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Home:Omaha, NE  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 35 lbs.

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FULL NAME: Alexander Big Al, Alexander Son of Worf, Al, B.A, Fat Al, Al-ley Cat

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-part feral-pound cat
-cat rescue

January 27th 1993

Brown Tabby

Sleeping..... eating eating and eating some more!

Diets, you couldnt slim him down! When he wanted food, he wanted food! He'd eat the dogs food if he had to, or raid our kitchen.... he could open cabinets, and drawers, and got into the fridge once!

Favorite Toy:
He had an obsession with Human hair. He'd grab your head and chew and lick away!

Favorite Nap Spot:
Back of the couch or chair.

Favorite Food:
This cat would eat anything!! Mac and Cheese was his favorite.

He had the most annoying meow ever, and he could open cabinets and drawers to find food that he wasnt supposed to have


Arrival Story:
We decided to get a cat, so we went to our Humane Society. He was just a little tyke back then. Cute little tabby cat, that was hyper as all get out!!

He got darker as he got older. By the time he passed on, he was almost all black, except his face, which was very light whitish-gray. After he was neutered, he got more and more laid back. He discovered the meaning of life around the age of three... FOOD! He'd eat anything you put in front of him. When he got to about 15-20 lbs, we started him on just about every diet out there. We had him on feeding schedules, and everything! Everytime, the little brat got around it. He'd either eat dog food, or raid a cabinet. We tried those child safety locks, which helped a little, but not enough. Big Al died at the age of 12, from unknown causes. He is very missed.

Forums Motto:
-Big Al-

The Last Forum I Posted In:
The Late Late Show - Act IV

Birthday - January 27th:

Trekkies Rule:


The Legend Of Sto'Vo'Kor:
Many millennia ago, during the time of the Klingon gods, Sto-vo-kor and the warrior spirits who dwelled there were ruled by their creators. The black fleet fought and feasted only for the glory of their gods. This pleased the gods and they wished to fight alongside of their warrior spirits and be as brothers. But a handful of the creators protested. Fek'lhr, the leader of the rebellious gods, proclaimed that an end to the age of the gods would come to pass if they gave up their rule over Sto-vo-kor. Knowing the nature of the warrior spirits, he predicted that they would overthrow their creators if given the chance. But the other gods laughed at his words, they were convinced that their actions would strengthen their bonds with the spirits instead of threatening their place of power. But Fek'lhr would not back down, so with the aid of a few gods he started the first great war. The war lasted one thousand years and most of Sto-vo-kor was destroyed in its wake. The few gods that sided with Fek'lhr in the beginning were seriously injured and in desperation turned against their leader. Fek'lhr stood alone, outnumbered and weakened from his wounds. The gods were reluctant to destroy him. He was still their brother and his death would cause an imbalance in creation. But so he could do no more harm, they cast him into a great void for all time. In his rage, Feklhr filled the emptiness with the thunder of his voice. And from the burning tear in his chest, seven pale spirits emerged. Circling him, they collected the blood that spilled from his veins and began to create a new kingdom of the dead in his image. The lands where alive and powerful and his wounds were healed. Fek'lhr was pleased with the spirits work. He named them the D'eethkoras-i, and made them sentinels of the lands, and generals of his new black fleet. One hundred years passed, and what Fek'lhr prophesied came to be. The gods of Sto-vo-kor wished to rule once more, but the warrior spirits remembered the damage they had done in their past war and no longer saw them as divine. The second of the great wars had begun. But the gods were no match for the warrior spirits, they were greatly outnumbered and weakened from a century without their rule. Many of the gods were killed, and those who survived found themselves banished from Sto-vo-kor and standing before the gates of Gre'thor. Addressing Fek'lhr, they asked for aid in reclaiming their rule. They insisted that he help them as a payment for sparing his life in the past great war. In return he would be welcomed back to Sto-vo-kor. Fek'lhr laughed at their arrogance, and for punishment for their past defiance, unleashed the D'eethkoras-i upon them. The seven pale spirits slaughtered the last of the Sto-vo-kor gods, and from their bones built the six gates of Gre 'thor. "And when the last warrior has entered the land of the dead and is judged, there will be a final great war, and the outcome shall determine the fate of all warrior spirits."

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June 1st 2008 5:40 pm
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Take this survey

Full name: Alexander, Son of Worf

Place of birth: Omaha, NE

Date of birth: January 27, 1993

Single or taken: Single

Favorite color: Purple

Want or have kids: Got the Big Snip

Favorite place to be: In a lap.

Best friend: Rusty

How long have you known them: Since he was a pup.

Have you been in love: Yes.

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese with Fish Sticks.

Favorite season: Spring.

Hair color: Black, Brown, Grey and White

Eye color: Gold/Green

Siblings: Unknown

Parents names: Shhhhh!

Named after anyone: Only our beloved little Klingon friends.

Broken any bones: No

Some of your closest friends: The Fiends, The A-Team, Sandy & Squeaks.... there really is a lot though.... I'm a lucky tom.

What are you doing this weekend: Weekends almost over.

Where would you like to be right now: I'm good where I am.

Who would you like to be with: Cant Say

Have you had your heart broken: Too many times.

Have you broken someones heart: Not that I am aware of....

Have you told someone you loved them and not meant it: I would never.

Do you want to be in love with someone: Dunno....

Would you take a bullet for someone: For many someones.

Do you hate anyone: No!

Does anyone hate you: Not that I know of.

Where would you like to go on vacation: The Egyptian Pyramids

Favorite kit-hood memory: When we first moved into the apartment with the balcony. Loved that thing!

How is your day going? Pretty good, thanks! And yours?

Did you do anything super fun? I put a whoopie cushion on Vijays chair.....

Are you currently texting anyone? They say I'm too cool for such. I'll go with it!

What are you listening to? I Wanna Be That Someone That You're With

Do you like math? Haha, yeah.... not my strong point....

Are you wearing any jewelry? Pfft! No!

Do you like Hannah Montana? I hear shes more of a dog person

How many cats do you have as friends on Catster? 421

Do you have a petster? No

Do you have a socialsplash? A what in your where?

What's the saddest song you've ever heard? Oh Katz... Not a clue!

Do you own any instruments? Drums are somewhere...

Do you have braces? No, I have very nice teeth.

If not, have you ever had them or are you going to? Nada

Have you ever met someone famous? Do Vijay and Aragorn count? If not, well, they are famous to me!

What color is the floor in whatever room you are in? White, and very fluffy....

What room are you in? Cloud 384

Do you like this room? Very much so....

Do you talk to nonliving objects? Yes.

How many purses do you own? Proud to say none.

Do you like the ear buds or the old style of earphones? Ol' Fashioned

Are your nails painted? No.

Do you lie about your age? Nah

What are your summer plans? Hopefully to come around Catster more!

Have you been in a fist fight? No, I was always easy going.

Do you want a puppy? HA! My tail!

If so, what kind? None for me, but Human wants a GSD


May 30th 2008 7:29 pm
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I've been tagged by Cole, the Be-bop Kid. I sent him a Scaredy Squirrel of Gratitude to thank him! What fun this will be!

The instructions for this one are:

Write five (5) fabulous facts about yourself, then tag five other fabulous cats.

Having little fabulosity, I will just stream consciousness -

1. I used to "bark" at birds or intruding creatures of that nature. Chey quickly picked up on that.

2. I was always good with other cats.

3. Once when my Human dressed up like a cat for Halloween, the costume was so good, I ran and hid under the bed for a good 24 hours!

4. I am named after Alexander, son of Worf, from Star Trek.

5. I loved to lick on freshly washed Human hair.

I tag the following fabulous cats:


All that typing made me hungry. See ya!

-Big Al-

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