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Reflections of Rue Rue

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Mom Steps Forward

January 22nd 2014 11:12 am
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If you would like to keep in touch us I put my Facebook name up. We live in Harpers Ferry, Wv. Thank you all for all the support through out the years. It is so sad for this wonderful site and community that was unsurpassed by any copy cats to go and become another dead magazine that many will not care about.

They just cancelled our subscription today. They owe me but they can keep it since they need it so bad.

We haven't been active lately but it hurts just the same to loose all the friends we have made through the love of our cats and dogs, many moms have passed on as well so that be harder for us. It all was real and it all will continue. In quantum theory, everything is constantly moving and that is why we have moved together in this community and we will always have the remembrance that will help us move on.

We can make albums of our cats on FB and PM each other for advice or purrs when we need help. Catster is leaving us we a not leaving each other.

See you all soon after you have saved all your memories.

Brenda and Bellz .... making me do boo boos. : )



December 17th 2012 6:53 pm
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I am so excited!! MOm and I were just napping and we got up and turned the Christmas tree on. Funny to see that we have Christmas pictures on from a couple of years ago.

Well, we all are OK. Bellz is hiding on mom because since he got sick (he is better now) she lavished him with love and now he is spoiled rotten more then ever.

Mom has developed cat allergies more then ever and has to go get shots. I keep licking her and she doesn't react but her eyes get weepy. She has red "Raccoon Eyes".

I hope everyone has a Magickal Catmas!

Maybe Santa Paws will come. I see a surprise for me under the tree. Mom says she isn't going to wrap it.

PS. Mom says my wall licking is worse then ever.


Dairy In Progress

December 7th 2012 9:34 am
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Cat Of The Day

December 27th 2011 12:05 pm
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Oh, I am so excited!! Oh....I missed my special day...oh.....where was my momma!!!

She was on the other site with humans instead of us kitties. She did not know...oh....I am so happy!!

I don't know what to say...and for a meezer that is not normal...

I am going to get spoiled!!!

Thank you all for my gifts...I am so speechless.....we will thank you all individually...soon..oh....

MOM!!!!! Where is my sparkle ball!!! I feel so happy!! Thank you all agian!!!!

Love, Rue Rue



November 3rd 2011 9:30 pm
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Just opened a can of Purina One Turkey Smart Blend cat food. Molded. Can had good vacuum.
I bought it at Martins in Charles Town, WV. I don't see the UPC listed on Purina's Recall list. I am not opening anymore cans. They are not getting this brand in the future. BEWARE!! UPC #17800 14613


Smacked The Pug

March 8th 2011 9:59 am
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Today I smacked her (Claws in) cuz see was looking at me. I knew she wanted to go for me first but I beat her to the draw. Mom was brushing us and she was impatient that's all. She just has to learn to be patient. Dogs seem to lack this skill.

My page needs new pictures as mom just gets lazy and rotates them. How many of your mom's and dad's got this bug mom says she has? She won't let me see it so I am sure I can't play with it. This bugs sure likes tissues cuz they are all over the house.

Spring is coming!! I can hear the tree frogs already!!


I Have Been Taggeded!

January 31st 2011 8:06 am
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My friend Eddy tagged me. I am suppose to list the 5 most annoying things that bother me. She sent me a football so here it is, 15, 22, 33 Hike!

I get annoyed (just a little)

5. When the pug gets on the bed.
4. Soggy sparkle balls (pug spit)
3. When all the heating ducts are taken up.
2. When mom pets me when I tinkle. (Sorry)
1. When I puke up my food from eating too much too fast. (Again sorry)

Mom has been taken care of 4-6 feral kitties outside. She makes them chicken legs once a week. They are pretty fat for ferals. They get regular cat food too so they have their vitamins.

I feel sorry for them they don't get to have their own heating ducts. I know! I will meditate on sunshine for them!

Now I am off to tag some friends!


Dear Rue Rue

December 19th 2010 3:32 pm
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Sweet gurl, I have intercepted your diary. I just thought I'd say just because mommy wants a Pug does not mean she does not want you. XOXOX

I am very blessed to have you in my life. The morning we left to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving, I left five sparkle balls on the recliner. When we came back two days later, you left those same five sparkle balls on the side of the bed. When I woke up to see those I know you knew. Since then you have been glued to me.

This Christmas I just want you to be happy and healthy. No store bought item is worth mentioning here as we all know on Catster, you guys are our most precious gift. We know all gifts have a price. So to all our Catster friends: "You all are priceless and highly valued to us!"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Brenda and Family


Birthday Tree!

December 6th 2010 7:45 am
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I would like to thank all my friends for my birthday presents. Fluffy and Alex mom had dad pick me up a couple of toys. The one was a mouse with a tail that made it move. It broke on the third pull so dad is taking it back. I really liked it too. I got big pom poms too.
Mom and dad sang "Happy Birthday" to me as the woke me up from my nap. I was surprised. I thought they were never going to stop singing. They made me feel very special to them as my brother and sisters were just watching.

Then I saw all my gifties on my page. Thank you every one!! I appreciate you thoughtfulness as does mom. She says we are very lucky to have your friendships.

We will be sending thank yous today.

We also got a tree in the corner of the house. I think this tree was always around my birthday so it must be mine too.

Love ya's,

Rue Rue

MS. Mom would like to send Catmas Cards out and if you need her addy please p-mail here. I will send you a sparkle ball!


December 5th 2010 9:17 am
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Is it my Birthday??? MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could you forget?! Well, no wonder I am loving on her today. I am so happy to be in a nice warm home. What more could I want?? My Catster friends that's what!!!

Thanks Zoey and Murray!!! XOXOXOX

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