Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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We are okay!

June 20th 2012 10:18 am
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We are all fine and dry! Since Duluth (where we live) is being declared a federal emergency (flooding), I thought I'd better let everybody know we are just fine. Most of the bad scary stuff is on the other side of town from us. We do have a new water feature in our sun room. Mom says it's our indoor waterfall!

Captain Morgan ran all over the house screaming "We be takin' on water! The ship be sinkin'!" Purrseus ran around purring at the puddles and rivers in the basement. Moose hasn't noticed anything weird going on, and is merrily bathing himself... And me? I'm TERRIFIED! Captain screaming had my hackles up, and now there's a dehumidifier going in the sun room. I'm just all whimpers and twitches... I need more potatoes.


Sparkman holds a conversation with himself.

June 11th 2012 8:27 pm
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Mom took a bath. And sometimes when Mom or Dad go into that self torture chamber; I just can't stand it. I sit on the side of the tub and SCREAM at them! Sometimes Mom can't get a word in edgewise, I'm so upset and howl/screaming. I mean, it's HORRIBLE! Water EVERYWHERE!

This time she grabbed up her magic little box thing [cell phone] and messed with it while I yelled at her. Then she did something with that magic box thing and it was telling me all of it's problems! They're the same as mine! But of course it didn't sound like me. I'm way more manly and intelligent sounding than that... But me and the box had a good long howl/scream with each other. And then I purred at it and tried to comfort it by rubbing my face on it, giving it kitten kisses. Then my brother PurrC came chirping into the room. He jumped over to sit by me and lick my forehead. He's a good brother. He comes when I sound distressed and tries to help with whatever I'm doing.

Then we both sat there and tried to fish Mom out of the water. Why does she DO that?! Humans are so strange.


Catnip BED!

June 9th 2012 11:05 am
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It sure is rough being the cutest tiniest orangist cat in the house. It's exhausting. And sometimes, I just need to escape and lounge... This morning I insisted that Mom take me outside and to the catnip bed. The people who lived in our house before us apparently had a raised bed JUST for catnip! It's great. I just go out there and lounge and bury my nose in a green sprig of 'nip. The other guys try and join me, but I'm a crab when I'm on catnip. I kinda swat and hiss at people. "MY catnip!" So Mom usually puts me over there for a while, then switches me out for one of my brothers and then another brother... It's a pretty happening place, the catnip bed. And I literally use it for a bed. Sweet 'nip dreams!!! Purrrrrrs!


My Mom Came Back!

May 30th 2012 4:00 pm
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My staycation is over! Mom came home!!! I totally thought she'd gotten lost out there and that we hadn't microchipped her, and Dad wasn't putting up "lost Mom" signs nor checking the local shelters.... Dad was here for most of the last three weeks, but we all know that Mom is the greatest. She lets me sleep on her pillow, she plays fetch with me in the morning, she gives the good neck scratches, and she's the one who doles out the potatoes. I do love a good long staycation, but that was ridiculously long. I'm napping on her suit case so she can't leave ever again... How much purring does it take to convince Mom never to leave ever again!?!


Mouse Patrol: Mission Canceled!

April 16th 2012 8:53 am
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We still haven't caught that mouse. And after a day or so, we all got bored and stopped staking out the joint. Mom's still leaving those cabinets near the dishwasher open for us, but we're not squeezing in there any more... Mom thinks maybe the mouse wised up and decided not to move into a house of four cats. That, or Mom says one of us got it and ate all of it. (Not really our style, but she will believe anything we tell her! And I am all about telling Mom what great hunters we all are.) So unfortunately, that is one mouse that got away.

In better news; a pair of big woodpeckers are digging out a hole to nest in! It's right outside the kitchen window, so we can all sit on the kitchen table and watch them throw wood chips out and fly back and forth. It's a great new kitty window T.V. show that we have. Mom and Dad are also addicted to it. (Sorry Tabbies O'Trout Towne... Without that mouse; we're forced to watch birds.)


Mouse Patrol!

April 13th 2012 8:06 pm
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I think there's a mouse in the house! And so do all my brothers. How can Mom not hear it back there behind the dishwasher?! The 4 of us are all lined up along the cupboard's edge and drooling. We're discussing who should take which shift tonight for a mouse patrol stake out... And Mom just walks over and goes "Do you guys have a mouse?! Keep up the good work, little hunters." Then she opens the adjoining cupboard door for us and walks away... Mom!!! Can't you move the dishwasher too!?! Oh this is going to be a long night. That mouse better not be after my potatoes.


Sparkman & the Furry Laptop.

April 5th 2012 2:47 pm
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It's been years and years of me being on Catster. And Mom knows it's now where near my catster annifursary or anything... She was just logging on to help me check up on my friends, visit a few groups, check my pawmail and realized that she and I have been doing this for YEARS!

She'll be online doing whatever it is humans do online, when I come over and sit on her lap. I purr and knead and snuggle and remind her that computer time is really cat cuddle time. And that whatever she's doing is unimportant compared to spending time with me... Then I fall asleep and she helps me log onto Catster. I kinda lay on her watching her fingers type (biting her arm a little if she moves around too much). And that's how we write and post photos... Yup. This is one furry laptop.


Sparkman found the first catnip of the spring!

March 13th 2012 11:36 am
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WHOA! Big excitement outside today... I braved the lingering snow patches and made my way over to the flower bed. There's some dirt and dead sticks I like rolling in over there. And there was a nice little surprise peaking up at me: the first sprig of CATNIP! Captain Morgan came over to check out what I was excitedly digging the dead stuff away from/for. He immediately just backed off and went back to him climbing the lilac tree/bush/thing project. I dug that little plant out and purred and purred and PURRED at it. Then I ate it. Then I rolled around on it's roots and dirt and purred and purred... Mom came over and tried to tell me something about waiting for more than a tiny sprig... I of course just ignored whatever it was she was trying to say... I found the first catnip sprout! Do I win a prize?! Purrrrr!


Happy Birthday Captain Morgan!

February 22nd 2012 7:24 am
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Captain Morgan's having a birthday! I hope this means a good stroller and leash walk later on. For right now he's busy watching the bird feeder and sunning himself. I've spent the morning following him around and licking his head. I just love my Captain! I'm so glad he's turning 7. Purrrrs!


I'm Dreamboat #78a!!!

February 17th 2012 5:56 pm
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Oh, WOW! I have been named Samoa's Dreamboat #78! That is, 78a to be exact. Click here to read Samoa's wonderful words about nominating me and my brothers dreamboats #78! It's such a great honor and surprise. I think it's up there with when I was cat of the week years ago... I mean, it's Samoa! She's Catster royalty big time! I think she invented the boa. And how she puts up with Newman, I don't know. He's crazier than me. Well, minus that whole goat habit of mine... She likes calling herself a princess, but Captain says he thinks she is the Queen of Catster. But he might be bias, since he's been flirty with her since he was a kitten.

I just can not believe it! I am a DREAMBOAT! Thank you thank you, Samoa!!!

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