshield.

3. Humans should not place heavy objects on top fo the caddy, because you could get crushed.

3. Ensure that objects are not placed up against the metal grills...they are there for ventilation and if you do not get enough air you can suffocate.

4. Make sure that the name and phone # of your vet and the pharmacy is taped to the caddy somewhere. Also make sure that you have a microchip just in case you and your human get separated.

5. Have your parents write down the name and phone numbers of an alternative caregiver, so that if your parents need to go to the hospital to get checked out, someone can come and get you. Otherwise you may end up at the P-O-U-N-D.

6. Always lock the car doors while the car is in motion. It takes more force to pop open a locked door in an accident, ane the safest place to be is INSIDE the car...not thrown outside where you could get run over by an oncoming car.

Have a safe trip wherever life takes you!

This safety message has been brought to you by,
Buster, The Lion King


Hello New Year!

January 1st 2007 2:06 pm
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Dear Diary-

Well, this has been a busy year for us all. Between training the D-O-G that mommy adopted and moving to a new home, I have had plenty to do. A large D-O-G, no less. This past week or two has been exciting. My human brother came home for a visit and it was SO good to see him again. We played and he fed us treats and petted us. He knows where I like to get rubbed.

Last night was New Years Eve and mommy said that the new year could find its way here without us having to stay up. Good thing too, because I was tired and my sisters needed their beauty sleep. We had a special dinner yesterday and today we got treats.

Mommy says I have to go to the eye doctor soon about my eyes again. I have to go every 6 months, unless things get worse. I am not looking forward to that because if things get worse I will need surgery. At best, I see only shadows, but I resolve that this year I will not let it bother me. I have plenty of friends at Catster and my family loves me, so I am lucky!

Every day brings a new adventure...and I hope that all my friends out there have plenty of adventures to tell about. I'll meow again soon.



Ginger Belles

December 25th 2006 12:25 pm
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Dear Diary-

Ginger belle, Ginger belle
Ginger all the way!
Oh what fun
It is to play
With Ginger Belle today

I love that song on the radio. It is about my sister. We had fun today. Oh diary, you just can not imagine all the neat things we got. Of course I knew that Santa Paws would come because I am the lion king! My stocking was stuffed and so were the stockings for all of my kitty sisters and my doggie sister. I got toys and treats. Later mommy says we will have a speical feast. we even got our Christmas photos taken and mommy posted my new photo on the site. I hope that everyone at Catster has a very Meowy Christmas. I'll meow more later. Time to go and listen to more Christmas kitty songs, like

Ginger Belles, Ginger Belles
It's Christmas time in the city

...and lots more!

Purrs and rubs!


Holiday Time

December 10th 2006 4:21 pm
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Hooray for the holidays! I just love this time of year and am hoping that my mommy will put up a tree again. These past few years I have had such fun sitting under the trees. I always know where she puts it because I can smell it! Besides, the lights she puts on the tree play music so that it is easier for me to find. Christmas day must be close because mommy has come home with some bags that she hides from us in the closet.

Yesterday mommy took Emma to a Christmas party (she is a service dog) and I have to admit, that for a dog, Emma is pretty cool. They got to pick out a gift, and Emma picked the only one that had a little bird house tied to the outside of the box! She gave the bird house to my sisters and I as a gift. That was awfully nice of her. Mommy says that we have all been good and that Santa Kitty will come for us again this year. Well, of course he will come for me...I am the Lion King, after all!!!!

I heard mommy say that my human brother will come home from college to see us and that is always fun. He likes to play with us (though he does spoil Nikki more than the rest of us). I hope that he brings me a new fuzzy mouse!!

And now, as official spokescat for the family, I want to wish all our friends at Catster a Meowy Christmas! Keep on purring!

Buster and the girls


My Big Debut

November 19th 2006 1:46 pm
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Dear Diary-

This is an exciting day because my mommy and I have started this new page for me on Catster. I have 4 kitty sisters, but because I am the Lion of the house, I have been elected "Spokescat" for the family. That is a big job, but I can handle it. My sisters names are Tayla, Princess Nikki, Ginger Belle and Miss Dback.

So- here goes. My name is Buster and I am a handsome Lion King. I live in a kitty palace out in the Country and Of course I am the head of the family. I have 4 litty sisters, a doggie sister and a mommy...they are all a part of my harem. As you can imagine, taking care of all these girls keeps me busy. Between that, the endless grooming I have to do to keep my fur looking its best, and hunting for beasties, life is never boring. My doggie sister (Emma)thinks that this is her house, but she is wrong. I am in charge!

Emma is a service dog, so she is not here most of the time anyhow. She goes wherever mommy goes. That leaves me to take care of the house and the girls. I like to play with my toys, groom myself and Ginger Belle and take long naps with Miss Dback. I play tag with Nikki and Tayla sometimes but I always win!

I can only see shadows but that does not stop me. Mommy says that I am like the little engine that could! I still hunt, play and find my way around just fine. I will update you periodically and post news for myself and the other kitties.


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