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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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My Morning Bath...

March 8th 2007 6:26 am
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I am just drenched! I love playing in the sink, but this is a little TOO wet. I play in the sink while Dad brushes his teeth and such (Why the heck do humans DO that? They're just going to get dirty again!). I like pawing at the stream of water and taking quick drinks.

So Dad did something to make the water not go down the hole thingie, and I was sitting in there while the water started piling up. So I did what any smart kitty would do! I tried to dig to the bottom of it! It seemed like I was digging forever without progress, the water just kept splashing back on me. Mom and Dad even went and got the camera... What? Never seen a kitten playing with water before?

Finally gave up and jumped to the floor and shook off my paws a little. Then headed right for the litter box! Yeahhhh, MUD!!!! I heard Dad say "good thing we don't use clumping litter!" Clumping? What's that?!


Anonymous Rosette?!

March 7th 2007 8:51 am
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Anonymous Rosette?! So exciting!!! Moose was all purrs after his first and now we both have new ones!!!!! Thanks secret admirer!!!

*back flip*



Pirate Climbing 101

March 7th 2007 5:51 am
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So yesterday the humans did laundry and set up the new drying rack thing... It's really a kitty jungle gym, and this one's twice as tall!!!! So Captain tells me to wait and he's all acting cute around Mom and sweet around Dad... So I knew he was planning something!

So when Dad was in the computer room and Mom in the shower, the Captain made his first move... He shot right to the top of the drying rack and climbed onto the hall closet's door frame! He looks down at me blinking and trying to tell me something, but he's so danged far away that I'm all deaf and confused. Better climb up to him to hear what he's saying...

But before I can figure out how, I get nervous and start chirping at him. Then I try and swing onto the first rung of the rack, chirping all the way. So Mom comes out in a towel to see why I'm chirping and starts scolding me to stay off... ME? Look at HIM!

She goes back into the bathroom and I can hear the Captain snickering an evil pirate chuckle up there. So I start chirping and trying to climb again... I'm just not as skilled as Captain, so I gave up and started just throwing socks off the rung I could reach.

Mom comes out again and I just freeze, put on a cute face. The rack wobbles a bit and I watch Mom's eyes slowly climb up to see the Captain, Perched on top of the rack and door frame! All she yells out is "CAPTAIN!" He just yelps a little kitten mew and then jumps down all that way!!! He's SUCH a talented pirate! How the heck does he do those things?! And get away with them!!!!?! I have so much to learn.


Good Night for Blanket Liberation Front!

March 6th 2007 7:17 am
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It was a good night for my blanket stealing antics!!! I got the first off before Mom and Dad were asleep, so Dad brought it back... More fun for me!!!

So I got that quilty buttoned one into the hall and proceeded to pounce and purr loudly... If you want to get to the bathroom or litter box, you must pass the kitten blanket fort of doom! Toll is one ankle biting. Maybe two... or four...

Then I went back and pulled off that fringed one again, but I just didn't feel like dragging it out to my fort. So I stashed it behind the laundry bin and went back out to my quilted fort... Slept and pounced all night long! Moose and Captain are just exhausted this morning. I really gave them a run for the litter box! Ha ha!!!

So then this morning, I bounced in and noticed NEW blankets on the bed?! Are Mom and Dad adding on blankets to combat my nightly thefts? Crazy! So I got a light blue one by the corner and dragged its floppy self half way off the bed and over the cedar chest.

Then I got distracted by this bump of a mouse like thing running under the other covers... That is I got distracted until I realized it was just Mom's foot. Well, I've tasted THAT before!

So I grabbed the blue and white blanket and tried jumping straight up in the air to pull it off. Not such good results on that move, I was basically bouncing my back legs and tail all over while my head stayed anchored to the bed... I changed tactics after 15 minutes of bouncing, and went to pull on the corner of that ones too. But Mom is so sneaky!

She reached up and grabbed me and started rubbing my stomach... I was nearly in such a state of bliss that I forgot my blanket stealing mission. But I suddenly remembered and jumped off and retreated to the fort! Just in time too, cause that Mom human was heading to the bathroom... ATTACK!!!!


Mystery SOLVED!

March 5th 2007 3:02 pm
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I, the amazing gifted and hypurrrrrr super kitten, have solved the mystery of the "Active" List!!!!! It could have taken a lot of flying backwards around the planet and digging Lois Lane out of a big cracking earthquake fracture, but being the super kitten... I prefer to climb to the tops of high mountains and ask robed monks the answers to life's tough questions... Like why can't Captain and I get cheese at every meal?

So, I was getting mighty curious about that whole "Active" list on the Diaries page (What with me AND Captain being on it!). So Mom and I paw-mailed Catster HQ!!!
Here's what they said:

"The active diaries are those with the most entries over the last month.
Thanks for loving Catster. We love you right back!


Isn't Catster just the best at its reply emails?!

Super kitten detective & BWAB COT-MONTH!


Introducing the Bat the Nose Game!!

March 5th 2007 6:37 am
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Stealing blankets, biting ankles, back flipping, bathtub licking, curtain climbing, radiator stealing, potato baby sitting, orange ball wars, mousie fetch, arctic adventures, and button biting were just not keeping me busy enough. So I invented a new game!!! It's one for when the humans are asleep.

It requires the stealth of a tiger, the agility of a puma, and the goofiness of a camel... My Mom seems to make the best victim. (But only when Dad's out of the room. For some reason he interrupts my new sport) So Mom's laying on her pillow asleep and I have to walk quietly, if I purr she wakes up. (Which results in cuddling. which isn't bad, but totally not part of the game)

So I sneak up, and try REALLY hard not to step on the blankets or pillow too hard... closer... closer... Then bat her on the nose!!!! Before she wakes up angry, I start purring really hard and just lightly touch her nose with my wet little nose. If all goes well she'll pull me under the covers for cuddling. But if she ignores me, I just grab her hair and start running off with it in my mouth! THAT wakes her up!



Snow Snow SNOW!!!

March 2nd 2007 2:56 pm
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WOW! So last night was terrifying, there was wind there was lightning, and there was SNOW! The humans were out shoveling so early that the guys and I were still sleeping... Mom let us out on the porch eventually and I was just amazed!

I thought that when a few flakes of this stuff fell it was exciting; and then the other night when they let me run around in the shoveled path I thought it was exciting; but NOW it's just amazing! The drifts the humans shoveled through are past their waists, the piles they made by shoveling are as tall as them.

Now earlier when I made that mad dash, Mom said she could see where I was because the tip of my tail was taller than the snow. So theres my tail running along behind me and giving me away (I gave it a good biting for that). But NOW when I make a mad dash, I am WELL HIDDEN! Ha ha!!! If only they'd let us out again! What fun we'd have!!!! Gotta make my escape plots. I bet Captain's game for this one!



Thanks Peeps!

March 1st 2007 8:03 am
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Ha ha!!! So exciting!!! Captain Morgan and I BOTH are on the active diary list today!!! I'm so excited that I'm bragging! (Ringing my own catnip bell ball toy)

So thanks for reading, all you lovers of super kitten crazy adventures!!!

Purrs and bonks

ps-- Mom keeps putting wet clothes from outside on my radiator... so fun to cuddle in her hat and snow pants!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


My Polar Expedition!

February 28th 2007 6:05 am
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OH MY GOSH! Mom and Dad let us outside last night!!! Now, they've been letting us on the glassed in porch (that Capt. Morgan has all these crazy names for like "crows nest" it's not a nest at all!), but they usually leave the door shut tight. The best we can do is sniff at the breeze that comes through the old window panes. We've been having this snow storm in Duluth for a few days now... Moose was the one who convinced them to let us out, I'm sure of it!

He was digging at the window glass (like he does whenever he sees Dad on the other side), when Mom just up and says "Awww, lets let the babies out to see the snow! How far can they go?" Heee heee heee

So at first we have them fooled, we're just sitting and walking calmly on the stairs. Then Moose starts to dangle over the railing and Mom and Dad are watching him like hawks... So Capt. Morgan and I start a fairly good gallop! Silly parents had just shoveled out the snow along the sideways and driveway... So I charged in one direction down the walkway and Morgan down the other! What fun, right?! No planning, we just went with it! It was sheer brilliance. Morgan says I'm totally on my way to being a real Pirate and not just a Scallywag!

So Dad chased me all the way to the neighbor's front walkway and I was climbing into their big bush looking for snow monsters to battle or birds to eat, just about anything at all that could make this expedition into the snow an adventure, when these huge hands grabbed me!

I was terrified! I struggled and twisted around and back flipped and almost hissed and then ran full speed back to the sidewalk, back to our walk way and right back into the house!!! Then slightly winded and terrified I turned around to see that it was just Dad... He was following me with this concerned but slightly amused expression... how embarrassing! Those cloth covered things were really HIS hands?!

But really?! What was he doing grabbing people and startling them in that strange land of the outside! And in that white deep SNOW no less! Hmpf! You need more manners than that, Dad! I know how to get him back though... It's blanket stealing time!!!


Potato Baby and Blanket Adventures Continue!...

February 27th 2007 9:20 am
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I have a pet potato now. He's soft and over ripe, so Mom said I could keep him for a little while! (In truth I wasn't leaving that potato sac she brought out without a potato friend! Captain taught me that scurvy trick!) So now I chase it around and bunny kick it with my back feet... Mom says I have potato breath most of the day lately. But it's just so fun! How did I live without a potato friend!?! I highly encourage all cats to kidnap wayward veggies.

In other news, Dad tried to resist my nightly blanket snatching by holding onto the end of the quilty blanket as I pulled it off the bed last night. But not worry! I quickly showed him who's king of the blankets! He fell asleep, and I stole TWO! He woke up shivering and telling Mom we need more blankets on the bed. You know what that means?! More blankets for me to steal!!! What a nice guy, that Dad of mine! Ha ha!

gotta get back and check on the potato baby...

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