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I am 3 years old today!

April 1st 2008 3:52 pm
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Yep I am King of fools :d
Today mommy got me an vanilla chi Latte, pink salmon, burlap toy that as an bell and string around it and an new cat nip burlap bag that fill cat nip.
I also got go for walk and mom even let roll in snow!

I also got some honey coated chicken nuggets from mommy for my birthday dinner plus some cheddar cheese

many purrs to Dusty he gave me very pretty cake that I would love to lick frosting off , me love frosting . you can see my pretty cake at top my page under the Rosettes.


I am an finalist purrs

November 17th 2007 2:22 pm
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Please help Megatron Ramming Owl win Best in Show at Catster!

I would love votes

many purrs and head butts to those who vote for me


Photo contest

October 13th 2007 6:10 pm
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Mom decide to enter me in few categories, since I am such handsome boy so for all you people out their go vote for me, Smokey and the dog.



August 17th 2007 8:33 pm
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Yep I go them nasty bitting things on July 26..Mom went and got thing called shaver on August 1. she also got these tasty tuna treats that made me very sleepy. When full awake I realized mom had shaved most my fur off. i was so mad at her.
then. On August 2 she decide to shave almost all what left fur off. then on the 10 she shaved me bald!. She said that with 2 flea baths and the new hair cut, I would not have the bitting things any more ,well their are still biting!
So mom going go and get some stuff called fontline, she already put some that stuff on Milli. Milli is not itching any more so maybe that stuff works, but smells bad.
Other then be tormented by mom, and the fleas. I have got 5 mice, and I found out that I love banana muffins, they go great with goats milk or coffee .


I am 2 years old!

April 1st 2007 5:21 pm
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I was born on April fools day, which is the coolest day ever.
I got tons of catnip, which I had blast with.
I got 3 balls, that fun throw at mom, and bat around. I also got a catnip sock, in my favorite colors,which was the coolest, I had fun destroying it. I also got toy that as mouse on end of it, which I am having fun trying decide how to ripe apart. i also got lots good things to eat, like steak, raw egg, coffee, chicken sausage and oatmeal. i also got take ride in car and got go big pet store. i had fun climb on all the cat condos and knocking things of the shelves.



November 23rd 2006 8:08 pm
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At 6:20 mom gave me roast beef, feta cheese, turkey, pumpkin pie with whip cream on top and ham. It was all so good and I got to wash it down with cranberry juice and coffee.
After I eat, I cleaned up Smokey


Happy Thanksgiving everyone

November 23rd 2006 2:37 pm
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I hope every one is having a good Thanksgiving.
I am having great one, I got mom nice big fat mouse at 6:08 for mom.
She took a photo of it and she going put with rest of my nice gifts.
My mouse gift g
She also took few really nice photos me which she going add profile, so be some new ones on here of me.
She was so very happy, she call me the very best boy whole world and then
Mom gave me some cat nip, and some ham. All so very good, I thank mom with head butts and so very loud purrs.
After mom laid back down in bed I walked around the house looking for another mouse and Smokey was try copy me as usual but she was having no luck, she even missed few very big spiders. Which I got and woke mom back up and she said good boy, you great hunter and then went back sleep.
When mom woke up at 10:30 she gave me a cat nip ball toy, which fun to rip apart, and she also said
At 6pmI am going to get some roast beef, coffee, turkey, and pumpkin pie with whip cream on top.

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