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Sadie Hawkins Week at Navin and Buds Group!!!

March 23rd 2007 3:29 pm
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Hello! It has come to my superhero sized attention that over at our group page for Navin and Buds, theres been some confusion about our Sadie Hawkins week! As in, people missed Navin's original email about it and don't know how to participate... and others just don't know Sadie Hawkins!!!

So below is Navin's original email about the sporting fun free love fest going on, and below that you'll find my abbreviated kitten styled history of the legendary Sadie Hawkins (I did research!!!)... enjoy!

************************************************** *************
Woot! Woot! Party time!!!!! After gleaning ideas and inputs from our Buds and from my esteemed Admins (without which there would be no Navin and Buds), I have decided to throw a Sadie Hawkins week here at Navin and Buds....beginning tomorrow (or before if you are so inclined?) and ending next week with a meet and greet in our forums......a little chatter, dancing, milk and nip?
Nutshell version is this: there are NO rules. Except one: have a good time and make friends! I love the Sadie Hawkins idea because my mommy thinks it's cute and also I like the idea of the ladies chasing the boys ggrrrwoooooowwwrr! BUT, that is only a suggestion and not a guideline. The idea is to look around at all the different Buds, visit their pages, leave a treat, a paw-mail, a cyber-smoochy or just a friendly hello. .....I know some of our Buds have steady sweeties and are even married which is very continental! But this is not intended to be "dating" thing or a hooking up for "serious" relationship thing...of course if that is what happens for you then HURRAY & Congrats! You can be anonymous or not...your choice. It is just for fun and I would dearly love to see our new members and shyer Buds come out and play as well!
Now don't be shy! And you can cyber-smooch or hello as many Buds as you want and whoever you want!!!!
Go forth and have fun my Buds! Party on!

Navin R. Johnson-Davis

******************************************* ***********************
Who is this Sadie Hawkins? Was she a dragon slayer? A dynamic super kitten like myself? The inventor of such magnificent inventions as the cat drinking fountain? How bout the first emperor of the Tang dynasty in China!? Alas, no...

Sadie Hawkins was a "homely" character in a 1930s comic strip. When she was 35 and afraid of dying an old maid, her father declared November 13th Sadie Hawkins Day. All the eligible bachelors in the area were gathered together along a starting line. When the gun went off, they all ran and Sadie ran after them. Whomever she caught had to marry her! Which probably wasn't so bad because I hear that if you make an ugly woman your wife, you'll be happy for the rest of your life.

And as to the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, that great honor goes to Li Yuan who lead a rebellion against the Sui Dynasty. He ruled from 618 to 626 when Li Yuan's overeager son Li Shimin (aka Tang Taizong) killed him... Wow...

Aren't you glad you read my diary TODAY!?!

If you want to join in on the Navin and Buds fun but aren't a member, just pawmail me! Purrrssss!


Thanks for the rosette kisses!!!

March 23rd 2007 6:47 am
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Thanks for the smooches mysterious Sadie Hawkins kitty!!!! I asked Mom what a "smooch" was and I think she slimed me ear! Poor ear. I'll go dry it by biting her ankles... Ha ha!!!



Quick Operation Blanket Theft Update...

March 22nd 2007 8:05 am
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BONUS SCORE this morning!!! While pulling off my usual buttoned quilty blanket, I managed to tangle it up and when Mom went to put it back on the bed... She also had to pick up the following:

- the fringed wool blanket
- Dad's pajama pants
- Dad's pajama top
- three random socks that don't match
- a candy cane (Mom says it improves my breathe)
- a red knit catnip mouse
- Mom's brown sweater
- a toilet paper tube I stole from the garbage.

Dang! No wonder that blanket was so heavy to drag out into the hall this morning! I was dragging half the household with it!!! Why do those silly humans have such a hard time keeping this house clean?!

*sigh* The work of a blanket stealing kitten is never done.



Stinky Coffee!!!

March 21st 2007 6:30 am
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Mom was getting out the cow milk for her coffee and I was right there calling "Me tooooo! Me TOOOOOOOOO!!! Mawwwwww!" Then I flashed my cute little wide eyes at her, whimpered, and she caved. I heard those humans talking about "weening" me... What the heck does that mean?! It's just a little cow milk!

So she poured me my little sushi cup full and then went to put the jug back into the fridge. I drank a little and then decided to save the rest for later. I walked over to the hall and sat licking my paw clean, purring in glory.

Mom was pouring her coffee in her cup and I was waiting to laugh at her (Mom usually spills coffee somewhere on the counter or floor!). Well, I heard the tell tale spilling of the coffee out of the brew pot and looked up to see the most offensive place she's ever spilled the coffee before--right into my milk cup!!! Mom! I wasn't finished with that!!! And now it's all half coffee and half milk?! It looks like YOUR cup!

So I did what any self-respecting kitten would do, I ran in the room and sat beside her objecting. I sniffed at my cup and laid my ears back. I yelled at her and tried to bury the stinky coffee! And Mom was just so useless, she couldn't stop laughing!

She dumped out my coffee poisoned milk and I was so disgusted. I walked off in a huff and just waited by the fish tank for fish food. Rude human. I mean, I get so few treats during the day! hmpf! Wheres my fish food?


Moose Chi Meets NINJA KITTEN!!!

March 20th 2007 6:36 am
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Okay so Mom has started doing this yoga stuff every morning and Moose is like WAY too into it. So so Mom gets out the mat and Moose is all purrs and running up to her "Oh, Mom! It's YOGA time!" And then they both roll around on the floor for twenty minutes and watch this video with this weird guy doing weird poses... I am sooo confused. Moose is starting to mimic Mom even and do the poses she does. But I think Moose needs those funny glasses things. Mom will do the "downward dog" position and Moose stretches and sticks up his butt right beside her. She'll do "Cobblers pose" and Moose is there lying on his back and wiggling around his legs... But then almost every pose is just him laying on his back and shifting weight from one side of his rump to the other!! Mom's moving around doing other stuff too Moose, heads up dude!!!

Now I know they're both exhausted at the end of these sessions, so I guess its exercise... but it's just all too zen and peace loving for me! I like a full out kitten aerobic attack without mercy!!! And while they're rolling around on the floor trying to find their inner chi, there I am all posed and ready in my ninja like fashion to grab and chew and kick and decimate Mom's pony tail hair! Ha ha!! I even got the rubber band thingie off of it the other day! I know, I'm like totally ninja stealth cool!

And Moose being all peaceful and relaxed is just purrrr-fect for the kitten spring attack from the couch! Today I landed right smack in the middle of his belly with all four paws! Ha! Take THAT Moose chi!!!!



Catfood Recall...

March 18th 2007 10:23 am
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I am so glad to see that this info has been buzzing around Catster!!!! But just in case anyone who reads my diary hasn't heard, here's my kitten styled reporting of the recall:

************************************************* ******
Why are we scared? Because our vets recommend Iams to so many of us as a safe healthy alternative to so many catfoods out there that do horrible things to kitties... I eat Iams dry, and all my cousins and uncles eat Iams wet and dry! Have for years! And now to hear that something sold under it's name is killing pets and being recalled is horrifying. Shame on you, Iams!

The recall is for "Iams and Eukanuba as well as other non-P&G brands" produced by Menu Foods.

The Iams website is flooded today and it's taking a long time to load. So after much sitting with Mom and biting my tail, I finally got the important info and am passing it along!

DRY FOOD, GRAVY, AND TREATS ARE NOT BEING RECALLED. But canned wet food and wet food in pouches are. So get all the Iams wet out of th cupboard and gather round!!

"To read can product codes, refer to the bottom of the can. The first four numbers of the second line of numbers are the date code, and the following four numbers indicate the plant code.

For example, if the second line begins with four numbers from 6339 to 7073 followed by the plant code 4197, then the can should be recalled.

For foil pouches, the code numbers are located at the lower left hand corner on the back of the pouch. The date and plant codes appear in the third group of numbers, beginning an 11-digit sequence. See and for illustrated details. Review the list of involved products here."


Sneaky Humans!!!

March 18th 2007 6:55 am
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All my plans were foiled because the humans managed to eat their corned beef while I was zonked for my after dinner nap! Darn. Luckily Captain said I won't have to wait till next year-- theres a second corned beef in the freezer! Ha ha!!!

tricky sneaky humans! Pahhhhhh!!!!


Me friends call me Sparkman O'Leary McOrangebottom!!!

March 16th 2007 10:37 am
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Happy St Pattie's day all you McKitties out there!!! My friend Busbee O'Beefcake McBullycat is giving out names in the "Rowdy Naughty Bawdy Cats and Dogs" group!!! He's so talented that I'm laughing my orange bottom off!!!

And just so you know, I saw that grocery bag with the corned beef come in the house. Mom had to forcibly extract me from the bag before sticking it in the fridge... I got BIG plans for that meat!!!! Just wait and see! Ha ha!

Heres a few favorite names in no apparent order:
Phoebe McPurbox O'Troublemaker
Kiowa O'Swooner McDreamy
Miss Tiger O' Woods
Rachel McWhinesalot O'Sweetie
Lucy O'Hairy McFurbottom
Sparkle O'My Shenanigans
Bastess O'Sun McGoddess
Stony O'Sweetie McStripeycat
Buster O'Feedme McPickyarse
Pony O'Hairless McBarebottom
Glory O' Gooseryer McPooper
Boxie'O Brown McMutter
Jack O'Hidey McJumpycat
Edgarina O' Hissy


Re-Discovered the Best Pillow Ever!

March 15th 2007 6:42 am
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In case you forgot, as I did for a week or so there... the BEST pillow in the world is (drum roll please) CAPTAIN MORGAN'S FEET! He's a compulsive bather of his white parts (which include his feet and toes) so they never smell of litter or anything. And they're the perfect height. And WARM. And soft... And they're just such great pillows that when Captain moved off the radiator to the carpet, and then to the couch... I just followed right along napping and cuddling up to his great pillow feet!!! Ahh, man... This is the life!

Stop moving, Captain!


TOYS Toys Everywhere!!!!

March 14th 2007 8:19 am
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Mom and Dad rearranged the furry-niture in the living room, and I was AMAZED at how many toys I've lost under that couch thing! The whole area under the couch, there was like this shadow made up of all mousies, balls, springy toys, catnip toys, pom poms, pines cones, even sticks and string I'd lost!!! It was truly like a buried treasure. Captain's so excited he's been wrestling this red string mouse most of yesterday, and I've been playing fetch with my newly recovered cloth mouse! Moose is just happy that there's more floor space with the new arrangement for him and Mom to do their yoga... How DOES he bend like that?! He is just an amazing yogi!!!


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