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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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February 27th 2014 11:38 am
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So glad Catster Community is staying!!!



January 21st 2014 4:50 pm
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Sadly, they are closing this site on March 3. Other Catster members and my brother Christopher are in a facebook group so we can stay in touch...we have made so many wonderful friends here in our over 7 years here that I am heartbroken to lose my friends. Joy and tears, you were all here for me and mine.

Would you like to drop by?
We are at Catster Buddies on facebook at
It is a closed group so just click for an admin to add you. It's okay if it's your mom (or dad) account just tell us who the kitties are.

The members are also compiling ideas so YOU can SAVE your valuable Catster memories and will help walk you thru the apps!!!

My brother Christopher's Facebook page is
Feel free to send him a FB friend invite.

Purrrs, Biscuit

PS, feel free to share my links to your other Catster pals as we have assembled a large group of some of the oldest (and youngest) members of Catster!

PSS NEW friends are encouraged to send me a friend invite right here :)



January 17th 2014 5:03 pm
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I don't get on Catster often because it often freezes my compy...I am sorry :( But i love you all and think of my pals often


You Pals are Great!

February 16th 2013 6:36 am
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My furmily and I appreciate all the Valentine's Gifties.
We love you and miss you!

So, how are my friends and is 2013 being a nice year so far? I hope so and am sending all sorts of Lucky Purrs and Heavenly Stardust to everyone



April 27th 2012 11:20 am
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TY for the kind rosettes for my little sis birthday today!

She's doing great and she's still not a big Bee MOL!
She's having a great birthday esp since her Catster gifties.
Thank You so very much and she thanks you too!

(I'm so glad I'm at the Heavenly WiFi Cafe so I was able to get on Catster and see the love!)

Purrrs and Heavenly Headbonks to you all!
Love You,



February 26th 2012 1:18 pm
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I'm so happy about my Birthday here at The Bridge! All my Angelpals are here and my Earth pals below! Thank you for remembering me and sending my your sweet peemails and gifts!




December 25th 2011 7:05 pm
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I hope and purrrr everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
This is my family's first Christmas without our Bedelia...but she is with me and all is well. Thank you my Angelfriends for giving me a paw and a wing helping Bedelia learn the Rainbow Ropes. She's doing great!
A real little Angel.

I want to thank everyone for the loads of cool gifties and rosettes given to me and mine. We are all so grateful and excited!
We didnt send out snail mail cards this year but will try to snag a few upcoming holidays and send out some =D

I love you all. I think of you everyday. I watch over and send purrrs to you. I may not post a lot but I am a lurking Angel MOL!
I am here.
Drop me a pmail and I will get it.

Love you lots!
*Angelhugs* and *Heavenly Headbonks*

PS. Tomorrow, if you can, adopt a shelter kitty on death row. Give them the greatest New Years gift: The Gift of Life! =D


My Little Sister Bedelia is an Angel Now

October 20th 2011 12:46 pm
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My little sister Bedelia passed away today of sudden and unexpected heart failure. She turned 4 just four weeks ago. My family and I are shocked and heartbroken. She was just a young little girl. We love her very very much.



Happy Birthday to My Tiny Angel Brother Pickles!

June 23rd 2011 12:29 pm
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My how time flies!
But here at The Rainbow Bridge we're so busy with things to do and places to go and our friends and family to watch over that we're rarely bored.
Lazy sometimes, yes mol.

My tiny brother Pickles came to us within days of the devastating passing of our Patrick. Mom wasnt even looking for another kitty especially another pure white boycat like Patrick.
Patrick's loss broke her heart. Shattered, even. And there are still pieces forever missing...

But there he was, in a litter of all white babies. So much like Patrick but with blue eyes instead of green. And deaf. For a week mom went and played with him everyday and he helped her with Patricks loss in his own tiny kitten way.

Then, he became a part of our family, got his Catster page and began Blogging with my bro Christopher. Times were fun.
But only a few weeks later he began to have health issues, serious ones, and passed away from an unfixable liver shunt.

And Patrick took him to be with him at The Bridge.

It was heartbreaking but perhaps, like many things, there was a reason. We believe Patrick let us to Pickles. Pickles helped the family through it's grief and knew and felt love himself (he was from a dumped litter a friend was caring for). And when it was time for Pickles to make his very early journey to The Bridge, Patrick was there for him.

They are together.
Me, I'm there too and so is ol Black Jack.

I want to thank the kind kitties who sent tiny Pickles Birthday wishes. He's a Forever Kitten playing at The Bridge and having a fantastic day with all his Angelpals and Angelfamily!

Thank you so much my dear friends.
I love you all!
Remember, if you need any purrrs just drop me a pmail =)

Guardian Angel,


Hi Everyfur!

May 26th 2011 1:14 pm
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Long time no meow!

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm thinking about them. I purrr that everyone is okay with all the bad weather that's been happening. Are U guys and Your families all okay?
I try to watch over all but its been a big job with all the storms and things let me know as I'm worried.

My family and I are doing fine. Its pretty hot where my Earthly family lives but they havent gotten any storm damage yet (and hopefully won't).

My brofur Christopher is on Twitter at ChrisGroove1 and it's easier to load Twitter than Catster for us as we are on dialup at home again.

Feel free to shoot me a message via ChrisGroove1 or send me a pmail here (sometimes my mailbox pops up easy and sometimes not...but I'll do whatever I can to get it because I'll see the notification via my email).

Sometimes I hover down towards a wifi like I am now and when I do I try to say HI!!!

I really miss you all.
Purrrs and Heavenly Headbonks,

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