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Home:Indianapolis/Bloomington, IN  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 30 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 8 lbs.

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The Olde Dirty Cookman, My Dawg, Dawg, Cooker, Cookness, Mr. Cookman, Cookman, The Olde Dirty Chinese Restaurant

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-pound cat-cat rescue

April 1st 1987

Black and White

BOXES, SLEEP, WATER (especially running or dripping water or water from a human's glass), laps, my pillow, getting brushed, the sun

ANY disturbance of my routine, e.g., when someone doesn't feed me exactly to my specifications (when, where, how, where, what); any punka** kitten who doesn't know his/her place (you know who you are); cats with the audacity to challenge my kingship

Favorite Toy:
I was never into toys, just boxes, & a few love affairs with stuffed cats & blankies in my younger days, until I got my lovely mat from Alex and Annie that I love. My video of me with the catnip about as close to playing with a toy as I get, really.

Favorite Nap Spot:
in front of a big mirror in the hallway on a box covered with my mat from Alex and Annie. I'm sort of the family doorman. I also like laps and will settle for my bench if Merlin weasels me off my box (I can still guard the door from there)

Favorite Food:
CHICKEN, TUNA (but not chicken & tuna); I like-a the Friskies these days, the GRAVY variety; I don't do crunchies too much anymore because of my olde teeth, but I'm a lifelong Purina dry food man, too; I also LOVE Whiskas Temptations DENTABITES - try 'em

I squeak when I mew (see the 2nd video), and I'm an awesome jumper, especially if there's a glass of water to be had or if a punka** kitten is chasing me. Also, I can control people with my eyes. It's true. Nobody can say no to them.


Arrival Story:
I was rescued from the Humane Society as a kitten many many years ago, along with Softy. I procured myself an owner, a little 5-year-old girl, by winking at her. She knew I was hers immediately. I was in a cage full of kittens, but as far as she was concerned, I was the only one. She used to have really good taste, before she grew up and picked out my cousins Gabriel and Merlin. Beast is awesome, but he belongs to no human.

I'm old, son! I'm OOOOOLD. I'm 20, so I've got bad teeth, bad eyes, skin allergies, and I can't really meow (unless you put me in a car, then I'll squeak/sing for you), but I simply am the coolest guy ever, and I improve with age, like a fine wine. Back in the day I used to be rather aloof but a badass gymnast and acrobat. Pardon my French, but I'm the king of my castle, and I pretty much get whatever I want, and get away with whatever I want (it's all in the eyes). I'm still a great jumper, and can at least get away when Merlin punks on me, which he know he's not supposed to do. I've become very affectionate and loving in my old age, and continue to be the most absolutely perfect pet ever. I've survived my two brothers Softy and Simba, and four presidents. I'm the oldest patient on the books at my vet's office, and I've been their patient longer than anyone else ever. I've gotten kind of scrawny in my old age, and I need a little encouragement to keep my weight up (mom scratches my butt while I eat - like I said, I get whatever I want). I have some kidney issues, but nothing major so far (I love water!). ***UPDATE: I am taking Cosequin for my stiff hips and knees, and I feel pretty good for an olde man. Thanks for your advice, Scooter.*** I have a sweetheart in Vegas, a gorgeous calico named Kiki, who is very kind and cute. I've always gotten along with any and all kitties I've lived with, but my true bro is Softy. We were adopted together, we grew up together, and here on Catster, we actually are together again. We're bros forever, even though he's been at the Bridge for many years now. Plus I'm pretty. Pretty cool.

Lives Remaining:
6 of 9

Forums Motto:
I'm the O.G., mofo

The Last Forum I Posted In:
How to Speak Catster....Like MOL and Stuff

Alley Cat Allies rocks:

Backgrounds from Animation Station

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

My pirate name: DREAD PIRATE KIDD How tough is that?

The beautiful and very sweet Miss:
Catster Representing Vegas. My sweetheart. She is a very cool kitty. She started I love Cookie!

Catster Hero/My Old Girl/Guardian Angel:
Catster She lived to be 23.5 and told my mom to feed me chicken. She's one of my best buddies and I love her. Her bro Arnold P. is also a good bud of mine and a cutie.

Catster Hero/Guardian Angel:
Catster A beautiful tuxedo guy, a total sweetheart, and a good friend. He passed on too young, but now he's watching over me (and other tuxedo kitties), with Boomer, ^Bill^, Fuzzy ^Simba^, and ^Softy^.

My "little bro:"
Catster He's the 2nd Wally, one of my bestest besties, and cool enough to be our Olde Furts mascot at age four. I love him.

My Main Man
Catster The only cat who gets a badge on 3 of our pages. He has quite a way with words and a lot of spunk. I love this dude.

Catster Hero:
Catster Biscuit also lived to be 23.5, is a very cool kitty who lived an incredible life, and is truly BFFs with BlackJack, who was also a great kitty, and who had a great smile.

Catster Hero:
Catster Biscuit's sweetheart. She's a cutie and a sweetie, and she's one of the few cats I know who are older than myself - 21 years!'

Catster Hero
Catster She unfortunately passed on recently, right after her 22nd birthday. She was one of the greats, and I'm glad she's still here in spirit. She even went outside right up until the end. Brave girl.

Catster Hero:
Catster Part of that prestigious club of the kitties I know who are older than myself, a good friend, and a great guy. He is very funny, cute, sweet, and loves boxes. He can really cram his body into a tiny box. Ya gotta love a guy like that. He also has to tolerate two youngins sharing his castle, but they're both great kitties too.

Catster Hero:
Catster My new friend, another oldie but goodie. He's adorable and very kind. I love him already.

Catster Hero:
Catster This lovely vixen just turned 20 and she and her bro Gizmo are good friends of ours and Cookie-lovers. We love Max, and are honorarily related to her, since Giz and I are both Wally's honorary older brothers.

Catster Hero/Awesome Cousin:
Catster A big 3-legger tuxedo guy, the king of BOTH his castles, and he kicked cousin Gabriel's butt the day they met. I love him. See his cute video here.

Catster Hero:
Catster He's the oldest cat I know - 22 years! I love this guy. He's an inspiration to me.

Catster Hero:
Catster Alex's sister, and a special Hoosier lady who lived to be 22. They were bro and sis from the beginning, until she died in November of '06.

Catster Hero:
Catster He was a scrawny old tuxedo guy like myself, who was loyal and humble and sweet as could be. Check out his page for pics from his younger, healthier days (studly!).

Feral Favorite:
Catster We love him and we will miss him a lot. He's a good friend and his kids are very cool too.

My twin:
Catster If he weren't 6 years younger than myself, I would swear we were separated at birth.

My other twin:
Catster I just met him and we love him already. He's keepin' it kingly at a young age and I dig that.

My badass tuxedo buddy:
Catster He's a very sweet and funny olde tuxedo guy. You have to love Simon. He has one the funniest diaries on Catster, and besides, just look at him. You love him already too, don't you?

My badass tuxedo buddy/twin:
Catster Look at her! She's gorgegous.

I've Been On Catster Since:
October 27th 2006 More than 10 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

Catster Id:

Meet my family
(a.k.a Fat
The Blackies
(4 Fab Ferals)
^Simba^ (Gone
Too Soon)
Miss LOUDmouth

Meet my Feline Friends
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See all my Feline Friends

on being pawesome

Cheers from the Bridge

March 17th 2009 2:12 am
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Hi all. It's been quite some time since I posted a diary entry, but I wanted you all to know how grateful I am, and how grateful my family is, for all the rosies and stars and gifts you've all sent me and all the sweet messages contained in them. Mom was not prepared for it! I especially want to thank Alfie, Teddy, and their mom for all their support, and Riley for the lovely wings. They were flapping when he gave them to me but my mom can't make them work in the picture. Rest assured, everyone, I'm a'flappin' them all over the Rainbow Bridge even if it doesn't look like it in here.

After a few years of stiff hips and knees, and 6 months of renal failure and respiratory problems, believe you me, it's nice to really zoom around. I'm way more ornery than my body was allowing me to be those last few months. The best part of the Bridge, aside from getting to see Scooter, Bill, Elmo, Simon, Biscuit, Blackjack, Alex, Max, and little Wally again, and getting to meet Boomer, Wally #1, Comet, Toot Suite, and Fuzzy for the first time, was...I'm hangin' with Softy again!

That's right. It's been almost ten years since I got to see my tru-blue bro. We've been having a blast. He looks fantastic, by the way. He was always a good-looking guy, but I haven't seen him this spry and happy since he was a kitten. Simba looks amazing, too. He's still a sweetie, still a good little bro. We're having a great time.

My passing was fairly quick, and my mom was with me, thankfully. We had just finished spending some QT together. She came home from class nd gave me my fluids, my steroid inhaler, and my food. I normally run away after she gives me my inhaler, but that day I just stayed on her lap, so she brushed me for a while. She heard me fall over a few minutes after that and she tried to console me, but she knew I was fading. I couldn't breathe very well. Actually, I was having a pretty hard time breathing. When my breathing stopped she gave me mouth-to-mouth, which bought me a few more minutes. She basically gave me my last few breaths and she felt my last few heartbeats. I passed on just after sundown, which was a good thing because I didn't want to die on Purim and make the normally-happy holiday a sad one for her every year. Thanks to her help, I didn't.

Stupid Scout, much as I love her, is being somewhat of a punk. Teddy and Alfie's mom had bought me a heated bed, which was where I basically lived out the last of my days. It was great because before I had the bed I was under mom's bed all the time because that's where it's warmest. Anyway, since I passed on Scoutie's been sleeping in my bed. Of all the nerve! So now whenever mom looks in that direction she thinks it's me out of the corner of her eye, since Scout looks so much like me. What a rascal. Whatever. Now radley's all her problem. MOL. She probably sleeps in there so she doesn't have to listen to radley's snoring.

My vets were very sad to hear that I had passed, but they made a pawprint mold with my name on it for my mom. I'll be cremated sometime in the next few days and then my ashes will sit next to Softy's, where they belong.

There will never be another me. I think that means that I did a good job in all my time on earth. I'm very grateful to have been given so many good years and so many folks who loved me so dearly. Most kitties never get that. I was in ridiculously good shape for 211 years and I could still jump at the end. And to think, had I not winked at that 5-year-old girl at the Humane Society that day things could have turned out very differently. You know, since my adoption, all three of my girls (momma Justin, Momma Gillian, and Grandma) have adopted tuxedo kitties. It's because we're cool. I think that if I had to choose one word to sum myself it would be 'cool.' I always thought it would be 'kingly,' but I'm too much of a loverboy and content.

Anyway, thanks for reading my long eulogy to myself. Again, thanks so much, everyone, for all the love you've sent my way, not just these last few days, but over the last few years. I know I haven't been a very good Catster friend. It wasn't easy helping mom get her MA while coralling these two silly girls who eat my food and steal my bed. I was a very lucky guy and my family was lucky to have had me. Everyone says so. I'm off to my flying lessons with Softy and Simba, and then I'm going to nap on my huge cardboard box in the sky. Purrz, Catster folks! You're the bestest.

***Update:*** I'm flying! Thank you Teddy and Alfie's mom. You're the bestest.


Purrs in unison

November 5th 2007 12:06 am
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I just read my new friend Smudge's (322071) diary, and she needs many purrs. She is 17 and has always been very healthy, but this last week she has been deteriorating. She has 3 cracked ribs and a possible heart tumor, plus she's not eating. We'll get the test results tomorrow.

Of course, we're still purring for my man Simon too. He's one of my favorites and I just want him to feel well.



By popular demand . . .

October 6th 2007 7:40 pm
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I got new tunes! Mom figured out how to do a playlist on and actually got 2 songs to play on my page, and not at the same time. Cool, huh? She also found a real version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed,' which was a lot easier to do once she figured out that the name of the song wasn't 'Baby I'm Amazed.' She also thought that Tom Petty song was called 'Running Down the Drain' until she was 26 (it's called 'Running Down the DREAM'). It's like I'm always saying, 'if only we could just work these things by ourselves.' She put the Wings' song on as a dedication to yours truly, and the Foo Fighters song because it's sweet and absolutely kickass, like yours truly, so she says. I like it. I have to admit that we're all a little jealous of Loudmouth because she spends the least amount of time around here, yet she has arguably the coolest music on her page, plus the music video. I've been here 24/7 for over 20 years, and she comes around maybe twice a month these days, and she gets Joan Jett on her page. Whatev. She pays her dues on the streets and in the allies, I guess. At least I'm sweet and absolutely kickass.

Oh, and I'm COTW in INOBIAP. Check out my mug on the group page. It's all squished so I look very robust, like Cookman on steroids (which I'm actually take occasionally for my skin allergies, not that you would know by looking at me). I'm trying hard this week to represent, so it's good to have my page in check.

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