Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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ANOTHER Tag Game?! Okay!...

October 18th 2007 7:02 am
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Another fun tag game! This time I have to pick 10 fellow Catsters and say a nice thing about them and the cat that tagged me. Then, send pmail or rosette to the kitties that I have tagged! This is going to be interesting!!!!

I was tagged by Chloe! She's obviously a distant cousin, cause she's got pretty orange and white markings just like me... Purrs!

I am going to tag:

Capt. Morgan! Because he lets me sleep on top of him. And smells like wet cat food.

Moose! Because he always treats me and Captain like his kittens and bathes us! My ears would never be clean without you, dude.

Andre! Because he’s my DAD! And he’s the king of his castle! Lord of the realm! And he teaches me how to be an orangie! Like when the humans go to their litter box, that’s when to get petting from a captive audience! Ha ha!

Chrissy! Because she does a whole lot of work with Navin and Buds, and can never be praised enough. She’s Fabulous!

Sebastian! Because he writes great stories and survived living with that crazy rabbit MARTY! He’s amazing.

Alaidah! She has her own blog, the bestest background ever, and and and she also tells very funny stories.

Jake! He’s a brave Canadian Mountie! I think he put on that hat and flag for Canada Day, and it was just so popular that he’s still wearing it. Because he’s just too cool.

Oscar Willard! He’s lucky enough to live in en entirely orange cat household!!! Blame all shedding on your brother?! Lucky kitty!

Vincent! A newly wed! He has the cutest tummy displaying sleeping positions. He used to be nic-named “the cute new guy” on the black and white ankle biters club!

And of course Boxie Brown! Who is willing to sit calmly next to a giant scary rat just to make his page more Halloween-y! Brave Boxie Brown!!!


One Whole Year!!!

October 13th 2007 6:42 am
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Thank you, Sebastian for the Rosette!

Hey Everykitty! As of yesterday, I've been online and purring with you on Catster for ONE FULL YEAR!!! That's just, well... Amazing! Who knew a hypurr-active-goat-ninja-spud-eating-kitten could have such an attention span?! This is so exciting! I'm going to go pounce on Moose to tell him. Purrs!



October 12th 2007 7:05 am
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I am so excited and hypurr this morning, it's just too wonderful! I logged on and what was the first thing I saw on Catster?! My best friend CHRISSY is Cat of the Day on the main page!!!! Thank you, Catster! She's a wonderful amazing and busy busy cat! I'm just so excited for her! Oh! CHRISSY!!!!

Happy Cat of the Day today, Chrissy!!!!


Sparky Reporting: Grand-Human and Auntie Visit!!

October 9th 2007 6:08 am
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The visitors spent much time worshiping and adoring us kitties, so I think that was a great success of a visit! Good times, humans! So glad they're not all-fur-geck like our last visitors. That was sad. Not getting to worship and snuggle with us must have devastated them... But this time, Grandma let us sleep in her bed even!!! And Auntie tried to throw blue mousie and play fetch with me... It was very confusing, since she's not Mom. But still fun! I think it's amazing that we fit all those humans in our house. Our house must be an amazing expandable super house or something... wow!

Oh! But I didn't tell you the BEST part! Auntie came with a bed thing in a bag! It had this loud thing you hooked up to the other thing and fiddled with and chattered about with Mom and then we saw that this flat thing they must have rolled out; it started growing! Captain was brave, I went to hide. He sat right in the middle of the flat now growing thing and said it lifted him up slowly into the air! When they were all done with the loud thing I came back in the room to find them making it up like a bed. And then AUNTIE SLEPT ON IT! We were just shocked. And worried about her. So we kept sneaking out of Mom and Dad's room and curling up with her on the now not flat bed thingie. Captain seemed particularly worried about that thing. He spent all day on it making sure it didn't go anywhere... That involved a lot of sleeping, I noticed.

Auntie reminded me that it was this time last year that my humans came and adopted me! She'd come to visit last year (like this year) with boxes full of apples from her apple tree, when she saw how upset everybody was from losing Chester. She suggested just going to "look at kittens" that were in an add in the paper, just to cheer up Mom... But then they saw ME! And clearly, they couldn't resist my cuteness... No one can!... So hard being this cute. Do you have any idea how much cuddling I get? It's insane. Humans are just plain crazy.


Weekend Visitors!!!

October 5th 2007 7:31 am
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Oh purrs and back flips and bouncing around!!
I am just so excited and purring and dancing and happy to announce that my Wisconsin Grand-Humans and my Auntie are all coming to see ME! I see cuddles, and fetch playing, and cow juice, and cheese, and catnip and and and oh! Just so excited!!!! But sadly, we might not be online too much this weekend... pout...

I want to thank eve-fur-body that pawmailed and sent rosies and stars yesterday. My humans really appreciated it. And I did too, cause it gave me a little break from purring and jumping on them. Phew! That was exhausting! But with your help, I think we did cheer them up on that sad anniversary. So thank you friends!!!

Purrs and cuddles


The Return of the Infamous Blue Mousie!

October 3rd 2007 6:57 am
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Excitement, your name today is SPARKMAN! I am just bouncing around the house in chirps and squeaks today. I have back my BLUE MOUSIE!!! (aka the ONLY toy worth playing fetch for.) He's been gone for months. And of course, he's infamous! Infamous for his stench and constant wetness. He spends lot of time in my mouth. It's gross, but NO ONE touches but me! Ha ha! Spit defense!

This morning Mom was getting dressed and I was looking bored as usual lately. You see, she took away all the knitted and soft toys I love because I was eating them. So I was sitting on the bed moping, and Mom picked up a squishy ball and threw it for me. I watched it sail by. She was saying things like "Sparky, go get it for me! We can play fetch!" I just rolled my eyes at her. I mean really! Playing such an important game as fetch with a squishy ball? hardly any incentive there!

She gave up eventually and I moseyed along with her to the kitchen. Moose was laying on his side looking under the fridge. He does that very often because even when he hasn't lost a toy under there, he thinks he has. Captain and I could care less about it, but it seems to upset the humans. They keep all the important things in there, like cheese and cow juice. So clearly, they need to get in there and Moose rarely moves out of their way.

Mom went to get the big stick thingie to fish around under the fridge and pull out any possible Moose toys. Captain and I sat calmingly watching and waiting for her to make that "Ewww gross!" face she does when all she finds is big dust bunnies and dead ants.

Out rolls a green sparkle ball, immediately pounced on and carried away by the Moose. And then this other large and more solid dust bunny rolls out. Captain and I snuck over and sniffed it, knowing this wasn't the usual dead ant trap... Then I squealed at the very sight of a blue nose sticking out of the dust! It could only be one toy; my long lost bestest friend; THE BLUE MOUSIE!!!! (Is THAT where I put him?!)

Mom snatched him up and wiped him down with a damp paper towel. And then the most glorious, wondrous, beautiful thing; she threw him across the hallway! I dashed after him at lightning speed and trotted back to her with him in my mouth. I dropped him at her feet and wined at her. She had the most startled look on her face. What? I know I haven't played fetch with her in months, but it wasn't that I'd forgotten. It was that I was waiting for my Blue Mousie! I'm a loyal mouser!

So we've been playing fetch for almost an hour, now! It's so great! I mean, I finally have my true dear friend back! And whats more, Mom says she's going to check under the fridge first if we lose him again! Welcome home, my tastey, slimy, mess of a friend!

************************************************* ************

ps-- note from Mom:

Since Blue Mousie is made of cloth (and therefore on Sparkman's "contraband list") we're keeping him in a drawer when not playing fetch. Otherwise, Sparkman would probably eat him too. Don't worry, we're keeping the little wool-sucking/pica kitten safe AND letting him keep his favorite toy!!!


A Pirate Belch For Me!!!

October 2nd 2007 6:42 am
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Mom woke up to a new surprise this morning; I dragged her pair of pirate pajamas into the kitchen and ate them! That is, I ate a few holes in them. But the way she acted, it was as if I'd eaten the entire pair of pajama pants! Silly Mom! Captain was offended, but then again he gets mad when anything pirate gets messed or chewed on or lost or somehow mysteriously buried under the carpet... What prudes I live with! Won't even let a goat have a little bite of flannel every now and then! Yeesh!

As a side note, maybe this will teach Mom not to leave her pajamas all over the bedroom! My humans do need to learn to pick up their stuff every now and then. After all, us cats try real hard to clean up around here. We put all our toys where they belong, under the couch or fridge. And we bury our food dish with the dish towel (which by the way, is really danged hard to get down when the humans hang it up away from our easy reach). Further, I personally eat and devour every scrap of potato and green veggie that Mom so carelessly drops on the floor! Does she think that's a treat? It's a chore some days! Mom, I am a goat not a vacuum. Oh, time to go... I think I feel a pirate pajama hair ball coming up!


Purrs Purrs and Furs!!

September 28th 2007 8:38 am
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Mom has really found me exactly what I need now-- It's a piece of sheep skin! It's still got this nice layer of wool on it. I can chew and nurse on it and yet I can't bite off chunks to swallow! It's like everything I ever wanted without being dangerous and making Mom worry about me!

Also, my silly humans finally gave up trying to find dog toys for me to chew on, and are just slicing up pieces of potatoes for me to chew on!!! Life is so good right now, I am just sitting on the couch purring and bathing every paw. So happy!!!!



September 24th 2007 6:33 am
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I got to sleep on top of Captain last night!! He's kinda boney, but makes such a great pillow/mattress! I LOVE the cooler weather! Mean even more cuddles than usual. Purrrrrssss



September 24th 2007 6:29 am
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Oh, excuse me! I just ate Mom's sweater, and am having a little bit of an upset stomach. Mom's acting live she is too, but that might be brought on by her total and complete over reaction to me eating her sweater! Come on, Mom! You KNOW I'm a goat! Don't leave it hanging half out of the sweater bin and expect it NOT to get eaten!!!

Mom also says she's not letting us outside today because 1. the neighbors are having their roof re-done and she thinks we'll be afraid of the air compressors and nail guns and stuff being thrown off the roof; and 2. she says that there's a huge hawk and eagle migration going through Duluth!!! A-paw-rently, she and Dad went to a "Hawk Ridge Festival" and hung out with other humans watching thousands of cat-eating-large-birds flying by... Sounds like a horrible event that I should have sheltered my easily scared humans from! And besides, could you really see a hawk picking up ME?! They'd never get off the ground! Mom!! (Although that air compressor next door is quite scary... hrmmm)

So we're sitting inside, quite literally drooling at the bird feeder Dad put up for us outside the front window... I mean, at any given time there must be five chickadees! And you KNOW those are Captain's arch enemies, every last one. He just gets so mad at those little birds... Mom said one even flew into the glassed in front porch yesterday when we were all in the other part of the house! Dang, I'm mad that I missed THAT one! She says if any more fly in (and get trapped), they're fair game for us kitties. So I for one am waiting with my mouth open wide and ready! But for some stupid reason she keeps flaying her arms and shooing them away from the porch door when she goes in and out. Hey Mom! Chase them IN the house, not away! Hmpf!

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