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My First Cat Show!

March 16th 2008 7:10 pm
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This weekend, I entered my first cat show ever! It was at the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo, and it was called a "Household Companion Cat Contest." It was a lot of fun! I've never been to such a noisy place with so many new smells and so many PEOPLE! I wasn't scared, though. I just wanted everyone to pet me. My "brother" Church had already been to a CFA show before this one, but I wasn't old enough to enter that last one because you have to be 4 months old.

I don't know if you have been to a cat show, but here's how it often works-- at least in a household pet competition...
They have several judges, usually 3-8 for the show. Each judge gets a turn at judging all the household pet cats entered in the show. You stay in a big show cage at your benching area, and then there is a judging table (one for each judge) with a bunch of smaller cages behind it. Each kitty gets a number for the show and when they put your number on top of a judging cage, your human takes you and puts you in the cage. Then the judge takes turns bringing out each cat and examining them. When you're done, you go back in the show cage. The judge decides on which cats they like best and then after all the cats have been seen by that judge, they do "finals." If you get called up for a final it means you were chosen as one of the judge's 10 best cats, so each judge gets to award First Place through Tenth Place. You got show points for these placements. In this show they did "special awards" and the kitties who did not get a final got special award certificates with categories like "most playful" or "best teeth!" When you are in a final, you usually get a ribbon or some other award. The show this weekend had four judges, two rings on Saturday and two on Sunday. They also did a special Best Trick contest and Best Costume on Sunday...

They don't always do this at shows but in this show they did a Best in Show competition at the end of the second day. They keep track of all the show points for each cat over the weekend, and the cats with the most points get special ribbons for placing in the Best in Show category (1st through 10th.)

On Saturday, I got First Place finals from both judges! On Sunday, I got one 5th place and one 3rd place. My "brother" Church got two placements, 5th on Saturday from one judge and 8th on Sunday from one judge. Then came the Best in Show competition and....I won BEST IN SHOW!!

Wow! I was so surprised- this was my first time ever showing and I'm only 4.5 months old! You can see some photos of me from the show on my Catster page. I had a lot of fun at this cat show and my human says we are definitely going to more shows. We had a blast and all the other competitors were really nice. We found a few new Catster friends as well because several cats in the show have pages here... The kitty who got 2nd Best in Show, Toe Lula, is also on Catster!

If you want to find out more about cat showing or are interested in taking your kitty to a show (remember, they don't have to be purebred-- any cat can enter a Household Pet category) please check out

Also, if you're ever at a cat show in the Chicagoland area, please come and say hi if you see us! :)


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