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Crossed Paws

meant to post this on here a long time ago...

January 8th 2007 9:37 pm
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Tux has been in a constant battle since the day I got him. He had ringworm, fleas, worms, went into a coma twice, and went into spurts of throwing u pand having diarrhea. We fed this little guy every 2 hours for a coupld days because he wouldn't eat because of having a tummy ache. After all of the fighting he has done he has finally moved on. He had a congenital malformation/obstruciton which made it where he couldn't eat. He was wasting away in front of my eyes and with the holidays coming up neither the shelter nor the vet would be open and I didn't think that he would make it. I found it cruel to watch him starve to death because that's what would have happened. He can now run around and play and eat like a pig without having to worry about throwing it up, he is now big enough to play with Molly up at the bridge so he is not alone. I will no longer get greeted by that sweet face when I come in the room, and I will never be nudged or get the surprise of him sneaking out of the cage and sleeping on the bed. So now I must turn my attention to his brother in the hopes that he doesn't have the same fate as his brother.
Purrs for the very last time,


Lost my last battle...

November 22nd 2006 1:10 pm
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Tux lost the last of his battles today. We think he had some sort of obstruction so that made it where he couldn't keep anything down. He was literally starving to death and with Thanksgiving coming up we didn't want him to suffer any more than he already has. Tux had lost 20% of his body weight in 3 days and was becoming dehydrated because of not being able to hold anything down. He can finally pig out on anything and everything without having to worry, he is finally at peace. Thank you everybody for all of the advice and prayers.
Purrs for the last time,


They took me to the vet....urgh...

November 21st 2006 6:34 pm
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Hey everycat! Well most of you know that I have been sick pretty much since my foster mom got me, But lately I have been aspirating (sp?) my milk. This morning I REALLY aspirated it and we had to make an emergency visit to Dr.Right. The doc gave mom some medicine for me and said that this was our last shot, she said I might have a congenital (sp?) blockage, I have no idea what that is but it sure doesn't sound good. The doc said that if this new medicine doesn't work that the only other option is surgery and they just can't do that so if it doesn't work I will have to be 'euthanized', I think that's what they called it. Mommy really didn't want to explain this to me she looked really sad. But please keep me and mom in you purrs and purrayers.


Havin' a better day

November 8th 2006 4:27 pm
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Hey there everycat, today has been alot better I have been suckling and I haven't had any diarrhea today! I am still not eating a whole lot but at least mom isn't forcing me anymore. Oh, I almost forgot! I am entered in the worlds coolest competition! Please vote for Tux (adoptable) at The 2nd Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show
Please vote for me!
Well anyways, now my brother Rico is throwing up....bleh... *switches to mom* Well Rico doesn't seem to be able to keep anything down now, he threw up everything he ate earlier. It seems like these little guys list of problems is getting longer and longer, like the never ending list! lol Hopefully things will settle down soon and we don't have to do this whole every 2 hours things....only 2 nights of this and everybody is already toast!
Well please keep purrring and purraying for me and my bro.


October 28th 2006 8:00 am
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Last night Tux was slowly drifting away, he had gone into a coma but wasn't suffering. We made no heroic efforts to save him because we have seen kittens like him go and we knew that it would just bring stress upon his departure. So we put him back in his kennel with his stuffed animal surro-mom and figured that was the best place for him to pass, he was comfortable, warm, and with his surro. I was planning on working at the shelter today anyways and didn't really think he would be there for the next feeding but I figured if he DID make it but still was going down I would have one of the officers put him down and put him out of his misery. To my surprise, when I woke up to feed Rico, Tux was walking around in his cage and was crying and purring like mad! He was SOOO hungry because while I was feeding Rico the last time he was in a coma! I still can't believe that he made it, I don't know what happened to him but boy was it weird. Today, he's more energetic than he has been in the past week which absolutely floors me as well. I know this definately isn't over yet but let's all cross our paws and hope that this was a weird once in a million one time deal.

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