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Happy 11th Birthday!

May 22nd 2015 12:22 pm
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Loving another birthday! Still climb into the sink as my favorite spot for pets. Will purr as long as you can pet or brush me - especially in the sink. Otherwise, I like a cotton rug in the sun or place-mat on the cold granite counter top. Eating out of your hand is better than a bowl, any day. My joints are a little stiff - but I still have my frisky moments!

Tara Midnight Moon


Riding High...

July 9th 2014 3:09 pm
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Oh dear, I had a couple of teeth extracted yesterday. I am riding the barbiturate high for a few days - makes me slow and very lovey. Not my sassy self, as it were! Noooo, I am very relaxed. A bit of a lisp, too. Good thing I don't have any public speaking engagements on the calendar. I see my sista Mary is Diary Pick of the Day - AGAIN - That little scamp. I spend one day away and she takes the glory. Oh well, as mentioned, I am pretty zoned out at the moment - so let her have the spotlight!

Note to all kitty caretakers - be sure to have those X-rays done with the dental - I had 2 abscessed teeth that looked fine from the outside. Without the X-ray, my humans would not have been aware of this infection.

Take it easy fellow Catsters! I am!

Lisping purrs,
Tara Midnight Moon


Thanks again Catster HQ!

July 8th 2014 10:15 am
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Loving all the attention Catster HQ. Thank you for choosing me to be diary pick.
I will be off-line today, having a dental cleaning. Lucky me, huh? Well, the mouth is the gateway to the body - best to keep the mouth clean and healthy - will help keep down internal organ inflammation. I will come home groggy tonight. Staggering like a sailor? Well, forgive me.

Have a great day!

Purrs to all,

Tara Midnight Moon


Dairy Pick!! WoooHooo!

June 29th 2014 2:03 pm
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Thanks Catster HQ! What a nice surprise! Celebrating here with sheet surfing Sunday. Maybe my favorite day of the week...........closely followed by laundry folding Thursday. There seems to be a routine in my humans habits. Whatever they do, I like to help out or give advice.

The best advice? Turn on the tap at a slow drip for me to play in the sink.

Oh yes, I have a personal drinking fountain.......but I LOVE the sink with just a trickle of water.

Happy Sunday fellow Catsters! We are so glad the site remains open for us!

Tara Midnight Moon


Good News!

June 28th 2014 5:58 pm
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My Vet called with my blood test results today - and things are going well. Idiopathic elevated calcium. We had been worried this could mean something very serious. Waited 3 months and ran the test again. I have gained weight and perked up - so now we are going to try a laser therapy on my inflamed joints. Sort of seems like a pinched nerve in my neck. Heck, who wants that? Ouch. It's all good. I am still enjoying every sink, faucet and sunny nap spot. I am ready for a snack!

Purrs to all,



March 27th 2014 8:56 pm
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My appetite has been a bit off lately & my blood test came back a little out of whack. Good news with a clear ultrasound and X-ray today. I am taking a little appetite stimulant and antacid - hope to be back on track soon! My humans are so relieved to have these results today. Vet will keep a close eye on me.

Now, get outta my way, I want to eat!



Sheet surfing

September 19th 2013 10:35 am
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Humans do this great thing called "changing the sheets" - I recognize it as a great sport! The minute I hear the snap of sheets coming off or on the bed, I race to join in. Under and over and pouncing on billows of air. My human lifts an edge to let me peek out for the escape route before making the last tuck. Then, on the top layer to assist in rearranging (un-smoothing) as best I can.

Purrs to all!


Annual check-up

June 27th 2012 6:04 pm
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I was a little sassy with the vet today, but I came home with an A+ on my health record! I am maintaining my healthy weight, sparkling white teeth and plush coat. We will hear about my blood tests later in the week, but no reason to think they will be anything less than purrfect too.

I don't have to do much to work my magic on everyone who meets me! "OOOHH! what a beautiful bunny-like coat you have." and "What gorgeous eyes!" Luna may be the best dressed kitty, but I am happiest without clothes. Just come turn on the faucet for me, please.....

Purrs to all,
Tara Midnight Moon


Costco Membership!

April 7th 2012 12:04 pm
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I now have my very own little card, with MY name on it for the Costco pharmacy! My human was pleased to find Costco carries the veterinary Rx I take. Especially since it is the feline dose, not the more common canine preparation. It saved $5 over the on-line pharmacy and was half of what it would cost at my vet office.

Every California kitty should know that it is their legal right to get a prescription from their vet and "shop" it around. Don't feel bad to ask. Just think of it as savings you can use for other veterinary services to maintain your good health. Like dental cleanings, blood work, X-rays!




In the closet!

November 5th 2011 10:59 pm
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One of my favorite things is to dash into my humans' walk-in closet and hide behind the clothes. Sometimes they don't see me - because I am so fast and so black. I slip by in a blur! Usually, one of them knows I am playing & will come to get me out. But sometimes......they don't know or don't realize I'm in there....and I pull at the carpet until it rolls up in front of the door. Then when the door is opened, it has to be pushed a little extra hard.

I learned this trick from my sister, Biscuit. We are both quiet kitties who like to play in dark places. Just open a closet door and one of us will be there to "help" explore.

Closets, sinks, bathtubs - all great places to play and get extra attention. Off to cause some mischief!

Tara Midnight Moon

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