Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Purrs of a Wild Crazy Ninja Like Kitten...

June 27th 2007 5:24 am
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Purrs Everybody! Thanks for the love!

Thank you so much for all the paw mails and rosies and praises on my various club pages! You make a kitty feel so special! Purrrrs! Captain Morgan, Moose, and I celebrated with a big kitty brawl and catnip roll all over the carpet. Mom purposely made herself a dinner with potatoes, so I could have a treat! Yum!!! Oh, and she let me try cumber last night too... Those waxy skins aren't half bad!

Then last night I used my mad pillow stealing skills to steal Mom's pillow... I went into the litter box (Which Mom was supposed to clean out before bed), got all perfume-y. Then climbed onto Mom's pillow for a long drawn out bath. Mom woke up and winced at my ripe oder. Then slid off the pillow and just let me have the whole thing to myself!!! This is great. I gotta remember this strategy when the litter gets ripe again... But for some reason she woke up and changed the litter box out before she made that coffee stuff even?! Weird.


Where it's at: Sparkman reports on pillow sleeping.

June 23rd 2007 6:24 am
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I think I've found the best place to sleep on that whole big bed the humans sleep on... It's on their PILLOWS! I just wait till they're asleep and then snuggle up by Mom's head. It helps to rest my rump on her face, but she wakes up and gets mad. Usually mumbles something about a liter box smell and shoves my rear away from her nose. So I just settle for sleeping on the pillow she's not on, and then I slowly shift my tail over her head. Purr. Chew on her hair. Sleeping humans are so much more fun! I mean you can totally stick a claw into their ear without them noticing!

But the hard part is waking them up. I mean, sometimes I really have to swat at Mom 's nose with my claws out just to make her open those eyes. She's as bad as Captain Morgan! And she doesn't have that rum-pot excuse he has. Yeesh, what a drunken sailor he can be!

But back to the humans... They just are so groggy that sometimes they even rely on this LOUD machine to wake them up. It goes BUZZZZ! And I just flatten my ears and stick claws into Mom's head, "WAKE UP AND MAKE IT STOP, MOMMMMYYY!!!" Moose heads for the hills when he hears it, and the Captain is so weird. He just rolls over, looks at them, decides if they're both getting up or just one, and then repositions himself cuddled up to the feet of whomever is staying in bed... How can he STAND that thing?!


Happy Birthday!

June 21st 2007 7:44 am
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Happy Birthday to Chester!
Happy Birthday to Chester!
Happy Birthday, happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy...

Happy Second Birthday, big brother!

Purrs & Back Flips

ps-- When Chester was around, he had a favorite stand of flowers in the garden. They were yellow lilies that he used to walk up to, pull down with one paw and just gently sniff. We call them the "Chester Lilies." You can see a picture of one on his page! The Chester Lilies just started blooming this week, in his honor.


Whoa What a Great Safari!

June 21st 2007 6:25 am
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I bet many of my adoring fans had no idea that I was on a Safari!!!! WITH all my brothers, even! I myself have been chewing on my new catnip wonton so much that I barely remember. (Thank you, Grand-human-ma! That new rope knitted wonton is Ninja proof!)

Apparently I got some nice back flips going on a Hippo. (Yes, yes I am VERY talented) And Morgan and Moose rode on a tortoise and and Chester brought tuna sandwiches for everybody!!! We are such a lively crew. But we were definitely awe-ed by the huge beautiful jungle.

If you want to read more about the cool safari, go to Navin's Diary and read all about it! The mighty Navin Coug organized and reported on the whole thing. He even wrote us a cool song about it!... I'm still humming...

Thanks for the great time, Navin!


They left us all alone!!!!

June 19th 2007 2:42 pm
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Mom and Dad LEFT US! I think this is the first time they've EVER left me alone! What were they thinking? I spent days worried, biting my tail, and rolling around crying... Then they just waltz back in the door expecting me to be thrilled and purring?! WRONG!

So Mom comes in, tells me something about something called "camping," and I just roll my eyes at her. Don't even talk to me, human! So she picks me up and is scratching my neck... okay I may have purred a little during that... But then I remembered how rude she was to leave me! I grabbed her hand with my teeth and started bunny kicking her wrist. Die, human!

She shrieked and blew at my face. I HATE that! I glared at her and jumped away. I got half way across the room, when I turned to look at her... All smug and happy with herself for thwarting my attack without mercy. So I just arched my back and laid my ears back and RAN! Full force! Into her neck! Ha! Take THAT human!

And you know what she did?! She pulled me off and threw me back to the other side of the room, then started chasing me with a squirt bottle and yelling like a sailor at me! What the heck did I do?! She's so mean.

Then she went and dabbed at her neck with water and that disinfectant stuff... She's so mellow dramatic! As if those tiny scratches really hurt or anything?! Yeesh, Mom! You're the meanie head who left me, deal with it! I'm still SO mad at her. I mean, it was like two whole days ALONE!


Sparkman the News Kitten!!!

June 1st 2007 6:31 am
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Hello my adoring fans!!!

Here's an article my humans read me that really made me think about making some handy, easy ecological changes in my kitten habits. The second is an article about some people who mistook a bobcat for a cat. And of course, my favorite potato song.

Happy Weekend Everybody!


************************** ****************************************

How To Green Your Pet

Woman unwittingly rescues injured bobcat



Just another night in the life of a goat cat...

May 31st 2007 7:10 am
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Oi! That was the mother of all belly aches! I really do need to cut back on my goat like eating habits... But I really just can not help myself!

It started with a little harmless snacking on the papyrus plant. Then the patch of lawn Mom and Dad brought in for our "greens." Then I got the great idea to eat more seedlings from the cold frame (kinda like a small green house) that Captain Morgan and I collapsed! How were we to know Mom would construct something that Morgan and I couldn't wrestle on top of? Really?! And is it our fault that she left it out where we could do that a second time, breaking her silly cold frame beyond repair? Hey Mom, the porch is for cats to play on; not for growing seeds on!

So I was drooling along towards the cold frame when I found a box of little dirt packs that had failed to sprout. Oh, too fun!!! My favorites are bean sprouts, so I was throwing them around looking for the bean sprouts... Out of luck.

Then I got this great idea! I started carrying the little pods individually into the house and batting them around on that slick hardwood floor! (and onto the carpet and into the bathroom) I chased pounced and swallowed a whole mess of those little dirt packets and left wrappers all over for Mom to find. Spread the rest of the dirt all over the place! Won't Mom and Dad love wall to wall dirt?! That's me, always looking to entertain my bored humans.

Mom and Dad say the dirt and packets and groaned. (Apparently "groan" is human for "yippie!!!") They chased around the dirt and wrappings with that broom toy. That project entertained them for minutes!!!

Mom made dinner and I demanded potato pieces. I sat calmly screaming at her till she delivered on the goods, then screamed for more. All in all I figure I got at least half a raw potato out of her! Score! I like it when she's not paying too much attention to how much potato she gives me!

My stomach was feeling a little full and gas filled. So I paused my eating splurge and skipped dinner... Captain can eat my wet cat food! Dirt and potatoes and papyrus are all so nutritious! After the humans went to bed, I went and chewed a little on one of my toys, swallowing some knitted yarn and a few small sticks I found on the carpet. Good evening snack for a goat... Then I headed for bed.

My stomach was just tossing and turning. Glad I didn't eat dinner! I couldn't get to sleep at all and then I felt that all too familiar feeling for a goat cat, I was about to barf. Better get to the bathroom carpet, the ONLY place to barf! About half way down the hall I spilled a whole pile out. I kept running though and made it into the bathroom at least! Up came the rest. Captain poked his head in the door and obligingly pulled the bathroom carpet over my mess. What a great guy! He really does a great job of taking care of me. Mom said she wasn't too thrilled to find goat barf in the hall, in the middle of the night, and with her bare foot. But she was glad I got all that stuff out of me... Woe is the burden of a goat cat! Life is just so very complex.


Oops! Those are NOT mice!

May 25th 2007 6:13 am
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I'm sure you all have this problem and can completely relate to this one! It's really not as bad as Mom makes out! Happens to everyone, right?!

Every time my humans go to bed, even while they're asleep sometimes, these mouse sized bumps scurry around under the covers. It takes all my energy to jump madly around the bed pouncing on them in hopes that they stop. Stop moving under the covers mice! And don't you dare bite my humans!!! Those are MY biting ankles!

This morning Mom was just waking up and I saw those mice moving around the foot of the bed. I got this brilliant idea, I wouldn't just pounce on top of the cover... I'd dive UNDER the cover and get those mice once and for all! HA! Brilliant plan!

So under I dove! And I purred and raced around biting everything that moved! Mom was shrieking, no doubt in delight that I was killing those pesky mice... Then suddenly the blanket was lifted and Mom was glaring at me. What? I blinked innocently at her, and she just kept glaring. I continued to gnaw on the "mouse" I'd caught... When I realized that those aren't mice at all! They're my parents' feet!!! And I just clawed up and chewed on MOM'S FEET!!! Oh, boy! I jumped up and ran as fast as I could out of there... Hope she's not too mad at me... I was just trying to protect her! Silly humans.


For my brother Chester...

May 23rd 2007 4:07 pm
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Oh, hey! So my brother Chester got "Tagged" in that game going around! And that's great, but seeing how he doesn't have a diary going... I offered to post his "seven things" for him... so here they are!

Purrs-- Sparkman!

*********************************************** ***************
The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

7 things about me:

1. I follow Mom around as she gardens, as I always did. I’m a gardener kitten!

2. My favorite peach mousie lives in Mom’s sewing box, where I last left it.

3. I was named by Mom’s friend at the shelter, because the roll call for the shelter was low on “c” names.

4. I have two dots on the sides of my nose that Mom calls my “button holes.” (that’s why she calls me “Chester Button” sometimes!)

5. I snore and purr in my sleep, too! Just like Hugo (who tagged me!)

6. Captain Morgan was scared of me and my brothers when he first met us… Imagine five crazy tiny cats all jumping on you to play wrestle!

7. I used to walk on a leash like a dog with Mom around the neighborhood.

I tag:

Captain Morgan


A GAME!!!!!

May 21st 2007 3:36 pm
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! That is right I have been tagged by Oly, and Luke to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My seven random facts:

1) I love and adore raw potatoes. I keep them as pets and lick them and love them and eat them... hide them under the bathroom carpet until they turn black.

2) I like to steal blankets off of beds to make nests in the hallway.

3) I want to be just like Captain Morgan, I just think he's the coolest, and and and I follow him around all day doing whatever he does.

4) I always have to be the first to use the clean litter box. I even climb in while Mom's pouring in fresh litter.

5) I eat draw strings off of pajamas and barf them on the bathroom carpet.

6) I get the humans to turn on the bathroom sink so I can get a drink by standing in the bathroom and screaming at the top of my lungs.

7) I keep a knitted purple catnip ball in my food dish. If you take it out, I WILL find it and return it to it's proper spot: the food dish.

And here's my friends that I'm tagging!

Morgan the Pirate Gato
Boxie Brown

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