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Life in the shadows

I Crossed The Bridge Tonight

June 13th 2013 7:12 pm
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I'm writing this from the bridge because tonight my old body just gave out. Mom came down to put some things in the freezer and I was laying on the carpet and I was gone. Dad wrapped me up and they held me and cried. I had a good life here. 18 years, two great cat siblings, 6 rotten dog siblings and lots of love. My last years have been hard. I went from 9 pounds of healthy cat down to 3.5 pounds of old cat, but I was still happy to greet my humans and beg for chicken. I hope that Harley continues on for years without me. I'm kinda worried about her. I saved her don't you know. She's a year older than me and I taught her all the good things in life. She and Mac will have to soldier on without me...

So, farewell my furiends,

Purrs and kisses,


Happy Birthday to me!

May 19th 2012 2:51 am
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Hello kitties... Today is my 17th birthday. Yes, I'm still sleek and shiny and I love to rub against mom's legs and get chicken and hangout with Harley and Mac in our room. I'm doing well for an old girl, though I do have to take pills for my thyroid now. I'm a bit on the skinny side, but who ever complained about being too skinny?

Just wanted to say that I'm still here and loving life. Hate the dogs still, but loving life.



Happy Birthday to me!

May 19th 2008 7:18 pm
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Today I turn 13. It's a lucky number for a black beauty. I was the only one in this family that has a real, honest birthday. I was the only one picked from a litter. Some might say I was lucky and I know I was, but I think my brothers and sister were more lucky. They were picked from shelters and rescues. I love my life here even if I have to avoid dogs all the time. Mom and dad are loving and kind and I have a good part of the house to myself. I feel honored that they chose me to help teach Harley how to be a good cat. My life here has been sweet and loving and I'm very content. I'm healthy at this old age and only show a few white hairs to attest to my age. More than anything, I know I am loved.

Thanks mom and dad for a long and wonderful life.

Head boinks,

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