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Pirate Climbing 101

March 7th 2007 5:51 am
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So yesterday the humans did laundry and set up the new drying rack thing... It's really a kitty jungle gym, and this one's twice as tall!!!! So Captain tells me to wait and he's all acting cute around Mom and sweet around Dad... So I knew he was planning something!

So when Dad was in the computer room and Mom in the shower, the Captain made his first move... He shot right to the top of the drying rack and climbed onto the hall closet's door frame! He looks down at me blinking and trying to tell me something, but he's so danged far away that I'm all deaf and confused. Better climb up to him to hear what he's saying...

But before I can figure out how, I get nervous and start chirping at him. Then I try and swing onto the first rung of the rack, chirping all the way. So Mom comes out in a towel to see why I'm chirping and starts scolding me to stay off... ME? Look at HIM!

She goes back into the bathroom and I can hear the Captain snickering an evil pirate chuckle up there. So I start chirping and trying to climb again... I'm just not as skilled as Captain, so I gave up and started just throwing socks off the rung I could reach.

Mom comes out again and I just freeze, put on a cute face. The rack wobbles a bit and I watch Mom's eyes slowly climb up to see the Captain, Perched on top of the rack and door frame! All she yells out is "CAPTAIN!" He just yelps a little kitten mew and then jumps down all that way!!! He's SUCH a talented pirate! How the heck does he do those things?! And get away with them!!!!?! I have so much to learn.


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