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My life

i am 3 years old

February 16th 2009 7:14 am
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Mommy told I am not get much this year because she about to loose her job over silly thing that she getting blamed for , mom says not to be sad time.
She did get me an new red and white ball that makes very cool sound, she took some photos of me playing see above. :d
I got have cream cheese and ham! I did not have share with big bully Megatron. I also got have some mango juice oh so very yummy.


I am 2 years old today!

February 16th 2008 7:33 am
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I got an new brush, some roast beef and roast beef juice. I got an new blue mouse, which makes nice crinkling sounds and I also get go new house first.


nasty bugs

August 17th 2007 8:42 pm
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I got fleas on July 26.Mom used a thing called an shaver August 1, she said it make look pretty and make the itch bugs go away. Well it help some but I was still itchy. so mom shaved me again and gave another flea bath,I hate both, big time but I did like the nice warm towel and goats milk that I got afterward.
Mom going go and get some stuff called fontline, for me and Megatron, she already put some that stuff on Milli and Milli is not itching any more so maybe that stuff works.


1st brithday

February 16th 2007 10:06 am
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I am one years old to day!
so far to day I got raw egg, all to myself,so yummy!
I also got new catnip mouse toy to play with.
I will also letter on tonight get cat nip sprinkles, ham, and some tuna in my diner. which I don't have to share with Megatron



November 23rd 2006 8:11 pm
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At 6:20 mom gave me roast beef, turkey, whip cream, and ham. It was so good and got some goat milk and fish oil to wash down with.
I left some beef and ham for mega because I could not eat all and Want to share.
I after I eat my food, I went back down stairs and played with my new toy for little while and then I curled up on moms bed.
I had decent day and very good night.
I hope all you fury critters out their had good day as well.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone

November 23rd 2006 2:51 pm
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Well I hope every having good day so far.
I am having ok day, Megatron got mouse 6:08 in morning. Megatron has been getting treats, pets and lots of attention, so I tried so very hard to get mom a mouse or bug for thanksgiving gift but I just could not do it. So I try diving under her covers and licking toes. All moms said was O Smokey I am trying sleep. So then I tried lick her face, which she said ok smokes you good kitten go sleep now. So then curled up next hoping could hear the words you best good girl whole world. Sadly no luck, so I gave with snuggling and went slinking off to my bed box, were I spent rest night and part morning, Since Mom was so busy with best boy whole world. When mom finally got to me she pick me gave hung said I got some ham for you and some goat’s milk. I was very happy kitten, I thank mom with few purrs and kiss on the face. Then mom gave a new ball with bell, which so cool.
I am hoping get some of the food that’s cooking at 6pm but not to sure that will, but I guess wait and see.

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