Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Retired Fetch Player Can't Quite Remember the Point of the- Game...

December 4th 2014 7:40 am
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Firstly: Hi Furrends! I love you!!! I was grateful for all of you on Thanksgiving, but somehow I'm still having trouble getting Catster to load some days. And when I do, it does things like today where it shows me that many many cats sent me gifts over the holidays, but I don't know who you are & can't read your messages! But thank you!!!

************************************************** ***************

Mom and I have been playing with fleece. I think it's the nicest most wonderfulest of the human fabrics. She can do whatever she's doing with it, I just want to purr and nuzzle it while she works. I hope my cuteness interferes enough that she realizes "Hey! I should make this cutest of the cats a fetch mouse with the scraps form this project, RIGHT NOW!" Yesterday I thought I'd convinced her, but then when she threw what I thought was a new, hand sewn fetch mouse, it was just one of my old ones. I purred at it and batted at it a bit. But I didn't pick it up in my mouth to bring it to her. I've gotten to be quite picky in my fetch player retirement years. I really only want to pick up brand new fetch mice. And I will bring it back to her a few times, but all those years she thought our main purpose was exercising me and returning that fetch mouse again and again and again... She's nuts! She even had the name of the game all wrong. It was of course a game called "Neck scratches and potato time." Cause that's really the whole point of throwing around that toy mouse with her, right? I get loves, then I get treats. Makes way more sense than chasing a toy and bringing it back to her only to have her throw it away again. Who thought up that sport anyways?! Doggies?!


Paw-sative Thoughts by a Spudman...

November 14th 2014 6:43 am
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1) The heat's on and I found a better radiator to lounge on! It's in the hallway. I used to prefer the messa by the window, but it's drafty and no one walks over there. In the hallway, I get Mom kisses like every time she goes past! This is GREAT!

2) Right before it snowed here, Mom brought us in a pile of leaves. Whenever we miss fall and sunshine, we can go tunnel through our little pile of outside smells. Ahhhhh!

3) I ate a finger off Mom's glove. And it's been a few days, Mom says she's going to stop checking on me every five minutes and thinks I'll be just fine. It was a small black glove, so she's not sure it would be too visible in the poop box!

4) Mom just bought a BIG bag of green beans at the grocery store. Clearly they are ALL FOR ME!


Sparkman's Paw-sative Thoughts! Again!

October 9th 2014 3:41 pm
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1) It's getting too cold to be outside playing in the garden and the sun. But the fun parts move inside! There's buckets of potatoes for me to lick, and there's mice trying to move in here! (Seriously? There's 4 mouser master hunters living here. That's just not such a great life choice, mice dudes!)

2) PurrC and I compromised today and sat together in the sunny window. It actually was a great plan, since we got some social grooming time in with our basking. Multitasking win!

3) The harvested veggie garden beds are making for some great dirt rolling areas when we do go outside. PurrC, Moose, and I all had good long rolls in the dirt. We're all gritty and making the carpets a mess now. I think I'll go lounge on Mom's pillow. It was looking a bit too clean. Chow!


Sparkman's Paw-sative Thoughts!

September 30th 2014 9:32 am
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1) Mom took PurrC away in the car this morning. He's back and he smells like the Vet's office. He's all purry & says that he loves that Vet. Mom says he's not sick, just his annual check up time. I think he's completely totally crazy. I'm living under the bed. But he's happy, and I didn't have to go... So that's positive, right?

2) Mom let me sleep while resting a paw across her face for like a whole ten minutes last night! Then she woke up and moved my foot. But man, that was a great ten minutes! Too bad I purred so loudly about the comfy position that she woke up.

3) There's still a bin of fresh potatoes in the corner of the kitchen. I go over there, sniff it, and purr. It's like the best smelling thing ever. Every kitty needs a pile of potatoes!


Sparkman's Positive Thoughts!

September 27th 2014 1:39 pm
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Here's some more!!!

1) Mom and Dad have been harvesting potatoes. I sat by the bucket that came inside, purred, licked one, and gave Mom some gooey baby hungry eyes. She totally fell for it! She sliced up a tiny one and let me eat THE WHOLE POTATO!

2) PurrC and I have taken to hanging out on the couch and licked each other soggy. At first it felt kinda weird, but lately I'm really into it. I mean, it's way more fun to groom socially!

3) I got to nap out on the rocks by the veggie garden in the sunshine. It was heavenly. And Mom says she almost burned her hand on my fur when she went to pet me... Nuh-uh! It wasn't THAT hot, Mom!


Sparkman's Paw-sative Thoughts

September 25th 2014 7:53 am
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Hello purrs, Everykitty! Gee I've missed you all. Mom says she and I need to get back to a better, cleaner, happier social site and out of the litter box of faces site. So here I am! She's been writing "Positive thoughts" there (almost daily). It's a fun exercise in cheering yourself up, she says we should all do it! And in attempt number 1 to use that site less and this one more, I'm going to write positive thoughts instead of her! But since I'm a cat, and I sleep most of the day, we're thinking to write the positives more like weekly.... So here it goes:

1) Green beans are finally ripe in the garden, and the potatoes are about ready to harvest. I think I could happily sit in the garden and purr all day long.

2) I finally caught that big fat mouse in the back of the garden that I've been stalking for like DAYS! Unfortunately I killed it. But Mom still gave me green beans in exchange for it! (If I don't kill them, I get their approximate weight in potatoes! YUM!)

3) It's still warm enough outside most days for my favorite kitchen window to be open. So I can nap and lick with my brothers in front of a nice chilled fall breeze. Sigh! Such an awesome spot. I can totally smell every bird that flies by, and window hunt every squirrel. You can join me, I'll pretty much just be on the back of the kitchen room couch by the open window from now till they close the window next month.


Sparkman laments the lack of green beans in the garden.

May 18th 2014 2:18 pm
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Outside is almost greening up! I'm so excited! I wake up, and beg to go outside. I come in and nap, then I beg to go outside again! And then I of course get the munchies and want a green bean. Picture this; I'm outside, get Mom's attention, and walk her over to where the green beans were growing last summer. The trellis is there, but there's no beans. I yell at her and she tells me that the green beans haven't grown yet. I know that. I can see the dirt and lack of leaves. I just keep hoping she'll find one like magic; pull it out of my ear like a quarter or something. I miss the fresh green beans. And I seem to go through this routine with Mom every day... Groan... Do you have any green beans in your yard? Can I move there? And can I bring my Captain? I don't think I can move without my pirate.


Sparkman whines about the rain...

May 8th 2014 6:06 am
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Hello purrs to all my fur-ends! Don't worry, I haven't left you and logged off Catster for good! But I have been unusually quiet lately. With all the cyber bullying and issues lately, I've just gotten out of practice of making Mom log on and help me find all my friends. But I'm not planning to be gone forever! And get well soon, Catster web page!

I've been getting to go outside again, FINALLY! There's finally no snow in my yard and grass is just starting to green up. (I live in a cold place!) But today it's raining. Mom and Dad are both home to take me outside (I only go outside with my humans and on a leash. I am a very proper and civilized dude cat). But it's raining! So Mom opened the back door so I could sit by the screen door and sniff all the rain smells. So now I'm lounging by the screen door and whining at the humans when they get close "Make it stooooop! I wanna go outsidddddde! Ehhhhhhh!" Rain rain go away, Sparkman wants to go out and play! Ahhhhhhh! pout.


Sparkman has a lot to say.

March 31st 2014 5:24 am
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I have a lot to say. Mom was trying to sleep in on her day off, but I have too much to tell her about. And clearly you need to hear my meowings too!

There was a bird out the window and and there was a squirrel and and I thought I saw a mouse on the floor in the dark but it was just a toy that PurrC left there. And and and and then there was another bird out the window. And the kibble is tastier today, did you do something different? PurrC bit my head. Why can't the faucet just be left on drip for me at all times? Can I have a green bean for breakfast? Why do we have to keep the Moose, I don't like him. Do you really need to sleep for so long, humans?! Can I have a potato? And why are there kids outside the window on the street corner every day at this time? Did you know that people walk dogs on leashes out the window? And why is the snow still here? Can I have a potato? And did you see there was another bird?! Captain tastes like tuna today. Did he fall in the fish tank? Do goldfish taste like tuna? Can I eat the lemon grass plant and barf it on the carpet? There was a squirrel RIGHT outside the window. Can I have a potato?.. Mawwwww! Mawwwww! Maaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!


Sparkman is naughty.

March 19th 2014 8:25 am
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I'm having a tiff with my Captain this morning. He was in the liter box and it was just offensive. It didn't smell, and I don't think he was doing anything unusual. But I was just ready to beat him up! I started out waiting outside the door to the room, hunkered down, shaking my little butt, and stalking him. I even raised my hackles! Mom saw me and was all "Aww! Look at the Sparkyman playing!" Then Once Captain came out of the box and started walking across the floor, I sprung into action! I lion run raced over, grabbed him by the neck and rolled him over bunny kicking. Captain gave out a yelp and threw me off, leaving me with a mouth full of black and white fur. Then Dad and Mom came running in the room. Captain jumped up to the scratching post, where Mom checked him over and gave him hugs. Dad just kinda looked at me and tried to take the fur out of my mouth. Then they left me on the floor, heaped over in a huff and periodically whimpering for attention.

Captain went to hang out on the radiator, but PurrC was already over there. PurrC takes his tips on how to behave from me. So he kinda gave Captain the stink eye, and Captain sat for a little while, but didn't get comfortable.

Now he's on Dad's lap with Moose and I'm on the couch trying to get some attention. Geez those humans like ignoring you when you're mad! I wanna be babied! I want attention! I want pets! I want green beans! Whaaaaaa!

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