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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

My Heroic Battle with Demon Eggplant Sent Out to Destroy All- of Kitten Kind! and drink my milk!

November 30th 2006 7:07 am
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One of my new favorite games is to explore those plastic shopping bags. So when Mom and Dad go to a store and bring home a bunch of them, I AM IN HEAVEN!

So there I am, bouncing from bag to bag and chasing my tail. Having QUITE the kitten time when I bounce onto one that still has something inside it... and it kinda rocked from side to side when I pounced on it... I sneaked up and did that ninja paw kitten chop on it... deciding it at least had no teeth, I backed up and dove head first into the bag. And what was in there but ANOTHER BAG! It was clear and I was rolling for joy and biting at it when I saw IT. The most incredible, the most pounce able, the biggest kitten toy ever-- an EGG PLANT!

Now its the same size as me, so you know its not really just a harmless vegetable fruit thing... It's really a masked demon monster sent out to destroy all of kitten kind!!! and to drink my milk!!! So I did a double back flip and grabbed the thing by the front paws and started kicking it wildly with my back feet! Die monster eggplant!!!

Well after a little while, I realized Mom might try to save it and put it in the fridge, as she does a lot of my toys (green pepper, apples...). So I took action!!! Moose and Captain Morgan created a distraction-- Captain started pawing at a bowl of cherry tomatoes Mom had just taken out of the fridge, and Moose started running around under her legs tripping her.

I grabbed the clear bag in my mouth and started dragging the danged heavy thing across the floor to that bat cave toy den I'm eventually going to make. And I had gotten it out of the bigger bag... past the food dishes... almost to the hall when a giant hand came out of the sky and picked me up! It was Mom! How had she gotten past my brothers?! Dang it. She picked up the eggplant and put in with the green peppers and apples... foiled again! Don't blame me if it drinks the milk!


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