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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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I was a DDP! And Sparkman's cousin kittens visit again...

February 1st 2014 4:12 pm
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I was a Daily Diary Pic yesterday! And there was a brief moment when Mom and I realized that that might be my last one. A little sad to realize... But I had fun celebrating. Thank you! That extra green bean and cuddles were wonderful. And as always, purrs and love to all my friends.

But the worst news, my cousin kittens showed up again! They're getting bigger, and could probably just stay home alone already... But now PurrC and Moose and even MY Captain have decided they're friends. I caught Captain licking one of them! And Moose was playing bat at each other through the holes in a box. And PurrC and them keep eating each others' food like they're beast friends or something. I've been in such a grumpy mood. Mom even just picked me up at one point and took me into the bathroom. She took a bath, and I sat on the ledge of the tub pouting at her. I told her all sorts of little mews to let her know I was upset. She petted my head and got my ears all wet. I'm not sure if that was wonderful or annoying... Now I'm napping on the couch and all the other cats are eating dinner in the kitchen. I don't usually join them for dinner, since they eat that gross wet cat food stuff. (But if I did show up, Mom would probably break out the potatoes.) Did I mention that one of those kittens even bit my tail?! I was distracted, eating my green bean Mom was holding for me and then CHOP! I turned around and huffed at them! Those two little naughty kittens! I hope they go home soon.


Sparkman braves the cold and lives to tell about it!

January 28th 2014 8:24 am
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Whoa! I went OUTSIDE! I saw Mom going out with the bag of litter and I sat in the kitchen window to keep an eye on her. When she came back, I saw her heading to the bird seed bin on the deck. I started meowing at her through the window. She didn't hear me, but she looked up and saw my mouth moving. She reached over, opened the back door a crack and waited. Moose just stuck his nose out to sniff the crisp cold air, but I jumped outside! I walked around on the frozen snowed over deck and sniffed everything. I was especially excited to get to sniff that one snow pile Mom's been putting a little bird seed on for the squirrel. It smelled like big frozen grey squirrel feet!

I stayed out for a whole minute, then ran back inside when a breeze blew across my ears. I went straight to my mesa radiator to warm my little toes. Mom came in a bit later and I talked and talked at her all excited. Captain was sniffing my feet and I was the bravest cat in the whole house! Mom says it was -18 degrees Fahrenheit outside... I don't know what that means except for it was COLD. But not too cold for me! I'm a BRAVE kitten! Rawr! Now feed me a green bean, Mom!


Winter Crazies!

January 25th 2014 11:10 am
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Ahhhhh! I'm going nuts because it's freezing cold outside, windy, and yet super sunny! I ask Mom to let me outside, then I stand in the doorway and blink at the cold air. As soon as she closes the door, I start campaigning to go out again, and once again I just can't do it... So now I'm running around the house yelling. Mom is going batty lately with trying to download and keep all sorts of stuff from our pages on Catster. Captain is also going stir crazy (Mom says he had a REALLY good yelling freakout in the basement when she was doing laundry. She picked him up and he just kept screaming and screaming). Moose is well, Moose. He's chirping and running a mock as usual. And PurrC is loving the heck out of his newly whacked out family. This might be what his brain is like all the time.

Mom keeps trying to calm me down with green beans and fetch mice... But some days I just want to stand on the floor and whine at her. Which isn't the best idea when you have an already flustered human... I think it's time for a catnip party and cupcake baking. Mom says you're all invited over to help relieve the winter crazies with us! Screw data saving and winter cold! We're turning the heat up and changing into sundresses! Wait... Maybe that's what Mom can do, and we can help her with the catnip thing... Yeah... Catnip time!


Orange Fetch Mouse!

January 20th 2014 11:58 am
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Feeling a little sad logging onto Catster today, for obvious reasons... This site has been a great joy for me, Mom and my brofurs. You've all been such great friends and fans. It's really hard to say good bye to this whole catsterland world. Luckily, I don't have to say that quite yet!

Captain Morgan was the first of my Brofurs to join Catster, back before I was even born! Mom said she initially signed him up because she was living far away from her Mom and wanted to share photos of her baby Captain Morgan, without flooding her email box! But then she quickly discovered that theres SO much more to Catster than just posting photos! And that she rather enjoys writing diaries in Purrate Prattle.

I'll let you know if we make pages on another cat site, but in the mean time; My Mom is on Facebook. Paw mail me if you can't find her (She's posted our names in "Catster Buddies.") She says Facebook really is just Catbook, since 90% of her posts are ME! On a slightly funny note, our CatsterPlus renewal is on March 4th. So Mom says "Wow, Sparkman! You are efficiently using your yearly subscription!" Are any of you kitties going to another cat social site?! If so, which one(s)?

Okay, now for some happier, real Sparkman news:

Mom made me a BRIGHT orange fetch mouse over the holidays. She says lately I've just not been into fetch playing, so she mostly tosses it around while I watch. Then she has to climb under radiators and couches looking for it, and the carpet colored or shadow colored or dust colored fetch mice are driving her battier than usual. I love that she periodically lately keeps forgetting the fetch mouse and leaving it out. Mom makes my fetch mice and over the years, she's gotten so good at making them hard for me to gnaw on and eat like a candy bar; that when she leaves them out I very rarely get to eat them! Instead, I like finding them in the middle of the night. When I find one, I take it to the hallway outside the bedroom. I sit in the middle of the hallway and HOWL at the top of my lungs. She comes out all nervous looking (I make a similar noise when I find a REAL mouse), and then gets so happy to see that I brought her my fetch mouse... One time she even walked me downstairs and gave me a green bean for being a good boy! But lately I just get lots of Mommy snuggles, a drink from the bathtub and then a carry cuddle back to bed. Which is also totally awesome!


Kitten Cousins Visit Again.

December 16th 2013 11:03 am
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Oh, I am all purrs today! Those kitten cousins came over for another weekend babysitting... They're getting bigger. And more bold. And more annoying. I am SO GLAD they went home yesterday.

This time they took my new fetch mouse that Mom had just made me and ran around the house playing with it. There's a big rule all the other cats in this house know: don't mess with the fetch mouse! Captain Morgan interferes with my fetch game by trying to sit in the middle of where I'm running. That's different. He's my Captain. And he's just trying to stop me from running around exercising, so we can get greenies and potatoes earlier... But even PurrC, who loves stealing toys from me so that I'll wrestle and chase him around, has figured out that the fetch mouse is MINE.

They also stole Moose's ear plug toys, tried to take a bell off the tree, derailed the Christmas tree's train, and used my litter box! How rude!!!

When Mom pulled out the fetch mouse yesterday morning, I sniffed it and hissed! Smelled like kitten spit! She went ahead and promised to make me a new one. Then packed the spoiled one off with the kittens... Good bye, kitten monsters! Hmpf!


Kitten Cousin Weekend of DOOM!

November 18th 2013 3:02 pm
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Worst weekend ever!!! Apparently I have new baby kitten cousins. And apparently Mom agreed to baby sit them this weekend while my Aunt and Uncle were at a workshop near Duluth. So there were two teenier than me kittens racing around the house! Usually when we had foster friends, they were at least separated from us! But noooo, Mom said they had all their shots and stuff and were safe to run around in the day. (At night they were locked up to keep them safe... As if we'd do anything to them? Geez, Mom!)

This weekend, I discovered that I HATE kittens! Those guys have no boundaries. They just toddle and bounce all over, and when they walk into an area that is obviously my nap area for this part of the day, they just keep bopping around. Me hissing at them didn't make them leave, it just made them freeze and try to look all innocent and cute at me! I wasn't falling for that. So I'd just keep hissing, they'd keep freezing, and eventually Mom would come over an remove the stinky offensive kitten.

Moose never hissed at them. He did a lot of running up to them, then running away in a playful, but confusing manner for not-so-bright kittens. But the funniest was on Sunday when he ran up to them on the floor, flopped over in a classic Moose yoga position, and stared at them. The kittens were confused. They sat and stared back. Then one snuck up and sniffed at Moose's nose. It touched just the tip of Moose's nose, and Moose shot straight up and out of the room! Chirping all the way! It was funny and very very Moosie man like.

PurrC hissed at them a lot, but the last morning they were here he sat up on a chair, dangling his tail down as bait, and pawing softly at the kittens below. So I guess he kinda didn't mind the kittens after a while!

Captain Morgan usually is the one of us to cave in first and accept interloping foster kittens. But this time he looked at them, and then looked at Mom with an exhausted expression. She told Dad "It's almost like he's saying 'I've retired. I'm not licking those kittens. You keep care of your own kittens!'" Then he just hid in the bedroom most of the weekend lounging and napping. I held my ground and moved about to most of my usual nap spots.

But I didn't tell you the worst of it; they ate my POTATOES! Mom hand feeds me my potato treats lately, and she leaves the one or two I don't eat in a pile in a corner of the kitchen. I usually come over a few hours later and munch them down. But on Saturday before I could, one of those nasty little rug rats got over there and licked them all over, then ate one! Mom was surprised, I was horrified! MY potatoes, MY POTATOES!!! It was horrible.

I was so happy when Aunt and Uncle came to get them yesterday that I skipped all over the house! Toes bouncing, eyes gleeful, and my tail held high in a happy prancing dance! Chirp chirp chirps of jubilance! Oh, the best days are when kittens LEAVE! Please don't ever let your humans babysit kittens. It's a BAD idea!


Sparkman accidentally paints himself blue.

October 18th 2013 3:15 am
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My chin is blue! I found Mom painting. And as usual, she was up on a step stool thing and not looking downward at her paint box and water cup. The water cup was kinda bluish white looking. The edge was bright blue, like she'd wiped a paint covered brush on it recently... I thought it looked tastey, so I reached my little face in and took a long drink of the weird colored water. Mom turned around and shrieked, "No! Sparkman, don't drink that!" She had her ipod right there. She tried to snap a quick picture and not giggle as she dragged me over to the sink. (But of course the photo is a bit blurry because she was giggling.) I sat there by the faucet drinking much better tasting water while she rubbed my chin and cheek all over with a wash cloth. I purred because in a way, it felt like she was licking me clean! And she didn't quite get all the blue off. So now I'm looking quite punk rock and beautiful... I'm orange and white and blue, how bout you?!


Sparkman is sad that summer is over.

October 2nd 2013 9:29 pm
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I'm really really trying to be okay with the weather turning cold and the garden dying back. But you see, the weather's turning cold and the garden is dying back. And that just is the saddest thing! I LOVE the garden! I had such a great summer napping and playing under the green bean trellis, hunting in the butterfly garden, drinking out of the bird bath, and napping in the sun. It's hard to let all that go and admit that it's fall!

I've been very vocal to Mom about my displeasure about all this. We go outside, I ask for a green bean. She scours the fading leaves for a tender one, picks it for me. She holds it out, I sniff it and rub my face on it. Then I try and bite or lick it and I just make a face at her: Yuck! Mom! Then I walk over to the squash plant area. I used to find nice big leaves and tunnel around under them like I was stalking/hunting something. Now I just show her that all the leaves have died back or have mildew. I can't hide under dried vines. And the squashes are all gone! Why'd she take those inside?!

So then I take her over to the place she throws the rotty tomatoes and really tell her how gross they are! Mostly after that I just go back to the bird bath, take a sip and try to nap in the sunny grass and dirt patches... Dream of summer! Pout pout. How can it be gone already!?! Whaaaa!


Sparkman turns 7!

August 26th 2013 1:15 pm
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Oh! It's really truly my birthday?! Whoaaaa! Thank you friends!!! I'm spending my day relaxing in my favorite chair. It's too hot to go outside, but Mom says maybe once it's evening she'll take me for a stroll in the stroller or out on an evening moth hunt. Or BOTH because I'm the birthday boy!

For now, I'm just happy to have a nice quiet nap. Don't wake me up unless you have a green bean Mom!

Happy Birthday purrs! Thank you my friends for celebrating with me!!!


Having Fun Outside...

July 19th 2013 11:45 am
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Yet another wonderful summer day where I got to spend time in the garden! It's fun hunting bugs and sniffing the flowers. The black eyed susan ones are up and starting to bloom. They smell the best to me! Not the flowers, but the leaves and stems! I spent time just sitting next to one, purring, and rubbing my nose along the leaves. Mom came over to see if I wanted her to move my leash so I could explore another part of the garden... I just moved to the other side of the flower and kept sniffing. Ahhhh summer!

I've been super luck that she and Dad have let me out at dusk for a couple nights. I get to hop around in the un-mowed lawn and tackle moths! I'm pouncing and hopping all over in there. Moths are FUN! They are so very very tastey that when Mom tries to take me inside, I whimper at her to just let me eat one more moth!!! And the other night I was out long enough for it to get dark. Then these light-up bugs were flying around! I yelled at Mom when I saw one... MAWWW! There's glowing crazy bugs out here!!! And then I pounced on another moth. Purrrrrs

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