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Second Chances

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Am I a Stray Again?

January 18th 2014 7:58 am
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SO, mama told us the news about Catster and Dogster last night. **looks down and gulps back some tears**

Ele' is inconsolable. Gimme is storming mad. I have kind of a different feeling, and I'll tell you why.

Some of you may (or may not) remember, that I was not one of the original members of my furmily. No, I joined my furmily - and Catster - a little later.

I had a home once. But somehow I lost that home and ended up on the streets. And then I ended up in a "shelter". A very high kill shelter. And someone there thought I really deserved a chance at a happy life, and the call went out on Catster: could anyone get me out of there? Mama lived only an hour away. She knew she couldn't keep me, cuz she had lots of other problems she was trying to work through at the time. But she traveled down to get me.

Mama showed up at that "shelter" 3 MINUTES before I was supposed to get the needle. 3 MINUTES! Catster(s) saved my life by 3 MINUTES.

Of course, mama ended up keeping me after all. Catster friends named me. Ambrogino means "immortal". Ambrogino is something that apparently means nothing to the likes of SM.

We have a pawful lot of memories here. You are some of the most important furs and peoples in the whole world to us. You really are. You changed mama's life. You saved mine.

Please stay in touch with us. My mama is Sue Lyn Maves Ashley on that Facebook site. If you would rather stay in touch by email or some other way, please PM us.

Thank you for saving me. Thank you for being such wonderful friends. **wipes tears** We do love you all.


My Pal Arnold P.

January 26th 2011 2:07 pm
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It is a sad, sad day here in Catsterland.

I know my family hasn't been around nearly as much as we used to. Mama's job has kept her pawfully busy...busier than she cares to be, but we're thankful she has a job. But, we do keep up with our friends, even if we're not right here at Catster. We love our Catster friends so, so much.

I was crushed when mama pulled me onto her lap this morning and told me that Arnold P had journeyed to the Bridge. Arnold has been one of those cats that you just imagine will be around furever. Of course, none of us are... **wipes tears**

Arnold has been one of my besties here on Catster. He even played matchmaker and helped me and Oly get together! For that I have to be eternally grateful to the guy.

I hope Arnold's mom knows how much we all love her, too. And that we're all here for her, and so are our pawrents. Me and mama have been trying all day to send telepathic hugs to Arnold's mom.

And I have to say, we feel a bit honored, and humbled, and touched to have very recently received the Traveling Brusselball and have it in our possession this week. I'll give it a good nudge for you Arnie, before we send it on...



October 22nd 2010 11:00 am
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That's the furst thing mama said to me this morning, and then she gave me a ginormous hug and lots of kissies. I was wondering how long the gushing was going to last before we got down to serious business: breakfast!!

Today is mama's birthday. Last Friday was my Gotcha Day, but mama had to be away for work, so she pawmised that we would share cellybrations today. True to her word, that's what we're doing!!

I can't believe it has been four whole years since mama got me out of that pawful shelter just in the very knick of time!!! And I owe it to Catster. Mama would never have known about me if it hadn't been for the posting in the forums. Still gives me the jitters, I tell ya!!! But it's been a really good four years, and I'm a lucky torti-boy.

I'm getting a special dinner tonight, and while Yo Paulie makes cuppycakes for mama, mama is going to make a cuppycake for me. I suppose I'll share it with the others. Mama showed me the mold for it; it's fish-shaped and pretty big, so I should still get enough cuppycake goodness even if I share. MOL

Mama and I want to thank my sweet Oly-Pie and her family for the pawty hat. Mama and I are going to share it tonight while we indulge in cuppycake heaven!! MOL


Story Time!!!

September 21st 2010 3:38 pm
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Last night before sleepy bye, we asked mama to tell us a story. Sometimes she'll read to us, and we like that. Last night she read to us from a VERY old book. It was a little book that she said belonged to her when she was a little girl. I'm telling you, this book must be ancient!! MOL

Anyway, the story that she read to us was "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". She changed it up a little, and made me, Gimme, and Ele' each one of the "billy goats". We all thought this was pawticularly funny, because mama sometimes says I must be part goat because I'll eat **almost** anything (winkwink) and can't seem to get enough!! MOL

So, have any of you cats ever heard this story before??? I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't heard it, but I'll tell you something: TROLLS ARE SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Second Chances

May 26th 2010 7:29 pm
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As Ele' so eloguently stated: "well..."

So here's what I have to meow after "trying" to look around (we're still having problems with the site, using IE):

I'm alive today because of Catster. Catster is the reason I got a second chance.

So I'm willing to give Catster a second chance...


No Winner Yet!!

May 19th 2010 6:42 pm
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So last night I made an itty bitty change to my profile. The furst kitty who gueses what the change is wins five zealies!!!


A Contest!!

May 18th 2010 6:24 pm
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Okay, so tonight I made a teeny tiny change to my profile. The furst kitty who can figure out what the change is wins five zealies!!!!!


Margo's Dance Tag

April 26th 2010 11:15 am
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Woohoo! I've been tagged by my beautiful sweet Oly-Pie to play Margo's Dance Tag game! It's the newest Catster sensation that has everypaw tapping & every tail doing a jig!

It's really fun & really easy. All you do is:

Pic one or more of your friends & send them an email titled: Margo's Dance Tag!

In the pmail tell them they have been tagged & to read your diary on how to play along.

Then in your diary write the following song, using your friend's name:

I tag: Oly-Pie (cuz it's fun to watch her shake her booty), Arnold P., Jason Cash, and Adam Dylan.

Oh Oly you're so fine
You're so fine yew blows my mind
Go Oly! Go Oly!
Go Oly-Pie! Go Oly-Pie!

Oh Arnold you're so fine
You're so fine yew blows my mind
Go Arnold! Go Arnold!
Go Arnold P! Go Arnold P!


Oh Jason you're so fine
You're so fine yew blows my mind
Go Jason! Go Jason!
Go Jason Cash! Go Jason Cash!

Oh Adam you're so fine
You're so fine yew blows my mind
Go Adam! Go Adam!
Go Adam D! Go Adam D!


Whew!!! I need to get in shape...this dancing is wearing me out!! MOL But I think this little Dance Tag is just time to get a great conga line going for Cinco de Mayo!!!


On the Move!

April 15th 2010 7:31 am
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Boy, lots of Catsters seem to be moving lately!!

Our pals Boogers and fam are getting ready to move to their new house, as soon as the builders finish it. They've been meowing in their diaries about the packing of their things.

And Gimme's wifey, Phoebe, and their family are going to be moving to St. Louis to be closer to their grandma. How cool is that??

And we're even going to be moving! I'm a little nervous about it, too. We've all moved before, but it's always been short moves. I asked Gimme, Ele', and my doggie if any of them had been on big moves before and they haven't. It's always been a very short drive to the new home. But from what mama has been telling us, this time it will be a long drive. Hours...

Mama is going to someplace called Jor-Juh this weekend, and she says she's going to narrow down areas that she likes so she can start looking at houses. She pawmised my doggie that he will have a bigger backyard to run in. And she's going to do her best to find a place with a screen room or sunroom for us kitties. That's what Gimme asked for, for his birthday. We do miss being able to sit in the fresh air and watch the birdies and squirrels and lizards. We just watch through windows here, and we're too far away to talk to the critters.

Meanwhile, mama has already started packing up stuff around the house. I'm the oficial Box Inspector!!!!! Seems like I should get letters behind my name with that title, like Margo has, but I don't see them. Anyway, I check the boxes to make sure they're good enough to be used for packing, and then after mama fills them up I check them again to make sure they're packed solid. I'm told this is a very important job to do!! Where's my letters, mama???


Boxes in Yawnsville

April 11th 2010 6:21 pm
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Last night my doggie had an upset tumbly, so he kept mama awake most of the night with his requests to go outside. So she was very tired, and very cranky today.

She was also very busy. She started packing up her things for this move that we're going to be making. Since she was so tired, and since it was MY doggie who kept her up all night, I thought it would only be right if I helped her with the packing. So I designated myself as the box inspector. Before she could use a box to pack things (especially since she was packing up her really old breakable stuff) I checked out the box. If its no good for moving, I pushed it off the stack. If it was okay, I left ot for her to use. MOL

This was very tiring work. Mama got a picture of me after I finally crashed and had to snooze.

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