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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Sparkman Loves a Thistle Plant.

July 12th 2013 9:19 am
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I cuddled a thistle plant today, it was scratchy and wonderful. I found it under the bird feeder outside, and I was all purrs about it. I held it between my paws and rubbed my face all over it. Then I rolled on it, and took a short nap. Mom used to let me hang out near the rose bushes, and I'd do the same routine to the roses, followed by gnawing on the spikey thorny parts. For some reason, I'm not allowed near the roses any more... Oh, but purrrrrrs! Mom usually tares out thistle when she finds it around the yard so that she won't step on it in sandals later... But she says I can keep my one thistle plant since I seem to love it so very very much. That and she says, if I keep loving on it so much, it will die anyways... Oh, thistle! I love you so! Purrs!!!


Happy 4th of July!

July 4th 2013 7:04 am
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I'll be under the bed for the rest of the day.
Captain will be patrolling the ship for cannon fire.
Moose will probably join me, and PurrC will be in the basement until further notice.

Too many loud noises!
You can drop off my potatoes by Mom's night stand. Thanks!


Too many veggies...

June 29th 2013 6:08 am
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Mom gave me a belly ache yesterday! She was making a salad and it was FILLED with things I love to eat; lettuce, sugar snap peas, cucumbers... And she was making potato salad on the side too. At first I didn't notice all the awesomeness in the kitchen. But then she came over to where I was napping on the couch and offered me a snap pea. MOM! That's AWESOME! I chomped that down very very quickly. After that, I was just sitting beside her on the floor in the kitchen, giving her little whimpers and rubbing her leg. She'd give me a little piece every now and then. But most of the scraps were going in the compost bin beside her on the floor. So of course I was diving in and stealing cucumber skin and wimpy lettuce. She thought I was mostly playing with them, so she let me do it. But of course I was nibbling while I threw them around and pounced on them!

Then I felt kinda queezy and gacked a little into the bin. Mom looked down, petted me and moved the bin out of my reach. And of course thanked me for doing that in a garbage bin. At that point I realized that that was a bad idea to eat out of the garbage pile. I went and napped on the table for a while, gave Mom the grumps when she tried to pet me later.

I am feeling better this morning, though! So I had a wild wild game of fetch and did a lot of jumping up to grab the fetch mouse toy out of the air. I like hiding in the bathroom and pouncing out at it from behind the door... Then Captain Morgan came and sat super super close to where the game was going on, and since I never want to accidentally clobber my Captain, I calmed down. Mom calls this the "Captain interference!" He does it now and then to stop fetch time and get the morning progressing. Since after fetch time is treat time, he gets super excited to end fetch and get his greenies. I won't eat those things! But the other guys love them!

So with Captain sitting there stopping fetch game, I ran into the kitchen and waited for my usual treat; VEGGIES! Mom gave me one tiny piece of potato and said "That's IT today, Sparks! You need to lay off the veggies till your tummy's better." I reluctantly agreed, and am back in the sun room with Captain watching the birdies... It's rough being the orange goat, sometimes. I just want to eat ALL THE VEGGIES!


Watermelon and Potatoes!!!

June 24th 2013 7:43 am
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Oh, Wow! Watermelon!!!!! I forgot that I LOVE watermelon! Beware all humans that leave their plates of the pinky watery goodness unattended in our house; I might be unable to resist munching and licking a few nibbles... It's THAT good!

Mom's been holding the almost finished rinds for me to lick and nibble off. (It's amazing how much pink watermelon gets left on the rind by humans! So wasteful!) And the other day she gave me my own cube of it! I mostly chased it around the floor, pouncing and licking it. I also dove into the compost bin to pull out a rind or two. They counted as being unattended in my mind!

Oh, and I found where Mom's been hiding the potato bag! The potatoes have each now been cuddled, purred to, and assured that I will eat each and every one of them in time. I still love you, potatoes! Even if it's watermelon season! Purrrrrrrrrs!


Water! Faucets! Yayyyy!

June 3rd 2013 9:02 am
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I like drinking out of faucets. It really is the best, freshest water in the house. And it makes the humans your servant, standing beside you and waiting for you to stop drinking, watching, batting at, and playing with the running water. We tried having a recycling drinking fountain a while ago, but Moose kept putting food in it and clogging it up. Eventually the humans got tired of fixing it and told us we'd just have to go back to a big bowl of water.

I can't decide if I like drinking out of the tub faucet or the sink faucet more. The tub, I have to balance on a tippy ledge to reach it. The sink, I have to crouch down into the basin to reach it. I feel that the humans need to install a new one in the sink that reaches up for me, and a platform in the tub so I can balance easily. And then I could fully just debate which one tasted better.

The other problem I have it that I haven't quite trained Mom yet. If it's day light and her glasses are on, she can see me run down the hallway and turn the faucet on for me right when I get in there. I love that! But if it's night time, it's dark and her glasses aren't on, and she just doesn't see me till I stand in front of her and scream in her face! Then she kinda wakes up and turns on my faucet for me. I have to drink quick with Dad, because when he's done in the bathroom, my water gets shut off! But luckily Mom seems to be trained well enough to just sit and pet me till I'm done drinking. Thought they both seem to shut off my water when I'm just sitting an watching it flow. Hey! I was watching that!

Yeahhhh, faucets are the best.


Now with a fresh pine scent!

May 31st 2013 3:51 pm
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Wow I smell funny! Mom says I smell awesome and made Dad come over for a sniff... I smell like a spruce tree! I went outside with my brothers on leashes, and it was all warm and sunny day, ahhhhhh! I peed on the pee-on-me plant, I patrolled under the birdfeeder, ate some grass, and nibbled some catnip. Then I went to take a nice little flop over in the grass nap by PurrC. That guy likes to nap under the spruce tree lately. So I flopped over beside him and had a nice little pine cone scented nap.

We came inside and I could still smell pine cones. Everywhere I went, PINE! Mom came over to pet me and then started looking at her hand. She smelled it, then smelled me and looked all over my fur. What?! Then she found a nickel sized glob of pine sap on my thigh! She pulled out a scissors and tried to cut my fur! I swatted at her for that one, and ran off. No way! No cutting my fur!

I tried to ignore the sap, but that smell was driving me nuts. So I sat down on Mom's sewing project to lick it off. And wowsies does that stuff ever stick to your tongue! Then Mom came over again. This time she brought a kleenex and wiped it off, sorta. It kinda just stuck to the kleenex and ripped off. Then she came back in with the rest and yanked it off of me! A big chunk of my fur came off with it! I yelped at her and she apologized.

Then I had to lick the rest off myself. Now my breath is SUPER pine scented! Mom keeps coming over to sniff my nose and make cute noises at me. She thinks it's cute and that I smell good. I think she's nuts! I mean really, would you want to smell like a pine tree?!


No more kisses!

May 30th 2013 12:28 pm
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Will somekitty please tell Mom to STOP kissing my nose! I mean, it's nice that she loves me and missed me when she left the house for hours and hours... But MAaaAAAAAWWWWwwww! Quit it!

And no that wasn't me who shredded the toilet paper. Clearly, it was uhhhh MOOSE!... Now I've got to get this shred of toilet paper off my paw before Mom notices! Oops! Uhh... Maybe you could kiss me on the nose again? heh heh?!


Spring Rumble Time, Potatoes & DDP!

May 28th 2013 9:49 am
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I'm a daily diary pic! Thanks, Diary Gal! And hi friends! Thank you, too. It's great celebrating.

And Spring has sprung at my house! Mom says she knows its spring when we start getting antsy and rumble times turn bad. This morning she came back inside from walking Captain Morgan around the block to find Moose has a cut on his ear! It's small, but a bleeder. He's still acting like his normal, purring Moose self, but Mom's not too happy. She says she immediately assumed it was me (HEY!), but now's not too sure. PurrC is kinda running around biting her ankles and being hyPurr PurrC, so she says I'm outtah the dog house.

I'm helping Mom cut up potatoes for lunchtime potato soup. I love it when we cook with potatoes! It means lots and lots of little potato pieces for me! Purrrrrrrs! Yayyy DDP!


Good Bye to Sebastian, the Silly Sab.

May 26th 2013 7:37 am
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It's hard to say "Good Bye" to a friend I've had since I first logged on to Catser. But my good pal Sebastian has passed on. He and his Secretary/Mom have always been such great writers. I've loved reading their "Silly Sab" Stories over the years and playing in all the trivia games in his club... Hating bunnies, being Doc Sab when his Mom was sick, tormenting his kitty sister Mackenzie, and all those awesome reports on new foster friends... And he was clearly one of the handsomest cats on Catster. I'm very glad that he's not suffering any more, and hope he's running free somewhere with his sister Mackenzie (Or at least curled up together in a good sunny spot). Even if they had their sibbie spats now and then, I know he missed her after she left. And I'll miss you both. Purrs and loves, my friend! Rest in peace, you Silly Sabster.


Pee-On-Me Plant Has Been Peed On... A.K.A. Sparky Protects- the House!

May 7th 2013 9:47 am
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It is FINALLY and ACTUALLY spring out here!!! Mom's been taking us out on leash walks in the yard and watching all the birdies at the feeder and eating grass that sprouted up in the gardens and and and I peed on a peon plant! Mom was a little surprised since we usually just "Do the Captain Dance" as Mom puts it. That means we back up to something and pace our back feet up and down and twitch your tail in a funny manner. Mom read somewhere that this is a form of marking territory that sprays a smell humans can't smell, and doesn't seem to affect colors of woodwork or anything. And since Captain Morgan does this at various places around the house (The fridge, Mom's dresser...) the humans have taken to calling it the Captain Dance!

But anyways, I wasn't doing the Captain Dance! You see, there's been an alien cat in our backyard twice! And he's super super friendly with the humans. The first day he showed up, he howled at the back door, then climbed the screen and hung on it, looking in at Mom and screaming. She was so startled, she started calling vets, animal control & eventually asking neighbors if they knew this guy. He was just too tame and older and friendly. Turns out the mail man's seen him around. He's someone's cat that they leave outside a lot... That's stupid and dangerous!

Well, Mom that's not my response, to be all concerned for his well being. Oh, no! I took action! And I sprayed a dead looking, dormant peony! It's somewhat near the back deck. Mom told Dad, and he said "Well it's called a Pee-on-me plant!" They seem to think it's funny and cute that I did that. Said that's fine as long as I keep doing that OUTSIDE... I'm not cute! I think I'm MANLY! And fierce! That cat won't be coming back here! Or I'll pee on the pee-on-me plant again! Ha! Take THAT alien cat!

Mom's changing out my leash. That's weird! Did I pee on my leash?! Oops!

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