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February 12th 2014 4:12 pm
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The Bellz worked hard and feberllishly to save all things into the evening and then the dawns early light. Now they say we are staying. Let me think.OK dun.

Thank you~ The Bellz is purring louder then thunder!!


Mom Steps Forward

January 22nd 2014 11:15 am
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If you would like to keep in touch us I put my Facebook name up. We live in Harpers Ferry, Wv. Thank you all for all the support through out the years. It is so sad for this wonderful site and community that was unsurpassed by any copy cats to go and become another dead magazine that many will not care about.

They just cancelled our subscription today. They owe me but they can keep it since they need it so bad.

We haven't been active lately but it hurts just the same to loose all the friends we have made through the love of our cats and dogs, many moms have passed on as well so that be harder for us. It all was real and it all will continue. In quantum theory, everything is constantly moving and that is why we have moved together in this community and we will always have the remembrance that will help us move on.

We can make albums of our cats on FB and PM each other for advice or purrs when we need help. Catster is leaving us we a not leaving each other.

See you all soon after you have saved all your memories.

Brenda and Bellz .... making me do boo boos. : )


Good Bye?

January 16th 2014 2:28 pm
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The Bellz is so bumbed out about Catster going away.

He wants everyone to know he loves you all and appreciates everything you have done for him and his family.

I piss on twitter and facebook for this!!!!

Keep in touch on that site for mom. We need to stick together.

Mom is Brenda Christensen if you please.

ALl purss and headbonks in the world,



Not to good today

November 19th 2012 5:50 pm
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Mom notices I have a cold sore on my nose. I am fighting a nasty virus. Mom also said I am pale and lethargic. She is worried. I am on the right now. She has the cat DVD on and I am sleeping after some yogurt. Seems the antibiotics are giving me a tummy aches.

I didn't eat as much as mom would have liked. Rue Rue is crying outside the bedroom door. Mom says she can't come in as she is not sure what is going on with me. I will be trying to eat later via the syringe again. blah!

What is a nut house? Mom says she is ready for one.


Feeling Somewhat Better

November 17th 2012 5:52 pm
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I just had to let you all know I am ok. I have lost a bit of weight and I am on a megadose of antibiotics.

The vets gave me all different diagnoses and mom isn't happy. She spent a gazillion bucks trying to figure out what happened. The worse one vet was sure I was on my way to Rainbow Bridge.

With the Power of the Paw I am still hear. My back end is kinda of bad. Mom thinks I feel in the barn. I have bone chips on BOTH knees. It hurts when she touches me back there by my tail. So a combination of a bunch of things threw everyone through a loop.

Mom has a cautious eye on me. She has me in the hot bath the past couple of days. Today she had the heating pad on top of my back and that felt so nice.

Thank you all for your support. It was a hard week. I think I will be ok since I am eating on my own now. I even tried to run out the door but mom stopped me. She got me some grass (My pullin's) and I ate some. Mom says I was ravished by what ever happened to me. Mom has diagnoised me with Lyme Diease or falling ( high impact injury.

Mom will be opening her own practice soon. Mau ahhahaha.


Closet Space

November 11th 2012 3:26 pm
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Hey Guys, It's the Bells.

I am not feeling good at all. I am hiding again in the closet. I know I am not well. Quite frankly I hurt bad.

Mom is crying off and on. She says I am too young and she had so many plans for us. Mom is remembering what she said about Ashely. She said Ashley taught her we would fight and she would lose. She said she is not going to let me go that far.

Of course she will have the nice man at the vet come here if it comes to that. It may and it may very soon.

Mom was imagining how when she had a baby and if she were to stay in natural labor for a week. Now I still have my senses and my sense of humor but it is kind of dulled by pain meds. I do not wish to eat and I am drinking a lot and I can't hardly stand up. Mom cries when she looks in my eyes. Do you know we look inward into our pain. We are not looking at our exterior world.

All I ask is you purr for me. No pressies is necessary. U do appreciate all of them. I want you to purr please for my mom too. She needs pink purrs. I am not afraid. I am loved. We will keep you informed.

Bellzy not Wellzy xox


Thank You

November 10th 2012 7:42 am
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Look at the love my Bellsnickles is receiving!! Thank you all. I know now I need to keep you posted on what is going on. Forgive for now as I am still trying to cope with the sudden news. I also have so many things I need to do. Yesterday was so void of course. I am currently in study for becoming a minister on the federal level. I am doing assignments and traveling up North. I was just finishing my second assignment when I noticed Bellz was hiding(over a week ago). Yesterday, before I even knew Bellz had a terminal illness I was trying to work on my paper and I mistakenly deleted it. I need to have it sent in by Monday YIKES! One stress after another, then when my vet called with his blood work, I had to stop. Just stop and be in the moment so I would not break down. His white count is 46,000. Higher then an average infection and indicative of possible cancer. He always had tummy problems and I was not surprised as I always worried this may happen. As you all know, no one is ready to except it when the diagnosis does come.

So, I need to keep it together today and do this assignment and when I am done I will start updating his diary. You all deserve to know and I need ya's!!

Thank you Judy for starting the support process. This community is the best!!

I just know one thing for sure, E.R. hospitals need to be addressed for their astronomical services. I used to work in one and they are not like the ones I am famailer with. We applied for Care Credit and they most be working with each other because I just can't justify why they charging double or triple of an ordinary vet. It seems the money goes to architecture and decorating more then the patients health. I can understand the fee for walking in as they have to pay double time for staff but the test all cost the same at the end.

XOX to all,

Brenda and Bellzy


Bellzy Wellzy Upadate

September 10th 2012 6:15 pm
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I was so surprised today when I got a big yellow evelope in the white box. It was a gift from a place in OR.

I don't know where OR is. I thought it a bit confusing. Mom would tell me to eat my food OR she was going to put it away.

This must mean that OR is actually.....away. Away somewhere that can be connected to my houses little white house.

So mom told me it was a gift from my Niece Zoey and Nephew Zack in CA. CA is California. Not to be confused with CA CA. That is what is in the catbox and no way can you mistaken CA CA for Califonia.

I would be eating grass year round in California! Hmmm grass does help me do the CA CA. Is this the missing link? It does come full circle??

Thanks Zoey and Zack for making my day!!!


I'M 12?

February 2nd 2012 8:21 pm
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The Bellz is so honored to be remember on his 12th birthday. I almost thought you all forgotten about me but it was a surprise to see the gifties on my page.

I love my heart Zoey and Family!! Thank you! It looks like it is purring.
Thank you Bibi and Meep for the heart to beat the Winter Blues. It is cold out tonight and I bet it will be getting colder and the Bellz does not like it because it makes his arthritis worse.

Emma and Family thank you for the snowman but we don't have any snow for balls here. So you may have to bring your own balls. Mau ahhaha.

I love my shrimps from Midnight and Family and Rufus and Family. You guys are great. The Bellz loves to eat!!!

Murray and Family, Thank you for my cuppy cake! Mom has been making them and I can't eat the real ones but she let me pose with one with icing on my nose. It was OK. I like cat chow way better.

Mom can not believe I am 12 I have no idea how old I am but she says my age is showing and she is getting a bit sad. I still love to dash out the door but since the tragic event she won't let me stay out anymore. That sucks!! The Bellz loves you all and hopes to get some recent pictures up for you.

Much love,



Rotton Food? Me?

November 13th 2011 7:43 pm
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OK so mom puts up a picture of a can of moldy food and she forgets....she forgets that my main pictures shows up to all as "The Bellz".

Well, I don't think it was so cool of mom to make me look like a rotton, moldy can of turkey what ever you call it. "Hi, I am Bellz! Rotten to the core." Mom says I am spoiled rotten. Is this an oxymoron?

Ahhh, What ever. I won't let that nasty picture bother me. The Bellz is too cool.....can't help it. It's just the way I sway.

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