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October 8, 2006

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Much better, now

April 26th 2012 3:43 pm
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Hello, my Friends!
Well, this new "door" on Momma's bedroom is very Cool!
Last night, and this morning, I spent almost the entire time, up on the bed, with Momma and Moochy.
Moochy looks very "different", with her shorter hair cut. At first I did not recognize her, she looked so different. I hissed at her!!! Then she "spoke" to me, and I knew her voice.
I have been so confused, for so long, that I almost "forgot" about her. She and I became "Best Friends", back when Momma had to confine us to the bathroom, at night time. (That was "before Smudge"; Moochy and Casper had a "similar" problem to Smudge's and mine; Casper beat her up, a long time ago...)
Momma was reading a Dean Koontz book, this morning, and I was all stretched-out, beside her, and asleep and dreaming of running through Catnip little feetsies were twitching and wiggling!

I still sometimes get excited, and bite Momma's fingers really hard. I could probably break one, if I used the full biting pressure of my jaws. Usually, Momma scolds me, for doing this. she bips me on the nose (not very hard, though!) and says "NO"!
That's all, for now...
Its so beautiful to "nothing", and rest afterward!!


Happy Day!!!

April 23rd 2012 10:10 pm
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Oh Goody! I am very excited, because this evening, Momma Carol took the door down from the bathroom, and installed it at the entrance to her bedroom.
This is very exciting, because now, she can shut-out Smudge, from the bedroom, and I can "have a life", instead of having to eat-sleep-poop-play, on the top shelf of the bedroom closet.
You see, ever since Smudge had her litter, 2 years ago, she has been very "protective" of Uno, who is her "Baby"... She beat me up, pretty badly, and I am very frightened of her.
I have been extremely frustrated, and have taken to scratching at the corner of the closet wall, and this gets splinters in my feet, and also, I never get the chance to "cuddle" with Momma, any more...
So tonight, I will get to sleep with Momma, and play with my best friend, Moochy
Thank You, Momma!
Love, Junior



October 30th 2011 9:22 am
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Hi Friends!
I am one very happy Kitty, because finally, Murphy's Mommy took him back from here! No more being harassed all night by the black Kitty!!
I got to play all night, once Momma put Smudge into the bathroom, for the night! I played with Moochy and Uno, and bounced all over the bed with them, and kept Momma awake, all night!!!
Don't get me wrong, I hope Murphy is happy, being back with his Mommy, and Momma Carol says "its about time"!!! She has been fostering him for about 8 months, now... So its just the 4 of us, now, and Momma still feeds the two feral kittens, and the two Tom Cats...


Fire Sale!

September 26th 2011 4:41 pm
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Well, Good news here; the brush fire is "out", in record time!
The wind stopped blowing, and the fire fighting crews were able to get it under control, and stop it.
The area it was located in was rough, mountain terrain, but no homes were threatened, so we just wanted to tell all of our Friends here on Catster, that we are all safe and well!
Three Cheers for the Fire fighting Crew!!!


Brush Fire!

September 25th 2011 1:15 pm
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Windy Point — A wildfire that broke Saturday evening near Windy Point just outside of Palm Springs has burned about 300 acres and is about 10 percent contained this morning.

No injuries were reported and no structures were threatened, officials said, adding that a cause has yet to be determined.

Highway 111 remains closed from Gateway Drive to Interstate 10.

The blaze was first reported at about 6:53 p.m. Saturday.

More than 120 firefighters from various departments including, Palm Springs, Riverside County, CAL Fire, and the U.S. Forest Service were battling the blaze late Saturday, according to CAL Fire Battalion Chief Kevin Gaines.

Wind gusts helped to push the fire along the side and base of Mount San Jacinto and forced the closure of Highway 111 beginning at Gateway Drive north of Palm Springs.

Gaines said he clocked wind speeds at about 10 to 15 mph with gusts totaling about 18 mph.

He was optimistic that fire personnel, who were using bulldozers and ground approaches to battle the blaze, would have the blaze under control by morning.

He said the fire had moved into a rocky area that would hopefully slow its progression through the night.

In an effort to keep motorists out of the area, the California Highway Patrol closed Highway 111 from Interstate 10.

Flames were visible as they move up the side of the mountain face Saturday night.

Barry Bishop, of Palm Springs, stopped at the scene to snap pictures of the flames before Palm Springs police urged him to leave the area.

“I saw the fire and wanted to see what was going on,” he said.
This fire is in our home area. It is a little east of where we live!
Momma just loaned two of our carriers to the nice guy who took the two Bengal Cats to "foster" at his home.
It was weird, because it started within MINUTES of him leaving our place, and Momma had made an "off-handed" remark, about the risk of wildfires, here in this canyon!
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Dogwoods !!

September 15th 2011 12:48 pm
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Thank You, Tabatha, for the beautiful photo of me for the DOTD!
And how Kool, that you used "Dogwood" blossoms...When Momma Carol was a child on Virginia, their 3/4 acre lot had 17 white Dogwood trees on it!
Momma remembers climbing up in them, and looking at the beautiful blue Robin's eggs,in a nest there, and raking the leaves into piles, in the fall, and then jumping into those piles!!
Thanks again, to all of you who voted for my Diary entry!! (all of us wrote one, that day, for Momma Carol!)
Happy Purrs,


Warm and Fuzzy Thank You's!

September 15th 2011 10:32 am
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Hello to all of my Friends here at Catster!
Imagine Momma's surprise, when she opened he e-mails, and found many from Catster members, announcing my DOD pick (from Momma's birthday, which was Sept 11).
Thank You all so much, for your ongoing support and friendship; Momma loves Catster, ever since her sister introduced her to this website, around 5 years ago!
We all have had our diaries picked, which we think is just fantastic, in a place where so many Kitties (and Pups) are residing.
Catster ROCKS!!
Today is Smudge's Birthday! She is 5 today, I believe...The vet said she must have been around 3, when Momma had her spayed, and we know she had had at least 3 litters...
So I will put aside my "differences" with her, and wish her a very nice day!
Purrs of Friendship,


Happy Birthday, Momma Carol !!

September 11th 2011 2:28 pm
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My Momma is celebrating her Birthday, today (Sept 11) She is 62 today, and very happy.
She is content to be anywhere "WE" are (her Kitties, of course!) Right now, I am sleeping in a small box, under a bookshelf, where I can hide from Smudge...Oh! I just woke up, and moved under the table, by Momma's feet...
Have a wonderful Day, Momma!
I Love you so much!!


the "New Me"!

July 24th 2011 11:55 am
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Hello, to all of my Friends!
Well, I finally got the strength to leave the closet shelf, where Smudge has bullied me into staying, (during the daytime) for over 1-1/2 years now.
I decided to re-locate to the front dining room, and now hang out there, in the sunshine, where it is also cool, instead of the sweltering closet. Smudge seems to "know", to stay away from me, but she still "stalks" me; she will lay just around the corner of the kitchen, and peek around the corner, looking for me.
But Momma shoos her away, when she does this!
I am so much "happier" now, and more relaxed!
Well, that's about all, for now! More soon, when Momma's laptop gets fixed!



August 9th 2010 11:06 pm
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Oh, I am so happy!!!
Last night, Momma came to the bedroom, and slept with me, for the first time, in over a month.
Let me explain...all during the month of July, Momma was very ill, and could barely stand up long enough to open the two cans of food, to feed us all.
Therefore, she slept on the living room floor a lot, on mats, and let Smudge run loose. Smudge and I do NOT get along, at all, she is very mean to me, and makes me stay in the bedroom closet, most of the time.
But last night, it was cool enough, and Momma put her in the bathroom, for the night, and came back, and slept in the bedroom again! I was sooooo happy, I nibbled on her fingers, and snugg;ed next to her, under the sheets, that is, until Uno started wanting to play!! (I had to swat him, a few times MOL!)She promised she would spend tonight with me, also! I can't wait!! I really missed Momma...

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