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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

Heroic Epic Late Night Battle with Evil Orange Mastermind

February 9th 2007 7:01 am
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It is my mission today to kill the orange knit ball!!!! Clearly it is an evil mastermind, controlling all the bad stuff that happens in the world... like human babies falling down wells, humans' addictions to sitting in vats of water called "bath tubs," and the worst, the human that runs the "flavor" department at the healthy cat food factory!!

I started my campaign a few nights ago when I dragged the evil orange ball into bed and started gnawing on it. I was trying to poke out its eyes and cut off its vitals, like its tail and ankles!!! Well Mom woke up (how was I to know she was sleeping in our bed in the middle of the night?! Thats where you sleep during the day!!).

So she woke up and reaches around like a blind lady till she finds what I'm gnawing on. Then she takes the squishy, wet ball demon and makes the worst face ever! I was all sure that it had made an attempt on possessing her soul or something!Then she does the bravest, most generous thing ever-- she threw my evil mastermind, orange ball clear across the room! It bounced off the closet door and rolled over by Dad's night table. Laid there stunned and well... deflated looking.

So I picked up my heals to go after it. And then, who do you guess was also in bed sleeping in the middle of the night-- DAD?! Opps. I ran clear across his neck or chest. But he just kinda woke up and rolled over. Not nearly as fun as waking up Mom!

So anyways... The fight is on and the orange mastermind of zenda must be conquered!!! Or at least dragged into the litter box... Good thing I only wake Mom and Dad up like that a few times a week. Any more than that and they might get mad at me... oh, wait. I'm too cute to get mad at. HA HA HA!!!


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