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Osha-O, Osha-oh-no, Biscuit, Biscuit-Brain, Oat

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

May 6th 2001

Tabby and White

Anything he's not quite supposed to do

people trying to pet him when he doesn't want it, people not petting him when he does want it

Favorite Toy:
Straws!! He does respect the rule that you may not grab the straw until people have finished the drink, though.

Favorite Nap Spot:
anything silk. failing that, satin. failing either, he'll settle for whatever will show shed hair the most.

Favorite Food:
Osha does not eat like a cat!! his favourites are cranberry bread, broccoli, lemon pie filling, chocolate (he knows he isn't supposed to have it, he also knows how to go hunting for it)

Osha excels at being the one who gets caught at things everyone else gets away with


Arrival Story:
After a beloved cat had passed away, it was evident that there was a cat-shaped hole in the house. Since nature abhors a vaccum (come to think of it, so do cats) it was evident that it was simply a matter of time until a cat arrived to fill it. Sure enough, while walking out of the grocery store one afternoon there was a very well-prepared set of cat guardians with a box of kittens needing loving homes. Naturally a kitten had to come home - actually, TWO kittens came home. Osha's new person took Osha, and her roommate took his sister, Amira. Since they were walkign home (just across the street), one of his former guardians came along to help carry supplies. His former guardians had thoughtfully provided litter and food for everyone taking a kitten home!

Osha is NOT named after the health agency. He's named after a plant in the same family as parsley and Queen Anne's Lace. The plant Osha was thought by some native American tribes to embody the male essence. Osha certainly embodies a male essence, although at times he could be accused of being a metrosexual. He's big, playful, and very much a guy, but he also loves to be told how nice he looks, and he can correctly identify real silk as the best place to nap. He once even knocked down and opened a box of assorted fabrics and dug through it until he reached the silk. When his person is sewing he likes to drag off scraps of silk, too. A couple years after he came home, Osha moved; meaning he no longer lived with his sister Amira, but had some brand-new companions. This was a relief, as tiny, dainty Amira was able to get into and out of trouble without getting noticed, while the much larger Osha, following her, inevitably got caught and scolded. Osha is now a member of the Nap Club and Squirrel Watchers Anonymous and has a new best friend, Tyr, who is just as big and likes to snuggle just as much. Osha and Tyr have even figured out how to share their female person's lap while she's on the computer. He does get into arguements with another household member, Autumn, though, over sharing nap space. Osha is a terrific furred person. We have our doubts, though, that Osha is actually a cat. Our best description is a tweed-and-white neurosis. Among other oddnesses, Osha disdains scraps of meat in favour of yummy veggies, especially broccoli. He also knows that cats are not supposed to eat chocolate, but takes every opportunity he can to find it, and has never gotten sick from it. Osha's favourite colour is purple.

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November 11th 2006 More than 10 years!

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One of these days I'll figure out the advanced-cat mode. Really.

Rainbow Bridge

July 16th 2013 6:41 pm
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Yeah, it took me a few months to make this entry. Osha was diagnosed with lymphoma in November of 2012. Treatment might or might not have been able to achieve a temporary remission, but that would be the most we could hope for, and He hated vet visits. We opted to simply keep him as comfortable as possible (he didn't even like the meds for that, but he liked getting soft food on a regular basis!)

He passed away on Friday the 5th of April. His family was present, holding and petting him, letting him know it was okay to let go, and that when he is reborn we will find him again and love him again. It hurts to let go, but he's no longer in pain; and one day he will be reborn as a healthy, beautiful kitten.


Who Knew??

May 10th 2007 10:36 am
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Wow - it's been a while since I was able to make my purrson sit down so I could dictate my diary. I mean, I TRY to go easy on her. She obviously needs to spend a certain amount of time petting us, and grooming us, and buying food for us, and getting out treats for us. Y'know, she actually needs to spend MORE time getting out treats for us. Lots more.

Well to get to the exciting part, my other purrson, the male, said a really bad word on Sunday!! I was right there. It was probably because he didn't get to see this squirrel as closely as I did, and actually I didn't get to see it as closely as I wanted to. I felt like saying a bad word too, but I was busy running out of the room.

Now that it's full spring and the bush outside the bedroom window is all leafy again the squirrels have been back on the window ledge! It's so cool, the windowsill is long enough all 5 of us can sit and watch if we're polite. I'm always polite. Honest.

Well, on Sunday the squirrel didn't just sit on the ledge, it climbed up in the bush. So I wanted to see it closer. Well, there's no bush inside, and my incredibly untrusting people keep the houseplants hanging up - something about they don't need to be chewed and no one wants to clean up regurgitated plant chewings. Whatever. So the only thing to do was try to climb the sheer curtain. Yeah, I'm not supposed to, but this was a SQUIRREL. I figured they'd forgive me just this once.

Well, I didn't get a chance to find out, cause the curtain rod is partly held up by this really wimpy hook that will hold a curtain rod, but not one with a cat attached to the curtain. So I fell, and naturally I put out my claws, and it's Not My Fault that I happened to land on my boy purrson's head. Honest. And he said a really bad word, and my girl purrson said oh dear, you're bleeding and went to help him, and no one even cared that I'd missed my chance to see the squirrel AND that falling like that was not exactly comfortable for me, either.

Well, at least the squirrel wasn't upset by it. It's been back on the ledge every day this week. Spring is great!



Awww - I think I'm sad

January 3rd 2007 11:22 am
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I'm not so happy - our lizzard died! We all loved watchign the lizzard! My purrson was very sad. She cried. She likes pretty much any animal - which is sure good for us!! They'd just gotten a new, bigger cage for it, too, but it didn't get to be put into it. I was looking foreward to that, too, cause more of us could sit and watch at once! They don't think anythign happened to it, it was just its time.

But I've been behaving myself really well!! Well, excapt the incident with the teddybear furniture - really, when people put thtings on a shelf, it's only natural that a cat will investigate!! And they got a squirt bottle!! That is TOTALLY unfair - withotu even leavign the couch or bed or wherever they can send a squirt of water at some poor kitty who's just LOOKING, well, maybe sniffing, well, okay, taking a bite out of any roses is always... ooops. Squirt bottle again. If he didn't get her flowers all the time I couldn't chew on them, you know - I'd have to use the houseplants!!

I have to finish this entry - it's lunch time for my purrson and I'm really hoping for yoghurt!! She's pretty good about givign us a taste. And I overheard them talking about they need to start giving us each a spoonful of plain yoghurt at bedtime again - it's supposed to be good for our digestion. I don't know about digestion, but it's sure GOOD!!

Hopefully, Osha

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