Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Grand Humans From Memphis and My New Castle!

September 4th 2007 6:28 am
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Oh! That was one of the scariest visits we've EVER had here! I mean, those fireplace guys were peanuts; that recycle truck was wimpy compared to the GRAND HUMANS FROM MEMPHIS!!

Captain Morgan tells me I'm being overly dramatic and that they're great people, but oh my tail, you just have to hear about this!!! It started with Mom cleaning like mad for a few days, and then at the very end the scariest thing; she threw out my squishy potato friends! I was all "Uh-oh! What does THIS mean?!"

Then they showed up. I was hesitant, but I did let them pet me. It was the next morning when Mom and the Grand-Mom went out somewhere, and Dad and the Grand-Dad were making loud noises in the bathroom... No nothing disgusting, it was more like saws and drills and tools Mom uses to make art. So I waltzed in expecting to see Mom and some new bathroom art!

But that was when the terror set in... The bathroom sink; my pride and joy; the apple of my existence; my treasured and magical drinking fountain was GONE! There were pipes sticking out of the wall, that's it. And the two humans were carrying my beloved sink out of the house even! Hey! Bring that back!!! I NEED that!

Completely terrified, I ran up the staircase and hid in the corner by the scratching post. I waited for what seemed like years, crouching down so they wouldn't take me out, like the sacred sink... Then I heard Mom and Grand-Mom coming in the front door, I ran over yelling at Mom. "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!" She immediately understood my terror and picked up my trembling, muscle tightened body and just hugged me close. I hid my face in her sweater and tried to relax. I peaked out, we were alone at last! I sat on Mom's lap and whined about all the terrors of losing my potatoes, roller suitcases, being locked out of the guest room, not getting my milk in the morning, big shoes stomping around, strange things called hair driers...

Eventually the banging and stuff stopped. I followed behind Mom towards the bathroom, and there was something weird in there... A NEW SINK! It has a big cabinet under it to hide in, more area around the sink for me to sit, and there's even a new faucet for me to drink out of! I mean, don't misunderstand that I was very leery of it at first. It took me a whole day and Mom lifting me up there several times for me to get over my fear of it. But now, I see a lot of benefits! Like that extra room to sit really comes in handy when those humans insist on sharing the sink with me. Hey humans, get your own sink! The new one's mine! It's a down right kitten castle!


Po-Tah-To BLISS!

August 27th 2007 6:05 am
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So my birthday began with a snack from Mom's clothing, and a great trip outside! Then my brothers and I hunted chipmunks from the glassed in porch (we stick our paws out the mail slot... One of these days you know we'll catch something!!). I napped on the couch with my friend the soft pet potato, checked my Catster and PURRED!!! You guys are all so wonderful!

After dinner I was napping on the couch with the potato buddy again when I heard Mom and Dad whispering about something in the kitchen and giggling. Then I heard this "Sparkman! Come here super kitten!" It was past dinner, so what the heck did they want? And then I was just astonished! There was an entire PILE OF POT-TAH-TOES ON THE FLOOR!!!

I sneaked up to them and sniffed politely. I mean, it's not my place to point out that the humans dropped their produce all over the floor! But then I saw that one of them was cut up and spread out on my food plate! And that there was a burning stick in one of the potatoes! Huh? I was just confused. I tried to get closer to the flame, but it mysteriously disappeared when Mom blew at it (I hate getting blown on too, so I don't blame it!).

I was trying to be a good kitten and not eat the humans' veggies, when Mom reached on the plate, grabbed a potato slice and brought it over to me. I sniffed, purred approvingly, and then realized that ALL THE POTATOES WERE FOR ME!!!!

I munched away on my birthday cake potato, purring. And I batted at the pile a little... I eventually just dove into the pile and started rolling in shear bliss of potato smells!!! I picked one potato in particular to keep as a new pet, and Mom even helped bat it around the floor with me! I just can't tell you how wonderful, a WHOLE PILE OF POTATOES!!!!!

After all that I just followed the humans to the living room and purred and rubbed on them. Such a great birthday present for a super ninja goat cat! And then they gave me the weirdest present, that I'm not too sure about yet... It's something called "Rawhide Chew." Apparently puppies love these things, and the humans thought that since I try to eat everything in sight that I might too... But the jury is still out on those! Maybe if they tasted like catnip or something?

Meanwhile, I went to bed with dreams of potatoes in my head! And this morning, I had nearly emptied the potato plate! I mean, I threw most of them around while playing with them... But also had quite a few nibbles!

Po Tah Toes!

Thank you all for such a great birthday!


Poetry about ME!!!

August 26th 2007 5:02 pm
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Thank you to all you wonderful kitties sending birthday wishes and love out there!!! And just because I was so tickled, Mom helped me copy and paste a few birthday poems from my friends!!!! So exciting! Poetry about ME!!!


Happy Birthday Sparkman!
My picture's just for you.
And after you've looked at it for a year,
By that time you'll be two!


That's why I leave the poetry writing up to Navin!!

Love & Backflips, Chrissy


Dearest Sparkman! In honor of your birthday, I have taken the liberty of writing you a Cougar song:


Sparkman is ONE today!
We can rest assured
That he will play
With all the no no things he desires
He already got into his mommy's
Sparkman is a super hero
He is hot and spicy like a jabanero!
Sparkman is a secret ninja goat cat
With his enemies he is not afraid to combat!
Sparkman fills my heart with glee
For he is a true friend you see
To myself and many others
Sparkman is a Cougar brother!
His courage and faithfulness is plain to see
And in my heart he'll always be
A proud testament to Cougars worldwide
Sparkman takes everything in stride
But he is not afraid to hide
His sweet and gentle softer side!

We LOVE you Sparkman! Happy Happy Birthday!
(Now that I have my wings, I can do some really fantastic backflips!)
Navin R. Johnson-Davis and the Davis family


It's My Birthday!!!!

August 26th 2007 7:36 am
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It's here!!! Catster says "1 YEAR OLD!!!" I'm a birthday boy!!! Ha ha!!!
I'm so hypurr that I'm bouncing off the walls, and I woke up to tuna treats, and Mom took us outside for longer today, and I ate a whole big black fly!!! Mom left her drawer open part way last night and I got to snack on one of her bras! And she didn't even yell at me, cause IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I gotta go do more bad stuff and get away with it...



I turn 1 on sunday!!!

August 24th 2007 6:49 am
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OH!!! My birthday's finally and truly almost here!!! I turn one year old on sunday!! No more "months old" business for me! I'm a grown up kitten! Ha ha!

I hope I get potatoes for my birthday! Mmmmm!




August 22nd 2007 6:36 am
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I had yet another juicy huge fat squirming hunk of mouse meat in my jaws and Dad took it away! I didn't even get to kill it this time! I'm just heaving MAD! I mean, it helps that Mom's praising me and petting me a whole bunch... But still! Mom, he TOOK MY MOUSE!

I found it the same place I found the last one. Moose wasn't cornering this one, it just popped it's little face out of hiding and I was ON IT! Brought it over to Mom's side of the bed to eat it, and I guess I was growling again. So those silly humans woke up and are all possessive "GIVE ME THAT!" Dad even dragged me to the bathroom, and then chased it around! See?! He just wants in on the fun too! I'm okay with him and I playing with it. I mean, I really should teach the humans to catch and kill mice.

But Dad's hopeless! He caught the mouse in AN ICE CREAM TUB and closed the lid on it. That's not fun! And then he just walked the thing outside. Clearly, to eat it where *I* couldn't see. How RUDE! Mom came in with cleaning stuff to clean up the bathroom, and I knew the fun was over.

I got so mad after all that, I spent the rest of the night attacking, mutilating, and even eating my toys. This morning I'm barfing them all up all over the house! Ha! You humans can clear that up too! I'm just so mad. It is NOT fair! It was MY mouse, MINE!


Made the "Active List!"

August 21st 2007 9:50 am
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Oh, boy! So exciting!!! I love it when I'm on a list somewhere! And today I made the ACTIVE LIST on the diary page!!! Whoo hooo! Gotta get back to playing tag with Moose... or napping with the Captain... hrmmm... so many decisions!


Double Feature: Invasion of the Giant Mugs and The Sink- Snatcher!

August 20th 2007 7:27 am
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Oh! The humans finally got something for themselves that I approve of! It's GIANT mugs!!! They're so big that I can finally (and you know I've been trying ever since that growth spurt) fit my head entirely inside them! So I've been checking Mom's mug for goodies. Last night I found fresh water in there! That was encouraging. But this morning I ran up, peaked in and found that yucky coffee stuff. Bleck! I agree with the Captain, that is just a cruel thing for Mom to do to milk (stick it in the coffee). It's like I'm a dinky guy again! I can test out whatever they're drinking! Whoo hooo!

But speaking of drinking... This morning I saw Mom was awake and ran into the bathroom sink and howled. (My normal routine, but one that I'm still training my human to obey.) So she hobbles in there and turns my water on. I got my drink and she wasn't around, so I just left the water running. Silly humans! I hate leaving the water running, but when your human wanders off without standing at attention behind you, what's a cat to do?! So I left the water running. And Moose comes along and he's all curious about the sound of running water. We used to have a water fountain in our water dish. But Mom had to "unplug it" whatever that means because she said we kept clogging it by putting out food and toys in it. Moose has never forgotten about that crystal fountain!

I wandered back in and found him nosing the water stream trying to decide whether the water was fit to drink, or too cold for his palette. Did I ever tell you that he's a connoisseur of water? he takes tiny drinks and lets the water just roll down his tongue. I think he even swirls it around before swallowing, just to let out the flavors... He sits by the water dish for hours making faces like "Ahh this water has a good nose. I taste catnip and mouse." Then he walks around with a wet chin. Doesn't even notice it! Captain and I enjoy laughing at the wet chinned water taster!

I naturally started chirping at him to get his attention and ask what the heck he was doing in the sink, when Mom heard me. She came in and found Moose standing in there with a wet chin, immediately ran to find the camera. When Dad's not home, we get photographed A LOT!

Moose being a paranoid, shy guy, took all the action to mean that he was in trouble with either me or Mom and headed for the hills (aka the living room carpet). Mom came around the corner with the camera to find only me in the bathroom, sitting and looking excited... Could Moose be becoming a sink drinker too?! Surely if there's two of us the humans will have to pop for that motion detector sink Mom's been mentioning! Imagine; I jump up there and it turn on. I jump away, and it turns off!! That's one less job I'll need the humans for! And it will help me be a green kitty conserving water.

Oh! Mom just filled her giant mug with something new... I better go check it out! Purrs everykitty!


Potatoes Now Included!

August 16th 2007 6:46 pm
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My best friend Chrissy noticed that my beloved veggie of happiness, aka PO-TAH-TOES, were sadly and tragically absent from my bio! Oh, no!! How did this happen?! Well, my bio was written when I was like 3 months old and really spent most of my time just worshiping my Captain Morgan hero and well... chasing my own tail... NOW, 7 months later! I have many many talents and super habits!!! I don't just worship Captain Morgan and chase my tail, now I worship Captain Morgan, chase my tail, AND keep potatoes as pets!!!... Seriously, though. I NEEDED an update! So happy reading buds and fans!


Brussel Ball Request Day!!!!

August 14th 2007 9:33 am
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OH! A holiday JUST for Catster!!! I LOVE these!!! My main pic is TOTALLY getting changed for the day... Please Catster HQ?!

So so so, my buddy Arnold P., invited Moose and Captain and I to be in the Brussel Ball Club!!! And I mean there have been SO MANY new clubs that have activities and do stuff popping up all over Catster... But this Brussel Ball thing kinda fascinates me... I mean, they play soccer with a brussel sprout!!! I haven't tried eating one of those yet, but I'm sure I'll be very very tempted. But just the idea of playing with food, is just so sooooo FELINE! Makes me proud to be a Catster!

Play on Brussel Ballers!!!

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