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Punky's Scratching Post

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February 20th 2011 4:09 am
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I don't usually play tag, but Dashiell tagged me! He is a stoopid boycat, but his sister is a fellow detective and a good furriend! She is a very smart detective too! So, I am going to play....

So, Dashy wants to know the 5 most annoying things my mommy does (FIVE??? I could list 1000!!).

(1) My mommy locks me up in the bedroom!!! I don't like that!

(2) I have to live with a sister!! I don't like her!!

(3) My mommy picks me up!!! I don't like that! And she knows that I don't like that and she picks me up anyway!!

(4) There are never enough treats!!

(5) I don't get brushed nearly often enough!!

(6) My mommy tells people I am a short bus kitty!!

Okay....I'll stop here. If you haven't played yet, consider yourself tagged and tell us all about YOUR bad mommy!


Santa came to my house!!

December 26th 2009 4:13 am
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Santa came and he brought me socks, a whole pile of socks!! Well, he didn't actually give them to me, he hid them in mommy's drawer, but I founded them and I fished them all out of there - a whole pile of socks!! That was a fun Christmas, Santa, thank you furry much!! And then I got tuna Christmas dinner from my mommy - YUMMMM!!!! - and some nip!! - WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! - and my mommy cuddled me!!! I LOVE Christmas!!!


I am a FINALIST!!!

November 20th 2009 11:27 pm
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WHOAHH!!! My mommy entered me into the World's Coolest Cat Contest and I am a FINALIST!!! I am sooo surprised! I looked over Smokey's shoulder when she voted to earn some zealies and there were sooooo many cute kitties and soooo many great pictures!!! And, lil' old ME is a finalist?? There are people who think I am pretty?? OMC!!!


I am Detective of the Month!!

September 10th 2009 4:14 am
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OMC!! OMC!! OMC!! *racesupanddowntheclimbingtreeandstartsscratching*

I am Detective of the Month in Samoa's Detective Agency!! I am so honored!! And I was interviewed by our Chief Inspector and Assistant Chief Inspector, the beautiful Miss Tigress and Miss Oly!!!

Here is my interview :

1. How did you become a detective?
OMC, it has been so long. I don't even remember. I think it started in the forums. We were all just chatting along but then there were CRIMINALS, kitties who gave rosies but didn't sign their name. So, we had to go and find out who it was! Both me and my sister went to help out, but turns out _I_ am the better detective!!

2. What do you like most about being the SDA?
Ohhh, just hanging out with the other detectives, keeping the place safe and clean. And the food!! *blush*

3. How do you get ready to do detective work?
Uhhhmmm.....take a nap??

4. What is the one thing you can't live without in your life?
My mommy!! *blush* And fishies, and flutter balls!! And sun puddles!! Oh my! I guessI have it pretty good, huh? I have all those!!

5. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
That's a tough one. Some of the great detectives maybe? Kingsley and Biscuit and Pooh!

6. Now that you are DOTM, what is next for you?
Rule the world!! Oh wait, I do that already - at least in MY house!

7. Have you ever crossed over to the darkside and became a ARG?
*blush* Uh-uh....I won't tell!!


It's my birthday!!!!

May 30th 2009 12:34 am
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Hey mommy...... *shakesmommy*........WAKEUP!!!!!......It's my birthday!!!!....I am SEVEN today!!!!!.......I want some good treats and some fishies and some cuddles and maybe a new mousie??


We got an island, we got an island!!! - oh NO, we got a new kitty???

December 25th 2008 3:23 am
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Punky *comesrunningin* Look, look, we got a Hawaiian island for catmas!! Can we move, mommy, can we MOVE!!! Can we move and eat FISHIES every day???

Smokey *rollingeyes* It's not an island, silly! It just has the name of an island! It's a kitty!!

Punky *stoppedinhertracks* It's a KITTY??? It's not moving in with us, is it??I am going to shred it to pieces! Smokey is my witness!!

Smokey *sigh* Yes, you brat, I know you would!! No, I don't think she is going to move in with us. Mommy says, YOU are just enough trouble. And I couldn't agree more!! *lickswounds*

Punky *lookinghurtandinnocent* Who? ME???

Smokey: Yes, YOU, Miss Hissyfit!!! Chessy and Winnie and their mom just gave us a kitty so we can help. It doesn't have a good HOME like we do!! It doesn't have a mommy to take care of!!

Punky: :-O

Smokey: ExACTly!!
So, Little Miss Maui is our sister now: 11&Ne=1&N=4294967272&No=64

Punky: Oh, she looks furry sweet!! Thank you, Mrs Chessy's mom!! Can I share my food with my kitty?? Is it cold? Can I cuddle it??

Smokey: You can send her more pressies if you want to but you can't cuddle her. She will still live with Best Friends and wait for her furever family!!


I got a trankie blankie!!!

October 26th 2008 1:20 am
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My mommy went to Catwaii to meet my Chessy's mommy and she brought a pressie home for me!!! My Chessy got me my furry own Hazel Lucy trankie blankie!!! Miss Hazel Lucy worked furry hard and helped to pick a color for me. I LOVE it!! We put it on my favorite chair - well, it's my mommy's work chair, but it's MY favorite place to sit when she works. Thank you, Chessy and Miss Hazel Lucy!! You are the BESTEST!!!


I hate my sister!!

September 13th 2008 12:35 pm
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I just discovered today: 6 years is enough!! I HATE my sister!! I don't want to see her! I don't want to share my house with her! I don't want to smell her!! So, I gave her a really good beating, I hissed and I growled and I ripped out her fur and I bit her! I HATE my sister!! And then I scratched my mommy because she got too close to me! And then I beat up my sister some more! My mommy locked me up in the bedroom after that but I just cried and cried until she just had to let me out again......and then I went and beat up my sister some more! HA!!! That will teach her! She didn't want to come out behind the couch any more. And then I took another swipe at my mommy before she locked me up again!! But I am winning!! Smokey might be bigger than I am but I am a fierce little fighter! I could kick her butt when I was a kitten and I still can!! I am the BOSS!!


Tess, Aldo and Noelle need a new home!!

May 18th 2008 12:55 pm
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Last week, Tess, Aldo and Noelle lost their mom Laurel!! Tess, her brother Aldo and her doggie sister Noelle have no place to go and need new homes ASAP:




They don't have much time. Noelle is already at Animal Control. Can anypurr help?? Tess and family live in Tampa, FL.


Amy Winehouse???

May 2nd 2008 2:09 am
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I took the celebrity test. Apparently, I am Amy Winehouse!!

******************************************************** ************
Amy Winehouse
Out of Control Talent

Talent, talent, talent, baby! Overflowing with talent, almost to the point of just not knowing where to put it all, Punky is Amy Winehouse!

Mmm-hmm, you go, girlfriend! With a voice that stops hearts and moves souls, Punky's soothing sounds and funky furstyles are taking the animal world by storm. Perhaps a little overwhelmed by all of the attention, Punky can occasionally get herself into a little trouble, but it's nothing she can't dig her way out of with help from her loving friends and family. Her flamboyant lifestyle receives a ton of attention from the media, but her shooting star talent keeps Punky in the flow and on the go!

***************************************************** ***************
Hmmm......*frownsandscratcheshead* ky furstyles and getting into trouble....yup, I guess that's ME!!

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