Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Good Bye to Sebastian, the Silly Sab.

May 26th 2013 7:37 am
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It's hard to say "Good Bye" to a friend I've had since I first logged on to Catser. But my good pal Sebastian has passed on. He and his Secretary/Mom have always been such great writers. I've loved reading their "Silly Sab" Stories over the years and playing in all the trivia games in his club... Hating bunnies, being Doc Sab when his Mom was sick, tormenting his kitty sister Mackenzie, and all those awesome reports on new foster friends... And he was clearly one of the handsomest cats on Catster. I'm very glad that he's not suffering any more, and hope he's running free somewhere with his sister Mackenzie (Or at least curled up together in a good sunny spot). Even if they had their sibbie spats now and then, I know he missed her after she left. And I'll miss you both. Purrs and loves, my friend! Rest in peace, you Silly Sabster.


Pee-On-Me Plant Has Been Peed On... A.K.A. Sparky Protects- the House!

May 7th 2013 9:47 am
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It is FINALLY and ACTUALLY spring out here!!! Mom's been taking us out on leash walks in the yard and watching all the birdies at the feeder and eating grass that sprouted up in the gardens and and and I peed on a peon plant! Mom was a little surprised since we usually just "Do the Captain Dance" as Mom puts it. That means we back up to something and pace our back feet up and down and twitch your tail in a funny manner. Mom read somewhere that this is a form of marking territory that sprays a smell humans can't smell, and doesn't seem to affect colors of woodwork or anything. And since Captain Morgan does this at various places around the house (The fridge, Mom's dresser...) the humans have taken to calling it the Captain Dance!

But anyways, I wasn't doing the Captain Dance! You see, there's been an alien cat in our backyard twice! And he's super super friendly with the humans. The first day he showed up, he howled at the back door, then climbed the screen and hung on it, looking in at Mom and screaming. She was so startled, she started calling vets, animal control & eventually asking neighbors if they knew this guy. He was just too tame and older and friendly. Turns out the mail man's seen him around. He's someone's cat that they leave outside a lot... That's stupid and dangerous!

Well, Mom that's not my response, to be all concerned for his well being. Oh, no! I took action! And I sprayed a dead looking, dormant peony! It's somewhat near the back deck. Mom told Dad, and he said "Well it's called a Pee-on-me plant!" They seem to think it's funny and cute that I did that. Said that's fine as long as I keep doing that OUTSIDE... I'm not cute! I think I'm MANLY! And fierce! That cat won't be coming back here! Or I'll pee on the pee-on-me plant again! Ha! Take THAT alien cat!

Mom's changing out my leash. That's weird! Did I pee on my leash?! Oops!


PurrC did come home, by the way...

April 19th 2013 4:51 pm
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Just in case anykitty was wondering; my brother PurrC did come home that night. He was home in time for dinner! And he got to greet Dad at the door... But I think he REALLY enjoyed his time at that slumber party. It took him a while to get into being home, and start acting like his normal self... But no worries! He's bounding around happily jumping me an gnawing on my tail again. Uh, "thanks" dude! Groan!

Anybody else wanna borrow my little brother?!


PurrC-Free Staycation!

April 17th 2013 12:06 pm
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This is kinda weird. My brother PurrC is missing. Mom says he went home with our human friend Jane to try and help her out with her mouse problem. And that he's only gone for an overnight slumber party... But that's just weird, Mom! We're cats! Cats don't go out on slumber parties!!! We have staycation parties! But knowing PurrC (who LOVES staying over at the vet's office) he's probably having a blast. That guy is soooo weird. I miss him, but we're all kinda relaxing with him gone for the day. There's no attack licks, no carpet troll, no wrestle mania... We're all just napping. I'm even napping on top of my fetch mouse. Mom tried to get me to play this morning and I said "Nahhh, but I'll take that mouse toy for a pillow, if you don't mind!" Yup. It's a PurrC-free staycation, I guess. So strange!


Spring (aka Extended Winter) Tag!

April 16th 2013 6:12 am
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I got tagged in the Spring Tag Game! Again! This time by Caramello #1271358...
And since I'm excited about any and all attention lately, I'm playing AGAIN!

But here's my new twist; it's been snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing here ever since I wrote that last one. So I don't really feel like this is spring. It's more like an extended winter. So here's my favorite things about spring, aka extended winter!

5 Things I Like About Spring (aka Extended Winter)

1) Radiators!
2) Mom and Dad stay inside more to worship and adore me.
3) Snow melting off of boots! So fun to watch! I love drips.
4) Snow in my water dish! I just love it when Mom gives me an iceberg. I bat at it and purr and lick it and make a mess all over the floor... SOooooo much fun!
5) Cuddle time with my Captain. He sleeps more when it's cold and snowy outside, and I cuddle up and nap with him! I love my Captain!

And I'm tagging the first 5 kitties who read this and haven't been tagged... Thanks for reading and TAG! You're it!


Sparkman Goes Nuts For a New Potato Variety..

April 8th 2013 3:13 pm
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OH! That's the greatest! That's the best one! Mom, where have you been hiding this flavor of potato?!?!

I just got done attacking Mom while she was making dinner. She got a NEW TYPE of potato at the store, and I think it's the greatest flavor in all the world. Mom says "Whoa! Sparks are flying!" And she's barely exaggerating! I exhausted myself hopping around begging for more and more and more till Mom said "Enough! You'll barf! I really can't give you any more."

So they're called "Yukon Rose" potatoes. Mom says they have a yukon gold inside color and red skin. Both features are not usually my favorite things, I'm a russet man... But I can't explain it. I'm just in LOVE!

Who would have thought there were more potato flavors out there for me to try?!

This beats out my obsession with spinach lately. For a few weeks I'd been running over to the fridge door and chattering at humans to please please PLEASE get me a spinach leaf and break it up and hand feed me the little pieces... But that was yesterday and yesterday's gone. I am WAY more excited about these potatoes right now!


Spring Tag Game!!!

April 6th 2013 9:51 am
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So I was tagged by Charlie!!! in the spring tag game. Here are my five favorite things about Spring.

1. The longer lasting sun spots on the library floor!
2. GREEN GRASS!!! Greeen grasss!!! Peaking up among the snow, it's a great reason to brave the wet muddy cold snowy slushy business.
3. Open windows!!! All the awesome smells I can sniff!!
4. Squirrels and birdies get more active so I get even better kitty TV!
5. I have an excuse to attack the Moose! We have spring tom cat fever or something and wrestle mania gets an extra kick! Bwa ha ha!... Okay so mainly this spring I've been wrestling PurrC. And he loves it.

I'm tagging:

The first 5 of my un-tagged friends to read this... Let me know in the comments who you are and I can go read your happy spring things!


Open Window! DDP!

April 2nd 2013 2:56 pm
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I'm a daily diary pic today! Yayyy! That's something nice and cheerful, thank you Diary Gal! I'm trying to keep positive today, and not think about losing kitty friends... I've spent my day puffed up in a loaf of bread trying to keep warm by the open window. Mom says it's a little chilly outside still, but we couldn't resist opening up the window for fresh air. And I am determined to sniff every breeze that blows in! There's still snow everywhere and melting water mud all over. Mom thought of taking us outside, but said we wouldn't like it. The humans rearranged furniture this week and put one of my favorite couches to sit on the back of right in front of my favorite squirrel watching window! This was clearly done just to please me. And I love it! In fact, that's where I am right now, puffed up and trying to purr about the open window... Brrrrrr... I mean, Yayyyy!


Good Bye, Chrissy!

April 1st 2013 12:50 pm
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It's hard to write this, but one of my best Catster friends, Chrissy, will be making her journey to the bridge tomorrow. We're been friends almost as long as I've been on Catser! One of the smaller humans she lived with also adored potatoes, and so she could just totally relate to me at that young kitten age when I discovered the food love of my life... She sent me potato cards, cook book, funny gifs and potato poem things! Mom still uses what she calls "Sparkman's fav. cook book!" now and then. She's really a wonderful friend that I will miss.

But she has good humans who are making sure she doesn't suffer any more. She is 21 years old, and failing in health. She writes not to be sad for her, it really is her time. And she's going to be with all her friends at the bridge, including her boyfriend, the amazing Arnold P.!... It's hard to take her advice, but Mom says we'll celebrate the friend I had with a big pile of potatoes! Or as she taught me to say; Po-Tah-Toessssss! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!... Purrs and loves, my friend! And as my Captain Morgan says, may the wind be ever at your back.


Bunny Hops & Bunny Kicks!

March 29th 2013 8:29 am
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Whoa! You won't believe what happened to me this morning! For all my new friends, Mom and I play "fetch" in the mornings while she drinks her coffee. Back in the day, I used to grab my toy and bring it back to her like 35 times in a row! But lately I run after it, wait for her to catch up, and then run after it again... Mom calls it "Chase!"

So we were playing "Chase." between me and the fetch mouse was the dining room carpet. Moose and PurrC were evenly spaced out lounging on the carpet. I ran after my mouse, bunny hopping over both of them! Boingy boingy...

Mom started giggling, PurrC looked around him in total confusion, but Moose just took offense! I was distracted sniffing my fetch mouse, and Moose came running over and attacked me! He hopped on my back, bit me, and bunny kicked me! What?! I'm usually the one who attacks the Moose, not Moose attack on the Sparkman!

I am so confused.

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